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Author/BookSettingQ $100Q $200Q $300Q $400Q $500Q $100Q $100Q $200Q $200Q $300Q $300Q $400Q $400Q $500Q $500Final JeopardyTerms$100 Answer from H1

Loung Ung$200 Answer from H1

Mother, Father, and 2 sisters.$200 Question from H1

Which family members did the author lose in the Cambodian genocide?$300 Answer from H1

Non-Fiction- Memoirs$400 Question from H1

At what age did the author move to the United States?$500 Question from H1

How old is the author when the soldiers invade her city?$100 Question from H2

Where does the novel take place?$100 Question from H3

What is genocide?$200 Question from H2

During what decade does the novel take place?$200 Question from H3

What is an agrarian society?$300 Question from H2

Whats the name of the group who takes over Cambodia during the genocide?$300 Question from H3

What is communism?$400 Question from H2

Who is the leader of the Khmer Rouge?$400 Question from H3

What is Year Zero?$500 Question from H2

What did Pol Pot rename Cambodia?$500 Question from H3

What is Buddhism?Final JeopardyFrom

$500 Answer from H2

Democratic Republic of Kampuchea $100 Answer from H3

The calculated killing of a large group of people or nation.$200 Answer from H3

A society based wholly on the production of agriculture. $300 Answer from H3

A classless society where all property is communal and work is valued at the upmost.

$400 Answer from H3

The state of which Pol Pot wanted Cambodia to embody: like the beginning of civilization.$500 Answer from H3

Religion focused on non-violence and steadying ones emotional state. $100 Question from H4

What clothing do the Khmer Rouge wear?$100 Answer from H4

Black shirt, black pants, red scarf.$200 Question from H4

What did the Khmer Rouge say to get the people of Phnom Penh to leave?$200 Answer from H4

America is bombing the city.$300 Question from H4

What is the major crop in the labor fields?$300 Answer from H4

Rice.$400 Question from H4

In what year did the Khmer Rouges rule end?$400 Answer from H4

1979$500 Question from H4

What initiated the eventual escape from the Khmer Rouge rule?$500 Answer from H4

Vietnam attacking the Khmer Rouge$100 Question from H5

Define: Carcass$100 Answer from H5

The dead body of an animal$200 Question from H5

Define: pummelled$200 Answer from H5

To strike repeatedly with the fists.$300 Question from H5

Define: cretin

$300 Answer from H5

A stupid, obtuse, or mentally defective person. $400 Question from H5

Define: terminal$400 Answer from H5

Of, relating to, situated at, or forming a limit, a boundary, an extremity, or an end.$500 Question from H5

Define the word that is a prerequisite to being in CAT class. $500 Answer from H5

An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for ones actions.Final Jeopardy AnswerMr. Nathan Radley


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