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A list about all the good stuff Jaipur has to offer.


  • 1.JEWELS IN THE CROWN OF JAIPURIn no particular order these are some points about Jaipur anybody would consider as the Jewels in theCrown of Jaipur.Everybody has to eat something some time. So let us list salient points related to food about Jaipur.Jaipur is part of the desert state of Rajasthan & lack of adequate rainfall & transport saw to it thatpeople ate ana se ana as vegetables were scarce. Also because of the heat and the hard work thepeople put in the fields red chilies & Desi Ghee were used in abundance. Ghewar

2. The delicacies one would consider as Jewels in the Crown of Jaipur would be1. Gatte Ki Sabzi A veg. curry made with gram flour dumplings2. Ker Sangari- A veg curry made with fruit of Khejari tree & a berry.3. Ker ka Aachar- An aachar made with a berry which grows in the wild.4. Piyaz Ki Kachori A Kachori made with a filling of onions & potatoes.5. Mirchi Bare- Pakora made out of green chilie & allo based filling & gram flour.6. Pheeni- can be had as a dessert or at breakfast with milk.7. Gazak Sweet made of Til & sugar or Gur8. Mishri Mawa- Mawa based sweet9. Mawa ki Kachori a Kachori with mawa filling served with sugar syrup10.Omlete by Sanjay11.Khatto A curry made with gram flour boiled in buttermilk.12.Paneer ki Sabzee & Bejar Ki Roti with rabri as dessert at Mahaveer Rabri Bhandar13.Kulfi- traditional Ice Cream14.Namkeens from the Sonthliwalon Ka Rasta15.Choorma Daal Baati- It has to be tasted to be defined!16.Raabri- A little atta cooked in boiling Chach.17.A meal at Chokhi Dhani Ethnic Village18.Rajasthani Thali at Natraj, LMB19.Heeng ki kachori -Kachories made of asfoetida flavored masala.20.Heeng ki sev- Sev made of asfoetida flavored gram flour.21.Doodh Jalebi at Breakfast22.Meethi Lassi on M.I. Road23.Ghewar, a sweet, from LMB24.Gulab Sakri Mawa based sweet flavored with kesar25.Kangan traditional sweet made more or less like a Jalebi26.A late night snack at the Saras Snack counter on JLN Marg27.Laal Maans Mutton in red curry28.Safed Maans- Mutton in white gravy29.Paan chewing betel leaf with slaked lime, Kattha & Supari.30.Jalebi made in Desi Ghee31.Mutton Sule- Marinated boneless mutton cooked on coals32.Shammi Kabab- Minced meat tikiya cooked on a tawa or deep fried in oil.33.Mangori Curry- Lentil paste dried in small pieces and later on cooked as a curry. 3. As Rajasthan is a border state & the Princes in The Rajputana were at war more than they were at peaceso you will find Forts & Palaces in which ever part of Rajasthan you might venture. But themonuments of Jaipur are special as they are not only in good condition but the administration takespains to keep them in pristine condition. Amber1. Amber Fort- Built in the 16th century on a hillock it is a majestic Fort.2. The Palaces at The Amber Fort are amazing.3. The imposing & artistic entrance to the Palaces of the Amber Fort.4. Elephant ride at up the Amber Fort Hillock5. Jaigarh Fort about 15km from Jaipur is located on a hill known as Cheel ka Teela & was built in the 16th century by Raja Man Singh & Sawai Jai singh II.6. Jaibaan was built in 1720 and is said to be the biggest cannon on wheels in the world.7. Cannon Foundry at Jaigarh- Jaibaan was cast here.8. Water Tanks at the Jaigarh Fort- Still in use these tanks can store 60,00,000 liters of fresh rain water. Find out about the system thru which they collected this huge amount of water.9. Nahargarh Fort was used for the guests of the Maharajas.10.Stepwell at the Nahargarh Fort- This step-well was made famous by the film Rang De Basanti. 4. 11.Man Sagar Lake This Lake is sustained by recycled water & a popular spot for birding. A birding fair is held here, every year.12.Jal Mahal Palace- Recently restored to its former glory this palace is in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake.13.Sisodia Raani ka Baagh- Built in 1728 by Sawai Jai Singh for his Sisodia Queen, it is a terraced garden.14.Galta Ji- A pilgrimage site it was built by Rao Kriparam, the Sun is worshipped here.15.Vidhyadhar ji Ka Baagh- This garden is named for the Architect Vidyadhar Bhattacharya who designed the city of Jaipur.16.Kanak Vridavan Garden- Near the Man Sagar Lake this garden was the adobe of Govind Dev ji before the idol was moved to the City Palace Complex.17.Kos Minar at the VT Road circle was a pillar situated by the roadside, it was used to measure distances in the Mughal times.18.Peacock Garden- On the JLN Marg near the RCDF offices this garden was decorated with sandstone chatris & fiber Peacocks made by an eminent artist.19.Central Park is a most popular place for a morning walk, a date or for birding.20.French Sculptures in the Central Park & the Man Sagar Lake- Made by a French artist these sculptures are a thing of beauty.21.Isar Laat was constructed to celebrate the victory of the Jaipur forces under Sawai Ishwari Singh Ji in 1749.22.Jantar Mantar- An astronomical observatory