jeopardy volumecirclescapacity q $100 q $200 q $300 q $400 q $500 q $100 q $200 q $300 q $400 q $500...

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  • Jeopardy VolumeCirclesCapacity Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy PolygonsArea
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  • $100 Question from Polygons These two polygons are congruent. Which angle in rectangle MNOP is congruent to angle B?
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  • $200 Question from Polygons Triangle LMN is congruent to triangle OPQ. What is the length of PQ?
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  • $300 Question from Polygons DOUBLE Make three true statements about the shapes below knowing that triangle ABC and EFG are congruent.
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  • $400 Question from Polygons Using the two similar polygons below, which vertex is corresponding to vertex Y?
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  • $500 Question from Polygons Define and draw an example of the following terms: 1.Similar figures 2.Congruent figures 3.Corresponding angles
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  • $100 Question from Area Find the area of the parallelogram below:
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  • $200 Question from Area Find the area of the triangle below:
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  • $300 Question from Area If the area of the shaded portion is 15.5 meters squared, what is the area of the entire figure below?
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  • $400 Question from Area DOUBLE The rectangular playground at Shady Glen Elementary has a mud hole in the middle of it. The dimensions of the rectangular mud hole are 12 feet by 5.5 feet. How much of the Playground can be played on by the kids at Shady Glen?
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  • $500 Question from Area Calculate the area of the following compound figure:
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  • $100 Question from Volume Calculate the volume of a rectangular Prism with the following dimensions: L=13 inches H=5 inches W=2.2 inches
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  • $200 Question from Volume DOUBLE A cube has a volume of 64 cm cubed. What is the length of one side of the cube?
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  • $300 Question from Volume Jim has a storage space that is shaped like a rectangular prism. The base of the space is 24 squared feet. The height is 5.2 feet. What is the volume of the storage space?
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  • $400 Question from Volume Max has a super fridge that has a volume of 100 feet cubed. What are three possible combinations of length, width, and height that the fridge could be?
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  • $500 Question from Volume Thomas got a gift in a rectangular box with a volume of 42 inches cubed. The length of the box was 7 inches and the width was 2 inches. What was the height of the box?
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  • $100 Question from Circles DOUBLE Define and draw an example of the Following terms: 1.Radius 2.Diameter 3.Circumference 4.Area
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  • $200 Question from Circles Sara asked her contractor to build her a round pool. If the pool has a diameter of 15 feet, what will the area of the pool be?
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  • $300 Question from Circles Find the circumference of the circle below: R= 0.25 m
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  • $400 Question from Circles A circular garden has a diameter of 16 feet. What is the distance around the garden?
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  • $500 Question from Circles Justin orders a large pizza and Spencer orders a small one. The diameter of Justins pizza is 12 inches and Spencers is 6 inches. How much bigger is Justins pizza than Spencers?
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  • $100 Question from Capacity Which of the following units would be most reasonable to measure the amount of milk in a babys bottle? A.Milliliters B.Cups C.Gallons D.Liters
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  • $200 Question from Capacity Leah bought a 40 oz bottle of water after her workout. She could not quite drink It all. If she had one cup of water left, how many cups did she drink?
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  • $300 Question from Capacity Nick made 46 pints of juice for his Birthday party. How many quarts did he make?
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  • $400 Question from Capacity Cassidy has 3.5 Liters of soda in her fridge. Lauren has 3,500 mL of soda in her fridge. Who has the most soda and why?
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  • $500 Question from Capacity DOUBLE Mrs. Rawleys class drinks 7.5 pints of milk each day in the cafeteria. How many fluid ounces do they drink each day?
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  • Final Jeopardy The tub that holds our playground balls has the base of a circle. The area of the circle is 78.5 inches squared. What is the radius of the circle?
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  • Final Jeopardy Answer 5 inches


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