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<ul><li><p>Job Description-Gunsmith Technician </p><p>General Description / Purpose </p><p> Maintains cleanliness and proper functioning of all rental firearms </p><p> Performs general gunsmithing services at the direction of the Gunsmith </p><p> Assists customers with inquiries about gunsmithing services offered </p><p> Assists the Gunsmith with advanced services as directed </p><p>Work Schedule </p><p> Typical work hours: </p><p>o Facility Hours </p><p>Mon-Fri: 10am-8pm </p><p>Sat-Sun: 9am-7pm </p><p>o Opening shifts may be required to begin their shift up to one hour prior to open and </p><p>closing shifts may be required to work up to one hour after close </p><p>o After hour shifts to accommodate special circumstances, such as physical inventory, </p><p>special events, or restocking may be occasionally assigned at the discretion of </p><p>management </p><p>o Schedule may vary from week to week in the best interest of the company, however </p><p>reasonable schedule preferences may be granted at the discretion of management </p><p>o Hourly Full-time Non-Exempt position estimated at 30-40 hours per week or Hourly </p><p>Part-time Non-Exempt position estimated at less than 30 hours per week </p><p>o Occasional overtime depending on special events held at the facility with pre-approval </p><p>from management </p><p>Primary Responsibilities </p><p> Recommends to the Gunsmith and maintains service schedule to ensure minimal downtime of </p><p>rental firearms </p><p> Performs cleaning on customer firearms </p><p> Performs basic gunsmithing services on customer firearms and advanced services at the </p><p>direction and with supervision from the Gunsmith </p><p> Answers e-mail, social media, and voicemail inquiries regarding services </p><p> Assists customers over the phone and in person with questions regarding services available, </p><p>pricing, etc </p><p> Ability to safely handle all firearms when checking into or out of gunsmithng as well as test firing </p><p> Maintains log books of firearms waiting for service, in service, and ready for check out </p><p> Ensures all services are priced appropriately and parts / labor are paid for in accordance with </p><p>company policy </p><p> Seeks guidance from Gunsmith when unsure of proper technique / work process </p><p> Protects employees and customers by providing a safe and clean work environment. </p><p> Maintains the stability and reputation of the store by complying with legal requirements. </p><p> Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing </p><p>professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies. </p><p> Knowledge of companys mission, purpose, and goals. </p><p> Ability to operate all department equipment in a safe and efficient manner </p></li><li><p> Thorough knowledge of the facilities Security policy and procedures. </p><p> Stay current on product knowledge, general firearms laws and safety procedures. </p><p> Dress appropriately for position adhering to facility dress code. </p><p> Other duties as assigned. </p><p>Essential Knowledge, Skills, &amp; Education </p><p> High school diploma or equivalent required </p><p> Technical/mechanical certification or gunsmithing degree preferred </p><p> Great Customer Service, communication, and organizational skills </p><p> Strong attention to detail and eye for perfection in work </p><p> Ability to learn skills and techniques from experienced Gunsmith </p><p> Ability to maintain quality as mandated by Gunsmith </p><p> Must be able to multitask. </p><p> Ability and willingness to work cooperatively with others. </p><p> Complete an annual shooting qualification. </p><p> Ability to legally obtain a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit within the 90-day probationary </p><p>period. </p><p> High degree of discretion dealing with confidential information. </p><p>Physical Job Requirements </p><p> Stand and/or sit continuously and perform job functions for a full shift with meal break. </p><p> Physically able to stand, bend, stoop, kneel, reach, twist, lift, push, pull, climb, balance, crouch, </p><p>handle, carry and move items up to 50 pounds without assistance. </p><p> Visual acuity corrected to perform job functions. Ability to distinguish color to perform job </p><p>functions. </p><p> Ability to hear and respond appropriately to facility commands. </p><p>This position reports to the Gunsmith. Additional duties may be assigned and this job description may </p><p>change without notice at the discretion of management. </p></li></ul>


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