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  • 1. $200$300$400$500$100$200$300$400$500$100$200$300$400$500$100$200$300$400$500$100$200$300$400$500$100We thePeopleShow MeThe MoneyPlay BallNames in theNew WorldBy GeorgeHoly Cow

2. This includes duties aswell as rights. 3. What is Citizenship? 4. We were an assembly incolonial Virginia. 5. What was the House ofBurgesses? 6. Our willingness towork for the good ofthe nation, even atgreat sacrifice toourselves. 7. What is CivicVirtue? 8. This power is given tocitizens by voting. 9. What is popularsovereignty? 10. This phrase on U. S. coinstranslates Out of many, one. 11. What is E. PluribusUnum? 12. This 1607 colonywas foundedin order to find richesand establish trade. 13. What isJamestown? 14. Colonial Region thatmade its dough bybuilding boats. 15. What is NewEngland? 16. With good soil andwarm weather, thisregion brings home thebread. 17. What are theMiddle Colonies? 18. This theory states that anations economicstrength comes from astrict control of colonialtrade. 19. What is mercantilism 20. Tobacco was thistype of crop forJamestown. 21. What is a cash crop? 22. This Super Bowl teamloves and devotes itselfto its country. 23. Who are the Patriots? 24. Rule-book that theUnited Statesgovernment has to followthat was written in 1787. 25. What is the U.S.Constitution? 26. This referee makesthe call on what thelaw means. 27. What isthe judicial branch? 28. This New Englanderwas run out ofMassachusetts andformed RhodeIsland. 29. Who was RogerWilliams? 30. Founder of colony (notTransylvania) thatpromoted religioustolerance. 31. Who was WilliamPenn? 32. This author gave GeorgeIII the willies by writingCommon Sense. 33. Who was ThomasPaine? 34. Great Britain vs.Americans.Cornwallis vs.______________. 35. Who was GeorgeWashington? 36. He wrote Declaration ofIndependence. Died on theFourth of July. 37. Who was ThomasJefferson? 38. First postmaster of theU.S. He also had ashocking career as aninventor. 39. Who was BenjaminFranklin? 40. Defended Britishtroops at Boston. Diedsame day as ThomasJefferson. 41. Who was John Adams? 42. May have had thefirstThanksgiving.Were looking forreligiousfreedom. 43. Who were the Pilgrims? 44. This was apredominantlyCatholic colony. 45. What was Maryland? 46. This is a first amendment rightto go to church. Or Mass. OrSynagogue. Or mosque. Or. 47. What is freedom ofreligion? 48. Rights of men thatcannot be takenaway. 49. What are unalienablerights 50. Putting soldiers intoprivate homes. 51. What is theQuartering Act?