Jennifer Lopez- "I'm Into You" Shot by Shot Analysis

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<ul><li>1.Shot by Shot Analysis<br />Jennifer Lopez- Im Into You<br /></li></ul> <p>2. In this opening Shot, we see a topless man running towards the camera. The shot type starts off as a distance long shot, then as the man gets closer, it becomes more closely cropped in. As far as Editing is concerned, there is little editing within the opening scenes as they all run for a long time. During this shot we can also hear a sound effect of the waves crashing as well as the intro to the song. <br />3. The next scene shows the singer dressed revealingly suggesting the theme of the video. with her in focus and all the background out of focus. The camera angle is slightly lower than her pointing upwards signifying importance. We can still hear the sound of the waves throughout this scene although now they are diegetic.<br />4. We see a Extreme close-up of the Singers eyes with sunglasses. The connotation of this could be a girl hiding behind the glasses. There is a very shallow focus which enables the viewer to concentrate on her eyes. The choice to crop the image this close could signify intimacy. <br />5. The next shot shows her holding a fizzy drink with a straw. This could signify that relaxed about whatever she is watching. The camera tilts up from the can as she lifts the can closer to her mouth. The mise-en-scene is still hard to work out as the shots have all been closely cropped or untelling.<br />6. We see the male get closer to the camera, however the lighting is very dim and dark which could signify bad/evil. The shot is a medium close up as we can see his head and shoulders. <br />7. This establishing shot finally enables the audience to find out more about where the video is set. We see this shot in black and white. The buildings all look of great importance which finally sets our minds on the mise-en-scene. The shot is sped up a lot as we see the clouds race past.<br />8. This shot gives a silhouette style as the figure is very backlit. This shot establishes our perceptions of the lead singer being beautiful as this shot clearly signifies beauty.<br />9. The next establishing shot we see is of an old ruined building which is beautiful. The shot suggests that part of the mise-en-scene of the video are going to be Wealthy. The choice of showing this scene in black and white also could signify uncertainty.<br />10. This shot shows Jennifer in very luxurious clothing, and very unlike the establishing shot of her. This could signify wealth as she could afford to change drastically. The shot is close-up enabling the audience to look at her face, as well as the shallow focus which allows us to completely concentrate on her make-up, earrings and headscarf. <br />11. We then get an extreme close-up of the male characters face. He appears to be staring beyond the camera suggesting he could be love stricken. We can also see part of Jennifer's head suggesting they are intimately sat together. The framing of this shot allows us to concentrate mainly on his face.<br />12. This shot allows us to re-identify Jennifer in yet another costume. This time she is wearing a glamorous and revealing dress whilst standing in the sea. The camera is not totally straight as the horizon is slightly tilted which could suggest confusion. <br />13. The next shot we see is Jennifer and the male intimately cuddling on the beach. The camera angle is completely rotated as the horizon is nearly diagonal. This makes the shot more interesting, but also takes away from the main focus of the two characters, however the horizon frames them well.<br />14. At a glance, this shot is almost a re-creation of Ying and Yang, Good and evil. This suggests she can be good and bad. However the whiteout background means the sole concentration is of her silhouette and her action.<br />15. This shot is another extreme close-up of Jennifer's face. This gives another implication of her beauty. This shot also gives nothing away about the mise-en-scene, however it does show her beauty very evidently. The small amount of framing of the male she appears to be cuddling gives more of a clue about the rest of the video.<br /></p>