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  • JeopardyCharactersTermsLocationsRandom MiscellaneousQ $100Q $200Q $300Q $400Q $500Q $100Q $100Q $100Q $100Q $200Q $200Q $200Q $200Q $300Q $300Q $300Q $300Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $500Q $500Q $500Q $500Final Jeopardy

  • $100 Question from CharactersWho is the narrator of your book

  • $100 Answer from CharactersWho is Eliezer Wiesel

  • $200 Question from CharactersShe screams that she can see fire whileEn route to the concentration camp

  • $200 Answer from CharactersWho is Madame Schachter

  • $300 Question from CharactersPlays his violin during the death march

  • $300 Answer from CharactersWho is Juliek

  • $400 Question from CharactersHis son abandons him and Eliezer praysThat he wont do the same to his father

  • $400 Answer from CharactersWho is Rabbi Eliahou

  • $500 Question from CharactersHe is called the doctor of death andDid awful experiments on Jews. He Was assisting with the selection processAt auschwitz

  • $500 Answer from CharactersWho is Dr. Mengele

  • $100 Question from TermsThe largest Nazi concentration camp, Eliezer is sent here first

  • $100 Answer from TermsWhat is Auschwitz

  • $200 Question from TermsA confined area of a city in which membersOf a minority group are forced to live

  • $200 Answer from TermsWhat is the ghetto

  • $300 Question from TermsA word, character, object, image, metaphor, Or idea that recurs and usually bears an Important relationship to the theme of a work.

  • $300 Answer from TermsWhat is a motif

  • $400 Question from TermsInsight into life offered by a text, usuallyConveyed by the words and actions ofThe characters

  • $400 Answer from TermsWhat is the theme

  • $500 Question from Termsthe lawful expulsion of an undesired alien or other person from a state i.e. someone is forced to leave their home

  • $500 Answer from TermsWhat is deportation

  • $100 Question from LocationsWhere Eliezer grew up

  • $100 Answer from LocationsWhat is Sighet

  • $200 Question from LocationsWhere Moche the Beadle and other foreign Jews are taken by the Nazis

  • $200 Answer from LocationsInto the woods to be shot and buried In mass graves

  • $300 Question from LocationsIn the 6th century B.C. Jews were forcedTo leave their homeland in Judah byThe babylonians. What does this foreshadow?

  • $300 Answer from LocationThe Jews being forced to leave their Homes by the Nazis.

  • $400 Question from LocationAfter arriving at Birkenau-AuschwitzEliezer is taken to which camp?

  • $400 Answer from LocationsWhat is Buna

  • $500 Question from LocationsEliezer is forced to march from BunaTo which concentration camp

  • $500 Answer from LocationsWhat is Buchenwald

  • $100 Question from RandomHe comes back to try to warn the Jews ofSighet about the dangers of the Nazis

  • $100 Answer from RandomWho is Moche the Beadle

  • $200 Question from RandomThe French girl comforts Elie afterWhat event?

  • $200 Answer from H4What is getting beaten by the guard

  • $300 Question from RandomAt which camp does Eliezer bribeAnother prisoner for a place in hisFathers bunk?

  • $300 Answer from RandomWhat is Buchenwald

  • $400 Question from RandomMoche the Beadle instructs Elie on

  • $400 Answer from RandomWhat is the cabbala

  • $500 Question from RandomEliezers father may have still beenAlive when he was removed fromHis bed

  • $500 Answer from RandomWhat is True

  • $100 Question from MiscellaneousPrisoners that are given command overFellow prisoners are called

  • $100 Answer from MiscellaneousWhat are Kapos

  • $200 Question from MiscellaneousWho tells the villagers to worryAbout the Nazis in the beginning

  • $200 Answer from MiscellaneousWho is Moche the Beadle

  • $300 Question from MiscellaneousWhat is the name of the process whichDetermines which prisoners will go toThe gas chambers.

  • $300 Answer from MiscellaneousWhat is the selection process

  • $400 Question from MiscellaneousWhen the prisoners are movedFrom Buchenwald to evade theAdvancing Russian army they are comingFrom?

  • $400 Answer from MiscellaneousWhat is Auschwitz on the death march

  • $500 Question from MiscellaneousWhat is the final event that causesEliezer to completely lose anySense of purpose

  • $500 Answer from MiscellaneousWhat is the death of his father

  • Final JeopardyList examples from the book that contain Instances of maintaining dignity in the face ofInhuman cruelty

  • Final Jeopardy AnswerWhat are:The continued practice of religious observancesThe kindness of prisoners to one anotherJuliek playing BeethovenThe head of the block cleaning the barracks before evacuationEliezers ceaseless sacrifices for his fatherThese examples demonstrate that even under theWorst conditions humans can still contain smallAmounts of human dignity.


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