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2. Jesse OwensOlympic GamesBerlin 1936 3. In 1931, the International Olympic Committee granted the OlympicGames to Berlin without knowing that Adolf Hitler was to have power tothe country two years after. 4. In 1936, the Nazis were already in command of Germany and takeadvantage of the occasion to promote their racist philosophy 5. German sports imagery in the 1930s promoted the myth of Aryan racialsuperiority and physical power. Artists idealized athletes well-developedmuscle tone and heroic strength and accentuated so-called Aryan facialfeatures blue eyes and blond hair.. 6. Therefore on the vlkisch principle we cannotadmit that one race is equal to another. Byrecognizing that they are different, thevlkisch concept separates mankind intoraces of superior and inferior quality () Forin a world which would be composed ofmongrels and negroids all ideals of humanbeauty and nobility and all hopes of anidealized future for our humanity would belost forever. Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf Vol. 2 Ch. 1 7. Jesse Owens was the living proof ofHitlers huge, crazy mistake 8. Jesse Owens won the Gold Medal in the 100m, 200m,long jump, and 4x100m relay. 9. This feat would not be accomplished again until CarlLewis would Gold-medal in the same four events in1984. 10. In the finals of long jump Owens competed with a German athlete, Luz Long.Owens won and Long embraced him.Hitler must have gone crazy watching their embrace. Racist propaganda wascompletely beaten by this gesture.The two men were friends until Long died in World War II 11. You could melt all the medals Ive won, but you could neverreproduce the 24-carat friendship that sprang up between me andLuz Long on the platform of Berlin. (Jesse Owens) - 12. Jesse Owens had the highest civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom at the White House in 1976. Owens died on March 31, 1980 and President Carter added hisvoice to the tributes that poured in from around the world."Perhaps no athlete better symbolized the human struggleagainst tyranny, poverty and racial bigotry. A decade after his death, President Bush awarded Owens theCongressional Medal of Honor. Bush called his victories inBerlin "an unrivaled athletic triumph, but more than that, atriumph for all humanity."


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