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Jerome Klapka Jerome 2 May 1859 – 14 June 1927

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  • 1. 2 May 1859 14 June 1927

2. Quick Facts Full Name: Jerome Klapka Jerome Nationality: British Occupation: Editor, Journalist, Author, Playwright Date of Birth: May 2nd 1859 Date of Death: June 14th 1927 (68 years) Place of Birth: Cladmore, Walsall, England Place of Death: Northampton, England 3. 81 9354266 4. Father: Jerome Clapp Jerome Occupation: Architect & Congregationalist minister/ ironmonger Mother: Marguerite Maine Jones Occupation: Collected Inheritance Married: 1842 Fourth Child Sisters (2): Blandina & Plaulina Brother (1): Milton- died at an early age (croup) School: Saint Marylebone Grammar School in the City of Westminister Family was poor due to fathers bad investments in the mining industry Age 13: Father died Age 15: Mother died Dreamed of becoming a politician or a writer, but when his parents died he was forced to work at London and Northwestern Railway (4 years) 5. Age 18: Acting: Inspired by sister, Blandina Stagename: Harold Crichton Age 21: Journalist: Satires Short Stories Essays Age 21-26: School teacher Packer Solicitors Clerk Age 26/27: On the Stage- and Off (humorous memoir of acting days) Idle thoughts of an Idle Fellow (humorous essays) Age 29: Married Georgina Elizabeth Henrietta Stanley Marris (Ettie) One daughter from her previous marriage Elsie Second daughter in 1898- Rowena 6. Some short stories and comedic essays entered into: The Lamp (Magazine) The Play (Magazine) Developing close friendships: George Wingrave- Bankers Clerk and roommate Carl Henstschel- inventor of the Hentschel-Colourtype process media printer JM Barrie- Scottish Author and Dramatist, played cricket together (Peter Pan) 7. Three Men in a Boat (book published 1889) Based on his honeymoon Wife replaced with old friends so story was more humorous Inspired by the Thames river in which the married couple went on a boat ride Book success increased popularity in the Thames region resulting in it becoming a tourist attraction Sold 1 million copies worldwide Became successful in movies, TV shows, plays and one musical 8. Wrote many more plays, essays, and novels None were as successful as Three Men in a Boat 1892-1898: Became the editor of The Idle, an illustrated monthly magazine published in Great Britain 1898: Wrote Three Men on the Bummel the sequel to Three Men in a Boat ( not as successful) 1902: Published the novel Paul Kelver (Autobiography) 1908: Wrote a play titled The Passing of the Third Floor Back 9. Attempted to join the British Army; rejected for age (56) Volunteered as an ambulance driver for the French Army 1926: Published an autobiography My Life and Times Borough of Walsall gave him the title Freeman of the Borough Spent his last years at his farmhouse in Ewelme, Oxfordshire June 1927: Jerome in a car accident. Suffered a cerebral hemmorage that lasted two weeks until his death. Cremated and buried at St. Marys Church in Ewelme, Oxfordshire 10. On the Stage and Off: The Brief Career of a Would-Be Actor (1885, short stories) The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow (1886, short stories) Three Men in a Boat (1889, travelogue) The Diary of a Pilgrimage (1891, novel) Told After Supper (1891, short stories) Novel Notes (1893, novel) John Ingerfield: And Other Stories (1894, short stories) Sketches in Lavender, Blue and Green (1895, short stories) The Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow (1898, novel) Three Men on the Bummel (1900, novel) The Observations of Henry (1901, short stories) Paul Kelver, a novel (1902, novel) Tommy and Co (1904, novel) They and I (1909, novel) The Angel and the Author and Others (1904, short stories) American Wives and Others (1904, short stories) Malvina of Brittany (1916, short stories) All Roads Lead to Calvary (1919, novel) Anthony John (1923, novel) My Life and Times (1926, memoirs) 11. Summary: A ghost story told by a man named Jephson, who heard the story from a French doctor while he was at the hospital earlier that morning. A story of two men, one who wronged the other, and how each of their lives ended up playing out, or not, because of a consequently adventurous chase. Main characters: Jephson- story teller A man of science (Monsier)- The man who had done wrong- spurred by Fear The man who followed him- spurred by Hate