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    Air/Fuel Sensor (Racepak) 47Air Line, Air Line Fittings 90AN Fittings and Lines 52,53Apparel Inside Back CoverBatteries, Mounts, Components 42,43,45Bellhousing and Accessories 34,35,36Bodys, Mounts and Accessories 58,59,60,61Bolts, NAS-Aircraft 87Blueprints, Chassis 4Bottle Mounts 56,57,76Brake Kits 28,29Brake System Components 21,22,29Car Covers 95Carbon Fiber Components 62,63,64,65,66Chassis Kits 4,5Chassis Paint 95Chassis Tuning Manual, Computer Programs 3,36Chromoly Tubing and Plate 95Clevis, Weld-in 93Clutch Accessories, Tools 34,35,36Cooling System Components 39,40,41CO Bottles, Regulators 56Dashboards 63Data Recorders and Accessories 47Drive Shafts and Yokes 33Driveshaft Loop, Enclosures 32DZUS Fasteners, Tabs and Tools 91,92Electrical 42,43,44,45,46E-Z Lift Jack Systems 79Fastener Hardware 87,89Fire Suppression Systems 76Fuel Cells and Accessories 48,49Flexplates 36Fuel Pumps,Regulators, Filters 50Gauges 22,36,50,56,77Gears, Ring & Pinions 13Headers, Header Kits and Accessories 2,55Hood Scoops and Accessories 65,66Jiffy-Tite Quick-Connect Fittings 51Linkage, Throttle, Clutch, Brake 20

    Lokar Components 43,51Master Cylinders and Mounts 20,21Morse Cables and Accessories 20,69Motor Plates, Mid Plates, Mounts 30,31Neck Restraint 76Oil Tank and Filter Accessories 2,51Parachutes, Mounts, Accessories 67,68,69Pedal Components 2,19,20,21Plumbing Supplies, Tools 40,49,50,51,52,53,54Push/Pull Pins 89Quick Disconnects, Oil 51Racetech, Books and Programs 3Rear End Housings, Axles and Components 6,7,8,12Rear Suspension 6,7,8,9,10,11Rod Ends, Aurora 10,88Safety Equipment, Seat Belts 62,69,75,76Scales 36,80Seats, Mounts and Accessories 62Shocks, Tools and Accessories 15,16,17,18Springs, Coilover 17,27Steering Components 23,24,25Starters, Meziere 46Struts, Mounts and Accessories 26,27Tabs and Hardware 94Tires and Accessories 77Tools 35,36,81,82,83,84,85,86Tow Straps and Tie Downs 81Thirdmembers and Components 7,13,14Throwout Bearings 34,35Transmission Coolers 40,51Transmission Mounts 31Threaded Tube Ends 93Water Pumps and Accessories 40,41Weight and Mounts 80Wheelie Bars and Components 2,37,38Wheels 78Window Nets and Mounts 75Windows and Accessories 72,73,74Wing Kits 58,70,71Wheel Tubs 63

    Terms and ConditionsHours: Parts Department hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on the first and thirdSaturday of the month, Central time. Of course, our fax line is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Office telephone hours are8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, Central time. Technical Assistance is available from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Monday throughFriday, Saturdays by chance. During racing season, technical phones are closed during NHRA and ADRL National Events. Technicalassistance can be obtained in person at the event.Pricing: We regret prices listed may change periodically due to changes in cost of materials and/or components. If a price has changedfrom the catalog listed price, you will be notified at time of ordering.Ordering: All orders will be shipped same day, if possible, with the exception of custom orders and back ordered items. UPS orderswill be shipped C.O.D., if the total value is over $1,250.00 (including shipping) cashiers check or money order only, unless prepaid.Truck line items must be prepaid prior to shipping. No C.O.D. truck orders.Returns: Merchandise will not be accepted for return without an RGA number. RGA numbers can be obtained through our Parts depart-ment. Merchandise must be returned in new, undamaged condition (no dents, holes, etc.). Items must be packaged properly andshipped freight prepaid. No returns on special order or custom order items. A 15% re-stocking charge applies on all returns.Customer Satisfaction: Jerry Bickel Race Cars, Inc. is committed to quality. Customer satisfaction is important to us. Due to the con-struction aspect of our business, many parts are not attractive when in kit form, i.e., no paint or plating, etc. If a component is receivedand you are not entirely satisfied, call us. Let us continue to live up to the quality that is synonymous with Jerry Bickel Race Cars,Inc. We value your comments.Warranties: There is no warranty stated or implied due to unusual stresses placed on race cars and components and because we have no control overhow they are maintained, installed and used. Due to the hazards involved with racing, Jerry Bickel Race Cars, Inc. accepts no liability for failures ofracing components or accessories manufactured or sold by Jerry Bickel Race Cars, Inc. and Customer accepts all risks involved with racing and haz-ards there of. 2014 Revision XIII

  • 2Featured Products

    Air CompressorRechargeable

    Race Car PushBar


    JBRC1053S welded $1,495.00JBRC1053SK un-welded $750.00

    See Page15 for


    Floor Mounted, CableOperated Throttle


    2 Way RadioSystemsSee Page 74

    JBRC1212 $99.99

    Single Wheelie Bar

    System One OilFilter

    512572 Filter$189.00

    90004-1 Mount$159.00

    24-Quart Oil Tank

    JBRC1124 $98.00 pr.

