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<ol><li> 1. Raheem Gray Jelly Baby Task WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND </li><li> 2. These are the characters in the scenes: Thomas (black), Sam (green) and Deanne (pink). We specifically chose these colours because Deanne is pink because the colour is very feminine and represents caring and emotional characters such as Deanne. Thomas is black because it represents dark and evil as he is the one up to no good. And we chose Sam as green as he is the neutral middle person. The Cast </li><li> 3. In the first scene, it shows all the characters in their positions. So Deanne and Sam are standing in front of their chairs getting ready to take a seat while Thomas is sitting on his chair. </li><li> 4. In the second scene, Sam is now seated. Evil and dark as he is, Thomas orders Sam to pull Deannes chair back so when she goes to sit on her chair she will fall back. </li><li> 5. This scene shows Sam following Thomas orders to go to pull Deannes chair back. Thomas is watching and laughing on his own as his evil idea goes to plan. </li><li> 6. In this scene, both Thomas and Sam watch Deanne go to sit on her chair not knowing that there is no chair there. They are both laughing as poor Deanne has no idea as to what is happening. </li><li> 7. In this scene, Deanne has fallen onto the floor and hurt herself. Sam is laughing at this while Thomas sneakily pulls Sams chair without him knowing. </li><li> 8. Finally in the last scene, Sam goes to sit on his chair but ends up falling on the floor as Thomas pulled his chair. Now the only person laughing at them both is Thomas as they are both on the floor. What goes around Sam, comes back around! </li><li> 9. THE END. </li></ol>