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<ul><li><p>JOB DESCRIPTION </p><p>Overall purpose of the job </p><p>To lead the ICT service delivery (at the Tremough and Woodlane campuses) to </p><p>support the implementation of the ICT strategies of University of Exeter (UoE) </p><p>and Falmouth University (Falmouth) and lead the business systems strategy for </p><p>Falmouth Exeter Plus (FX Plus). </p><p>The shared delivery model is an innovative means of providing high quality ICT </p><p>services to two Higher Education (HE) institutions which share a 100 acre campus </p><p>in Penryn, Cornwall. FX Plus is the delivery partner of UoE and Falmouth (around </p><p>50:50), of shared services. Currently there are 7000 staff and students located </p><p>on both campuses which use the shared ICT service and with rising expectations </p><p>and rapidly growing research activity, the ICT service is critical to the success of </p><p>all operations. Currently there are 70 staff in the ICT team and the budget is </p><p>1m. </p><p>This new dedicated ICT leadership role, within FX Pluss senior executive team, </p><p>recognises the growing importance of ICT and its critical impact on the success of </p><p>the partnerships operations. Growth of world class research, technology </p><p>enhanced learning and 24/7 availability of systems mean ever more reliance upon </p><p>ICT to deliver flexible and reliable solutions. </p><p>The plan is to build upon firm foundations, created by a strong technical team </p><p>over 8 years since the shared service began, to build a highly resilient team fully </p><p>equipped to proactively respond to client needs in a world of fast moving </p><p>technologies, changing practices and innovative solutions. </p><p>Main appointment site </p><p>The post will be based primarily at the Tremough campus; however, the post </p><p>holder will need to visit Falmouths Woodlane campus on a regular basis where </p><p>part of the ICT team are permanently located. </p><p>Job Title: Director of ICT Service Delivery </p><p>Grade/Salary: </p><p>Falmouth Exeter Plus Senior Executive </p><p>Team </p><p>C 60-65k including market </p><p>supplement plus up to 10% PRP </p><p>Responsible to: Chief Executive Officer </p><p>Falmouth Exeter Plus </p><p>Responsible for: The ICT team </p></li><li><p>Important aspects of the role </p><p>Key contacts will be the Chief Information Officers at Falmouth and UoE who will </p><p>provide the HE partners strategic directions and specify the service needed for </p><p>their respective institutions. </p><p>Development of highly effective stakeholder relations among academic staff, </p><p>students and professional services. </p><p>Promotion of a strong user focused culture that extends across all the team. </p><p>The post holder will need to collaborate closely with the Library and Information </p><p>Services and other Academic Services team to support the students learning </p><p>experience. Other important working relationships will be the other FX Plus </p><p>Directors and Managers. </p><p>The joint ICT service function provides infrastructure (including data centre, </p><p>network security, active directory), data architecture (including data warehouse, </p><p>document management, systems interface development), User support (specialist </p><p>studio IT technicians, desktop support, business systems support, audio visual </p><p>and reprographics). </p><p>Our model needs to be dynamic and our team to continue to develop innovative </p><p>service solutions. Performance of the post holder will be assessed against agreed </p><p>key performance indicators for the service contained with agreed SLAs, National </p><p>Student Survey (NSS) and an all student and staff survey conducted annually. </p><p>Strong leadership and management skills will be expected along with excellent </p><p>interpersonal skills. A user centred approach to delivery will be an essential </p><p>aspect of the role along with the ability to work with internal and external </p><p>partners to add value and agility. </p><p>FX Plus itself has substantial operations with business systems needs in </p><p>particular. The post holder is responsible for leading this enterprise systems </p><p>strategy in liaison with FX Plus business managers. </p><p>Main duties and responsibilities </p><p>1. To oversee all stakeholder relations and ensure their needs are translated </p><p> into deliverable services. </p><p>2. To promote a strong user focused ethos within the team supported by </p><p>appropriate systems and infrastructure. </p><p>3. To translate the ICT strategies (and any other related strategies) of the HE </p><p>partners into resilient services accessible to users. </p><p>4. To lead the ICT service function (as described above) and services team of </p><p>70 staff in delivering a world class ICT service to Falmouth, UoE (the HE </p><p>partners) and FX Plus. </p><p>5. To manage the 1m operating budget and maintain shared ICT assets of </p><p>the HE partners with a value in the region of a further 1m. </p></li><li><p>6. To oversee procurement of all shared ICT resources and services, </p><p>establishing commercial partnerships and external services where they can </p><p>add value, resilience and agility to services. </p><p>7. To support