    Clamp On CollectorTether System

    JBRC5063 $175.00

    24-quart oil tank fits beside the 10-gallonfuel cell and includes all

    the fittings to con-nect to any blownalcohol, turboengine. Internalplumbing allows thereturn of oil with noaeration and

    smooth flow out tothe pump. Powder coated black. Optionalinternal heater available. Dimensions - 6-1/4" wide, 13" high, 17" long.

    JBRC5170 $1,050.00with heater$1,150.00

    JB R C

    J B R C

    NHRA Requiredin all Classes

  • Inform

    ation Center

    The One Stop Chassis Shop

    Chassis WizardA powerful computer program that can help you ana-lyze and tune your drag race car for maximum perfor-mance. Simply enter the data for your car and applythe full number-crunching power of your PC to findout what will happen at launch. Load transfer, project-ed 60 ft. times, g-force -- its all there for you. JBRCuses the Chassis Wizard to help determine thebest engine locations for Pro cars and trucks.This program is a great companion to Jerry BickelsComplete Guide to Chassis Performance. Buy bothand gain a wealth of information about the way we set up and adjust

    our cars. Requires: Windows 95,98 orNT - 2.5 MB Free Space

    CD-ROM Drive

    Jerry BickelsGuide to ChassisPerformance

    IInnffoorrmmaatt iioonn CCeenntteerr

    4-LINK Wizard The days of plotting your 4-link on the garage floor or on the side wall ofyour trailer are over. You can now use your PCto locate all possible ICs for any 4-link. The pro-gram generates a plot of up to 625 instant cen-ters. Use the mouse to move the 4-link bars onthe screen. The computer instantly calculatesyou IC. Generates a list of every possible IClocation for your brackets. If you change yourride height, you enter one dimension to updateall IC locations.

    4 - Link Wizard$99.00 - RT-2012


    Chassis Wizard$89.00 - RT-2010

    Race Car Operation - Covers the basics of drag racing procedures, timing sys-tems and the forces involved in a drag chassis. Suspension Geometry - Suspension geometry, alignment, spring rates, centerof gravity, instant center, torque arm suspensions. Pre-Race Chassis Setup - How to correct bump steer problems, initial front &rear alignment, starting weight, instant center and pre-load settings. Race Day Adjustments - Towing protection, tire inflation, picking the groove,adjusting for changing track conditions. Troubleshooting Guide - What to do when your car doesnt hook or gostraight, loses traction on bumps, shakes or reacts slowly.

    3Order on Line (636) 356-4727

    The Only Pro Race Car Construction Books on the Planet.Contains Race Car Construction Techniques Developed

    from over 30 years of Race Car Fabrication

    Pro ChassisConstruction

    Chassis FabricationVolume 1$79.95

    Body & InteriorVolume 2$99.95

    2 BookCombo$149.95

    Professional Version


    Jerry Bickels

    Increased Hole Inputs Zoom Windows Favorite IC Mark Display Options 4-Link Spread Dims Lower Bar to Ground Horizontal Weight C/G I C Location Filtering Suggested Starting Point Works with any Brackets Includes Sample Brackets Prints Professional Reports Upper and Lower FrontBracket Holes Can Be MovedIndependently



    by ETC

  • Chassis K



    Unwelded Chassis Kit JBRC1033 $2,900.00Welded Chassis JBRC1034 7,500.00T/S Pro/Mod Welded Chassis JBRC1034P 10,000.00NOTE: JBRC1034P Chassis includes JBRC Adjustable Strut Cups, labor to mount engine, midlpate, transmis-sion,and ultimate sway bar. With Motor Plate, Mid Plate and Transmission Mount $10,950.00 (as showen)

    Rack & Pinion Mount

    Upper Strut Mount

    Billet Lower Strut Mount

    Integral Drive Shaft Loop

    Front 4-Link Brackets

    Rear Upper Shock Mounts

    Wishbone Mount

    Assembly Instructions

    Funny Car Cage

    Sway Bar Mounts

    JBRC Pro chassis kits come in all popular body styles, but should your application be one we do not have in ourlibrary of drawings, we will custom design the chassis if a body is provided. Your chassis will be custom designed for the class of competition you choose to compete in, whether it be SuperGas, Super Comp, Competition Eliminator, Pro Stock or Pro Modified. Unwelded chassis kits are complete with the same mounts and bracketry as the welded version and come with aworking blueprint showing 3 different views, making assembly easier for the do-it-yourself chassis builder. Our work-ing blueprint is designed using CAD technology and is exact blueprint used in construction of the welded chassisbuilt in our chassis shop. All components necessary for co


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