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  • Job Searching Tips & Tools for VISTA MembersPresented by: Alexandra Lee10.20.2010

  • AgendaWhat do I want to do with my life?Job searching tips & toolsSet yourself up for successGoal setting & planning

  • To get things startedQ: When you were in 4th Grade, what did you want to be when you grew up?

  • The BIG QuestionWhat do I want to do with my life?

  • How to Play to Your StrengthsStep 1. Observe yourself.Step 2. Gather feedback from others.Step 3. Recognize patterns. Step 4. Compose your self portrait. Step 5. Redesign (or design from start) your job.

  • #1: ObservationOur strengths clamor for attention in the most basic way: Using them makes you feel strong. Take note of the times when you feel invigorated, inquisitive, successful These moments are clues to what your strengths are.

    -Marcus Buckingham

  • Think about a typical day. What are three things you look forward to doing? What are three things you dont love to do?Observation Activity

  • #2: Gather FeedbackCollect feedback from in & out of work: Fill in the blank: One of the greatest ways you add value isInformation on greatest strengths accompanied by examples

  • #3: Recognize Patterns

  • #4: Self PortraitWhen I am at mybest

  • #5: (Re-)Design Your JobThe way you workWho you work withThe way you spend your time

  • Job Searching Tools & TipsPackaging yourselfResumes/Cover lettersSocial mediaInterviewingPlanning/Time managementStaying positive

  • Packaging Yourself: Resume & Cover LetterThe typical resume & cover letter says: "Here are my qualifications. Look at them. See if they meet your needs."

    That's not enough.

  • The Resume & Cover LetterResearch. Research. Research.

  • Outcomes trump skills.Attributes may trump skills.The Resume & Cover Letter

  • Practice simplicity and functionality in all documents.Be specific.What experience is relevant to this position?The Resume & Cover Letter

  • The Cover Letter FormulaBy email: Email message is your cover letter. Cover letter is two paragraphs that allow you to show why you are the person for the job. Give it some personality!

  • InterviewingPrepare: Read about companyRead about employees/board membersReview Job Description how do your skills apply to jobRead about industry/trendsAnswer: How will you be an asset to this company?

  • Ask questions. Is this the job for me?Interviewing

  • Planning/Time managementWhat industry, function, level and geography define what you want your next job to be?Be specific. You cant apply to everything.Be realistic.

  • Planning/Time management25 hours/week job schedule1 hour/day: job searching (5 target)1 hour/day: research1 hour/day: cover letter writing1 hour/day: resume tweaking1 hour/day: networking

  • Online Resources- Careers @ Alltop - Job Trends- Andrew Hudson Jobs List- Colorado Nonprofit Association- &

  • Staying PositiveI'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. Thomas Jefferson

  • Find healthy ways to ventGet dressedSurround yourself with upbeat peopleTake time off and do what makes you happyDo things that have tangible resultsBelieve that you will get a jobKeep things in perspectiveStaying Positive

  • Set Yourself Up for SuccessNetworkingIdentify transferable skillsGet experience

  • Why? To get important information. And make some new friends.Networking

  • NetworkingStep 1: Get in the mindsetStep 2: Prepare your elevator speechStep 3: Provide valueStep 4: Follow-upStep 5: Leverage your connectors

  • (Social) Networking

  • Transferable skillsQ: What skills do you use/can you use as a VISTA that are applicable to what you want to do?

  • Get experience.Opportunities at host siteOpportunities at other host sitesVolunteeringTraining opportunities

  • Lets learn from each other!3 groups: New VISTAsWhat will you do during service?End of Term VISTAsWhat worked well during your service?2nd Termers What will you do differently in term 2?

  • Goal Setting SMART GoalsSpecificMeasurableAchievableRealisticTimely

  • Goal SettingLong-term (what is your BHAG? what is on your bucket list?)Short-term (what can be done this year?)Really short-term (what is on your 30-day bucket list?)Really, really short-term (what can you do tonight? tomorrow?)

  • Get Support Top 20 List Find a mentor(s) Write your goals down and share

  • Career Planning ContinuumI know what I want to be when I grow up.I have no idea what I want to do next.

  • SourcesHow to Play to Your Strengths, Harvard Business US News and World Reportandrewhudsonsjobsblog.compersonalbrandingblog.commashable.comForbesCaffeinated Careers Club

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