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  • 8 things to rememberto win in the marketplace

    Learnings from the FIFA World Cup 2006, Germany Avik: 2006

  • The just concluded FIFA World Cup 2006 was a celebration of life.The communion of the foot and the ball created magic in all partsof the world.

    32 teams. 32 nations. With the rest of the world supporting them.

    30 days of skill, striving, stamina, stress, shock and success

    It gave us a lot of learnings. In fact, each teams defeat opened yet another facet of how not to lose.

    Learnings from the football ground that apply to our endeavoursin the marketplace.

    Each of the 8 teams that reached the quarter-finals have one uniquelearning for all of us. 8 learnings in all. For us to remember.

    As someone said, Joga bonito!** Portuguese for Play beautiful!Avik: 2006

  • Argentina Never take your foot off the accelerator.Keep the momentum high.Or the opponent gets the chance to get back.June 30, 2006 - Rodrigues, Mascherano, Coloccini and Ayala are shattered Avik: 2006


  • Ukraine To win in the marketplace you need a team.Cannot depend on only one person to take you to victory.June 30, 2006 - What more can one man do? Sheva seems to ask. Avik: 2006

  • England You may be terrific as individuals but if your coach cannot inspire you,good bye!July 01, 2006 - Terry, Carragher, Ashley Cole and Hargreaves shed a tear Avik: 2006


  • Brazil Number 1? Well, look behind you.Never rest on your laurels and your past.The market spares none whatever pedigree!July 01, 2006 - 15 goals thats it the Phenom knows this is the end Avik: 2006

  • Germany If you have only one plan, you are predictable.The marketplace is too dynamic. Always have an alternate plan in place.July 04, 2006 - Lehmann and Odonkor watch Grossos ball float by inside Avik: 2006


  • Portugal Style is a very good differentiator.But is toothless without substance.One needs to convert the first to prove the latter.July 05, 2006 - Cristiano Ronaldo will have to wait another 4 years... Avik: 2006


  • France Never crack under pressure. One act of indiscretion can destroy your dreams for ever! July 09, 2006 - even Gods have feet of clay... Avik: 2006


  • Italy Play as a team. Never lose hope.Do not commit the mistakes the others have.And the world is at your feet!July 09, 2006 - the Azzurri hold the FIFA tropy aloft, for the fourth time! Avik: 2006


  • Always keep the momentum high.Depend not on only one member, but the entire team.Have a leader who truly inspires.Do not rest on your past laurels they are past.Always have an alternate plan.Style needs substance as a combination.Never crack under any kind of pressure.Do all of the above and you are a winner! The 8 things to remember...Avik: 2006

  • Avik: 2006