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  • JeopardyKey TermsGrammar& WritingLiteratureAnalogiesQ $200Q $400Q $600Q $800Q $1000Q $200Q $200Q $200Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $600Q $600Q $600Q $800Q $800Q $800Q $1000Q $1000Q $1000Jeopardy

  • $200 Answer from Key TermsThe sequence of events in a story; the action of a story

  • $200 Question from Key TermsWhat is plot?

  • $400 Answer from Key TermsHints or clues that help readers predict what will happen later in a story

  • $400 Question from Key TermsWhat is foreshadowing?

  • $600 Answer from Key TermsA comparison, meant to produce imagery, that uses the word like or as to show how two different things share similarities: It was confusing like the inside of a watch (Soto 253).

  • $600 Question from Key TermsWhat is a simile?

  • $800 Answer from Key TermsAn expression that cannot be understood simply by looking at the words denotations: He watched her on the sly (Soto 255); hit the lights; cut it out!

  • $800 Question from Key TermsWhat is an idiom?

  • $1000 Answer from Key TermsA contrast between what is expected to happen and what actually happens; a contrast between what the audience knows and a character knows: In A Retrieved Reformation, Jimmy Valentine retrieves his reformation by doing that which placed him in prison in the first place.

  • $1000 Question from Key TermsWhat is irony?

  • $200 Answer from Grammar & WritingThe E in the acronym PLEA. The bold-print statement in the following example: Felix won the fight because he suckered Antonio into a slugfest: The two boxers fought toe-to-toe . . . " (Thomas 285).

  • $200 Question from Grammar and WritingWhat is Evidence with Documentation?

  • $400 Answer from Grammar and WritingA way to repair the grammatical mistake in the following example: If you dont turn in your homework. You will receive no credit for the assignment.

  • $400 Question from Grammar & WritingWhat is Replace the period with a comma, lowercase the Y in You, and combine all of the words into one complex sentence?

  • $600 Answer from Grammar & WritingThe A in the acronym PLEA. This is the writers attempt to explain how the evidence supports the point.

  • $600 Question from Irregular VerbsWhat is Analysis?

  • $800 Answer from Grammar & WritingThe definition of a compound sentence

  • $800 Question from Grammar & WritingWhat is a combination of usually two complete thoughts (two independent clauses) by using a comma and a coordinating conjunction (and, but, or, nor, for, so, or yet) or by using a semicolon?

  • $1000 Answer from Grammar & WritingThe three needed elements of in-text citation (MLA)

  • $1000 Question from Grammar & WritingWhat are quotation marks around the evidence, (in parentheses) the authors last name and page number of the cited text, followed by the sentences end mark?

  • $200 Answer from LiteratureThe turning point of a story: In Seventh Grade, the French-class scene, when Mr. Bueller has the ability to embarrass Victor or allow him to impress Teresa

  • $200 Question from LiteratureWhat is climax?

  • $400 Answer from LiteratureThe introduction to a storys main characters, setting, and basic situation

  • $400 Question from LiteratureWhat is exposition?

  • $600 Answer from LiteratureIn the plot of a story, the point at which external and internal conflicts dominate the narrative

  • $600 Question from LiteratureWhat is rising action?

  • $800 Answer from LiteratureThe events within a narrative that are a reaction to the storys climax; the events after the climax of a story and before the resolution

  • $800 Question from LiteratureWhat is falling action?

  • $1000 Answer from LiteratureA writers attempts to reveal characters through what the characters say and do; readers have to make inferences about the characters

  • $1000 Question from LiteratureWhat is indirect characterization?

  • $200 Answer from AnalogiesIdiom : Its raining cats and dogs! :: ____________ : A river of nervous sweat ran down his back (Soto 255).

  • $200 Question from AnalogiesWhat is a metaphor?

  • $400 Answer from AnalogiesThird-person point of view : the narrator is not a character :: ____________ : the narrator is a character.

  • $400 Question from AnalogiesWhat is first-person point of view?

  • $600 Answer from Analogies___________ : one complete thought :: a compound sentence : more than one complete thought joined into one sentence.

  • $600 Answer from AnalogiesWhat is a simple sentence?

  • $800 Answer from AnalogiesHyperbole : extreme, purposeful exaggeration :: __________ : vivid description meant to help a reader visualize a scene.

  • $800 Question from AnalogiesWhat is imagery?

  • $1000 Answer from AnalogiesA words dictionary definition : denotation :: the thoughts and feelings evoked by a word : _________________.

  • $1000 Question from AnalogiesWhat is connotation?



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