having with huge Sundials etc made out of marble & masonry.23.City Palace-Residence of the ruling family of Jaipur. Some parts are open to public & some parts have been made into museums.24.Hawa Mahal Palace- Built in 1799 by Sawai Pratap Singh ji for the royal women to watch the religious processions etc. & still be in purdha.25.The faade of Hawamahal- It has 5 stories & 953 windows & is painted terracotta pink.26.The various gates of the walled city- As Jaipur was built according to Vastu Shastra it had 9 gates.27.Maharanion ki chatriyans- This is the funeral grounds of the Maharanis of Jaipur.28.Gaitore- Cenotaphs of the past Maharajas are here.29.Sawai Jai Singh Statue Circle- Almost all circles of Jaipur have statues installed on them but only one circle is known popularly as The Statue Circle. A statue of Sawai Jai Singh stand tall here.30.Birla Planetarium-Plan a visit to be updated about the universe.31.Conference venue at the Birla Institute of Scientific Research (BISR)32.Rambagh Palace Hotel- One of the best hotels in the world today.33.Silver urns- Huge utensils cast in silver used to ferry Gangajal to UK for the use of Sawai Madho Singh II.34.Light & Sound Show at Amber Fort35.Light & Sound Show at Amar Jawan Jyoti in remembrance of Kargil War Martyrs.36.The pillarless hall at the Govind Dev ji Temple is Jaipurs contribution to the Guinness Book of World records. It is the worlds widest RCC flat roof construction with a single span of 119 feet.37.Rajmandir-A single screen theatre, offering bollywood song & dance movies.38.Science Park in Shastri Nagar. A huge statue of a T-Rex roars here.39.National Flag In The Central Park 5. Jantar Mantar 6. Birla MandirThere are so many ancient Temples in Jaipur that it is also called Choti Kaashi.1. Thikana Govind Dev ji The rulers of Jaipur claimed to be His Deewans & ruled in his name.2. Shilla Mata in the Amber Fort. It has doors made of silver with 9 roops of Goddess Durga & 10 roops of Goddess Saraswati engraved on it.3. Laxmi Narayan Temple- A poetry in white marble made by the Birlas.4. Ganesh Temple, Moti Doongri, Jaipur ke pratham poojya!5. Hanuman Temple, Moti Doongri, Another ancient temple6. Kala Hanuman Temple near the old Ram Prakash Cinema Hall.7. Garh Ganesh on a hill near Gaitore8. Nahar ke Ganesh ji- This Temple is about 175 years old.9. Jagat Shiromani Temple-Dedicated to the Lord Krishna His likeness in a black stone idol is worshipped here.10.Akshardham Temple-Located in Vaishali Nagar this temple is dedicated to the 18th century saint Swaminarayana.11.Ram Krishna Mission is in the C-scheme colony.12.Sanghi ji Jain Temple-A 1000 year old Digambar Jain temple at Sanganer.13.Choolgiri near Jaipur on a hillock is a Jain Temple.14.Padampura Jain Temple is about 30 km from Jaipur on the Tonk road. 7. Clubs of Jaipur-These are the best options for eating, drinking, staying, exercising or meeting people ofJaipur. They have rules about allowing non-members to use their facilities.1. Jaipur Club on Jacob Road2. Ashok Club on Janpath3. Polo Club on Bhawani Singh Road4. Golf Club on Bhawani Singh Road.It does not matter if you like festivals to disrupt the hum-drum day to day rhythm of life or not they doleave you rejuvenated by their mere presence. These are some of the important festivals celebrated inJaipur.A Bazaar Decorated For Deepawali1. Deepawali- The festival of lights is celebrated with much gusto in Jaipur. The whole city is bathed in colored lights to welcome the Goddess Laxmi.2. Makkar Sakranti A day for giving. The young guns of Jaipur fly kites, this day.3. Holi-Is the Festival of colors.4. Elephant Festival around Holi- If you wish to see this huge animal in huge numbers in one place all beautified for the day, this festival is for you!5. Gangaur is a widely celebrated festival of Rajasthan where, Gauri, symbolizing Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiv, is worshipped as a symbol of virtue & fidelity. A big procession is taken out from the City Palace on 2 days.6. Teej-The festival is celebrated to pray to goddess Parvati for a happy married life, well-being of husband and children. A procession is taken out from the City Palace. 8. Excursions 1. Samode is about 42 km from Jaipur Samode Palace is used as a heritage hotel & charges anentry fee for non residents to view the Sheesh Mahal & Darbar hall. 2. Abhaneri- About 95 km from Jaipur off Jaipur-Agra Highway it is a huge stepwell in the shapeof an inverted Pyramid. 3. Bhangarh- Ruins of an ancient town said to be haunted .It is off Jaipur Agra highway. 4. Tonk- About 110km from Jaipur it is also known as the Lucknow of Rajasthan. Sunehri Kothiis a must visit place. It is famous for Namdahs. 5. Sambhar-About 65km from Jaipur it has the biggest salt lake in India. It is also a birdersparadise around monsoons. 6. Bharatpur-About 175km from Jaipur. It has a rich bird life for the Nature Lover and TheLohagarh Fort for the history buff. 7. Ajmer


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