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JOBTALKS JOBTALKS Motivating and Rewarding Employees Indiana University Kelley School of Business C. Randall Powell, Ph.D

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  • JOBTALKS Motivating and Rewarding Employees Indiana University Kelley School of Business C. Randall Powell, Ph.D
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  • Motivating and Rewarding Employees Discussion Session
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  • Topics Covered Hallmarks of a Motivated Workplace Motivation Myths Motivation Tips Keeping Yourself Motivated What Motivates Employees Motivational Toolbox Things That Dont Motivate
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  • Hallmarks of a Motivated Workplace Commitment to results and responsibility for actions Open communication Low employee turnover Creativity and ingenuity, especially in solving problems Collaboration Excellent customer service, both internally and externally
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  • Motivation Myths: Everyone is in agreement in a motivated workplace Motivated employees work plenty of overtime Employees who are motivated dont need much input from management A formal plan for motivating employees is unnecessary Money motivates best
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  • Why Motivate Employees? The High cost of employee turnover Maintaining the competitive edge Happy employees keep clients happy
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  • Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?
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  • In a poll by Robert Half International, 25% of HR executives said that a lack of recognition is the most likely reason a good employee would leave a job.
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  • Motivation Tips Offer a positive work environment Keep lines of communication open Provide opportunities for advancement Have fair compensation packages Recognize and Reward your employees Encourage teamwork
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  • To Motivate Others, You Need to be Motivated
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  • Stay Upbeat and Positive Laugh it up (Appropriate Humor) Be cooperative and approachable Practice open communication Stay calm Be part of the solution, not the problem Choose your friends Share good news
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  • Finding Personal Motivation Take pride in your work Practice good time-management skills Pat yourself on the back Indulge your passion, whether at work or after hours Take classes to indulge your creative side Make time for friends Do something totally different from your work Relax over the weekends Take a vacation Change your routine, get a different perspective Pay attention to your health
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  • Lead by Example If you are in a position of authority, youre a role model-whether you want to be or not. Your actions and demeanor set the stage for others. People will look to you as the example of what is expected.
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  • Actions speak louder than Words Come back on time from lunch Honor deadlines and commitments If something comes up and you cant attend a meeting, arrange for someone else to take your place Make sure that you show up for work each day Offer to assist when you can Show you really care by remembering birthdays, taking employees out to lunch on occasion, and regularly thanking them for a job well done
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  • What motivates employees? Different things motivate different people People want to use their talents, skills and knowledge People want to do something rewarding and intrinsically valuable
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  • Your Motivation Toolbox Balance Benefits Communication Compensation Corporate culture Recognition and rewards Responsibility Teamwork Training and promotions
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  • REMEMBER! What motivates you doesnt always motivate your staff.
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  • Balance All work and no play makes Jack a grumpy employee.
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  • Benefits Money isnt everything Insurance Retirement plan Incentives
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  • Communication Its not just about what YOU have to say. Employees have opinions too!
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  • Corporate Culture Whats it like to work for your company?
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  • Recognition and Rewards Public Recognition Money Company Awards Programs
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  • Responsibility Learn to Let Go and Delegate
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  • Teamwork Collaborating=Success
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  • Training and Promotions Training=professional growth
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  • Things That Dont Motivate Personal Attacks Embarrassing Governing by Fear Shouldering All Responsibility Overworking Employees
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  • Motivating and Rewarding Employees Evaluation Questions USE: a. Strongly agree b. Agree c. Disagree d. Strongly disagree e. Dont know 1. I found the presentation material easy to understand. 2. This Advantage session increased my knowledge of the subject presented. 3. I will be able to use some of the information from this session in the future. 4. The presenter was well prepared for this Advantage session. 5. This presentation should be repeated in future semesters.
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  • If you would like to learn more, Career Planning Strategies textbook will supply additional information on this topic.