users to exploit all available services through effective </p><p>engagement, communication and training. </p><p>8. To develop and oversee the implementation of FX Pluss business systems </p><p>strategy. </p><p>9. To develop and deliver ICT delivery plans underpinned by service level </p><p>agreements and key performance indicators. </p><p>10. Working with the CIOs, identify ways of adding value to the HE partners </p><p>through alignment, sharing further services (such as training and project </p><p>management) and seeking other areas of ICT synergy </p><p>11. To strongly promote innovation in the ICT team and develop the ICT team </p><p>through professional development, attending industry and HE sector events </p><p>which keep them at the forefront of their specialist areas. Where </p><p>opportunities exist, seek external funding to advance innovation. </p><p>12. To oversee all aspects of information security, protocol, compliance and </p><p>governance with regards the ICT service (largely provided by Falmouth). </p><p>13. To support the CEO and senior executive team in developing a strong </p><p>performance culture and promoting the values of FX Plus (through personal </p><p>behaviour and recognition of others). </p><p>14. As part of the ICT team to participate in the out of hours cover </p><p>arrangements. </p><p>15. To participate in the Annual Performance Development Review Process. </p><p>16. To actively support equality and diversity policies of Falmouth Exeter Plus. </p><p>17. To attend training courses as identified and agreed for appropriate </p><p>development. </p><p>18. Working within the Health and Safety at Work Act, the postholder has a </p><p>legal duty to take reasonable care for Health and Safety both for themselves </p><p>and others who may be affected by their actions. They are also required to </p><p>undertake Health and Safety training commensurate with the level required </p><p>by the post and to take part in risk assessment procedures and the </p><p>implementation of agreed recommended work practices within the area. </p><p>19. Undertaking other duties not specifically stated which from time to time are </p><p>necessary without altering the nature or level of responsibility. </p></li><li><p>PERSON SPECIFICATION: Director of ICT Service Delivery </p><p>Education, Qualifications &amp; </p><p>Training ESSENTIAL DESIRABLE </p><p>HOW </p><p>IDENTIFIED </p><p>AND </p><p>ASSESSED </p><p>Degree or equivalent experience </p><p>X </p><p>Project Management Qualification </p><p>ITIL /Prince 2 </p><p>X </p><p>Relevant Postgraduate </p><p>qualification </p><p> X </p><p>Knowledge &amp; Skills </p><p>Experience of successfully </p><p>managing complex stakeholder </p><p>relations. </p><p>X </p><p>Good understanding of the major </p><p>components supporting a </p><p>complex shared ICT service; </p><p>infrastructure ( including </p><p>virtualisation), data warehouse, </p><p>data integration, development </p><p>support and user facing services </p><p>X </p><p>Understanding of commercial </p><p>contracts, service level </p><p>agreements and KPIs </p><p>X </p><p>Experience of managed/ </p><p>outsourced services, commercial </p><p>partners that have added value </p><p>X </p><p>Extensive knowledge of IT </p><p>Security protocols, processes, </p><p>policies and standards, </p><p>information security </p><p>X </p><p>Experience of delivering ICT in a </p><p>HE environment </p><p>X </p><p>Good knowledge of the business </p><p>systems marketplace and how it </p><p>can support FX Plus operations. </p><p>X </p></li><li><p>Previous experience ESSENTIAL DESIRABLE HOW </p><p>IDENTIFIED </p><p>AND </p><p>ASSESSED </p><p>Experience of managing, </p><p>inspiring, engaging and </p><p>motivating a team and </p><p>colleagues to achieve excellent </p><p>results in a user focused </p><p>environment </p><p>X </p><p>Experience in successfully </p><p>managing and delivery of </p><p>complex ICT Projects. </p><p>X </p><p>Experience in managing strategic </p><p>change in a dynamic operating </p><p>environment </p><p>X </p><p>Responsibility for business </p><p>processes, management, project </p><p>planning and budgeting, </p><p>including the deployment of </p><p>resources to achieve objectives. </p><p>X </p><p>Experience in translating broad </p><p>business needs (relevant for FX </p><p>Plus) and understanding the key </p><p>drivers of enterprise applications </p><p>X </p><p>Experience of procurement of </p><p>outsourced services and </p><p>managed services working across </p><p>complex boundaries </p><p>X </p><p>Personal Characteristics </p><p>Ability to establish strong </p><p>working relationships with key </p><p>stakeholders and user groups as </p><p>a role model for the ICT team. </p><p>X </p><p>Ability to lead and inspire the ICT </p><p>team as part of a dynamic, user </p><p>centred shared services delivery </p><p>model </p><p>x </p><p>Excellent interpersonal and </p><p>strong managerial skills setting </p><p>and achieving goals for self and </p><p>team </p><p>X </p><p>Innovative and proactive </p><p>approach to work with the drive </p><p>to seek overall improvements </p><p>and alignment within the </p><p>Falmouth/ UoE/ FX Plus </p><p>relationship. </p><p>X </p><p>Desire to update professional </p><p>knowledge </p><p>X </p></li></ul>