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  • 1. Private Security CompaniesShould be Hired by Shipping Companies Taking the fight to pirates byprotecting the ships themselves from attack. By: Jeremy Glimp
  • 2. The Bad Guys Pirates cause economical problems along with hurting innocent Mariners
  • 3. The Good GuysCurrently to costlyto fully protect all ships under the naval task forces
  • 4. The Solution Private Military Companies save the Navys of the world money. They also cooperate with international laws and regulations
  • 5. It is well known that he has long been interested in helping Somalia overcome the scourge of piracy,- NY Times Erik Prince, Founder of Blackwater and Xe Services. The worlds most famous owner of private military contractors
  • 6. The Contractors Xe formallyNeptune Security Independent known as Maritime Security Blackwater Associates
  • 7. Shipping Companies Interested in Hiring Contractors
  • 8. Piracy
  • 9. Contractors can Protect Ships and Help Win the War on Piracy
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