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<ul><li><p> JEDI KNIGHTSA savage fan conversion</p><p> This is a work in progress for my conversion of the Star Wars universe to Savage Worlds. I have taken some inspiration from the various other conversions out there, but as it turned out, I wanted to do a lot of things differently. Most notably, the Force Powers in my version are based on (and often borrowed directly from) Necessary Evil. Please note that this is the work of a fan, and not intended to represent anything official (although I pulled most of my race descriptions from official sources b{^.^}d ). Savage Worlds, Necessary Evil, and Star Wars are the intellectual property of their respective creators/owners: Pinnacle Entertainment Group and George Lucas and company, respectively. Feedback is welcome, and comments should be left on my Savage Worlds blog at This publication references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at Savage Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product. Thanks in advance to everyone who checks this out, and I hope you enjoy it!-Jonathon Volkmer </p></li><li><p>RACESThe galaxy is an unimaginably vast place, and few people can claim to have seen more than a handful of the intelligent species out there. Thanks to parallel evolution, most species are fairly humanoid in appearance, although the specifics tend to get fuzzy. If a player doesnt like any of the races here, or just wants to make his own, he should work with the GM to find a good fit. HumansThe most common and populous of the races, humans are as unique and varied as the many worlds they inhabit.Racial Bonus: One Background Edge.Racial Penalty: None.Homeworld: Unknown. BithThese highly evolved craniopods from the Mayagil sector are best known for their virtuoso artists and musicians; compared to other races, they are non-aggressive, and have incredibly well-developed senses.Racial Bonus: Spirit d6, Notice d6Racial Penalty: Pacifist (Minor)Homeworld: Clakdor VII BothansFor Bothans, Clan and Family always come first. This loyalty does not extend beyond those ties however, and Bothans are well known for their skills in information gathering and political skulduggery.Racial Bonus: Smarts d6, ConnectionsRacial Penalty: Loyal (Clan), CautiousHomeworld: Bothawui CereansHailing from a virtual utopian paradise, Cereans are only rarely found off-planet. Notable features include their matriarchal society and longstanding peaceful traditions, as well as having binary brains and two hearts.Racial Bonus: Danger Sense, Vigor d6Racial Penalty: Pacifist (Major)Homeworld: Ceres ChissThese humanoids have pale blue skin, blue-black hair, and glowing red eyes, and hail from somewhere in the unknown regions most who dwell in known space are the descendants of immigrants who came generations ago, and have no knowledge of their home worlds location. Chiss culture stresses logic and discipline over emotion, and they often seem cold and unforgiving to outsiders.Racial Bonus: Smarts d6, Spirit d6Racial Penalty: Outsider, CautiousHomeworld: Csilla</p></li><li><p> ClawditesA genetic offshoot of the human natives of Zolan, Clawdites became a distinct race unto themselves when scientists sought to activate dormant genes in order to protect the Zolanders from harmful solar radiation. These genes allow the Clawdites to alter their skin coloration, physical appearance, and, to a lesser extent, their bodily configuration. However, this process is somewhat painful and requires concentration to maintain. This ability has created significant social stigmas concerning Clawdites.Racial Bonus: Changelings: By spending a few minutes in concentration, a Clawdite may take on the appearance (and only the appearance) of any other bipedal race with two eyes, a mouth, two arms, although their approximate size will not change. Nor is it possible to emulate specific individuals. This ability may grant certain situational bonuses, as adjudicated by the GM. Maintaining a change for longer than an hour is tiring, and Clawdites must make Vigor rolls every hour after the first or suffer Fatigue. When Shaken or Wounded, a Clawdite must make a Spirit roll to maintain an assumed form, and dead Clawdites always revert to their natural form.Racial Penalty: Outsider (may be negated when in an assumed form), Anemic (mutable structure reduces their ability to resist fatigue and infection)Homeworld: Zolan DroidsDroid player characters represent the highest level of artificial intelligence: true thinking machines. Although suggested starting classes are listed below, there are plenty of special orders running around the galaxy, so feel free to ignore them.Default Bonus: ConstructDefault Penalty: Non-Force Sensitive Protocol Bonus: Knowledge (Etiquette) d6, Knowledge (Linguistics) d6Protocol Penalty: Pacifist (Minor), Loyal Medical Bonus: Healing d6, Knowledge (Medicine) d6Medical Penalty: Pacifist (Major) Combat Bonus: Fighting d6, Shooting d6Combat Penalty: Heartless, Loyal Astromech Bonus: Repair d6, Knowledge (Computers) d6Astromech Penalty: Limited Language (Droid) DugsThese strong yet slender beings are easily recognized thanks to their unique method of walking with their long and powerful arms and using their dexterous lower limbs as arms and hands. They are relatively rare outside of their forest covered home world, as an unfortunate war has left them subjugated by Gran settlers there, but they have gained a reputation for nasty temperaments.Racial Bonus: Agility d6, Climbing d6Racial Penalty: Mean</p></li><li><p>Homeworld: Malastare DurosHaving almost completely abandoned their worn out and polluted homeworld in favor of traveling the stars, the Duros live in a uniquely mobile culture comparative to most races.Racial Bonus: Agility d6, one Edge, Piloting d6 or Repair d6Racial Penalty: -1 Toughness and Anemic (Spaceborn)Homeworld: Duros EwoksThese aborigines from Endor are quite technologically primitive compared to the rest of the galaxy, and it is extraordinary to see one off world. Strikingly similar to stuffed bears, their main struggle is being taken seriously.Racial Bonus: Alertness, Survival d6, Tracking d6, Stealth d6Racial Penalty: All Thumbs, Small (Short)Homeworld: Endor FalleenThese cold-blooded reptilians possess a cultural confidence in their own superiority that borders on arrogance in the most humble of them. Their most useful (and dangerous) trait is the powerful pheromones they exude which make them almost irresistible to the opposite sex (regardless of race, as long as they can smell). Falleen is a warm, wet planet, and its primary inhabitants are very uncomfortable in other environments.Racial Bonus: Pheromones (+4 Charisma against opposite sex), Spirit d6, Natural Swimmers (Pace in water equal to Swimming skill, +2 on Swimming rolls)Racial Penalty: Arrogant, Phobia (Minor): very cold or very dry climates (this represents psychological and physical discomfort rather than actual fear)Homeworld: Falleen GamorreansThese porcine brutes live in a semi-matriarchal feudal society most defined by its unending wars. Gamorrean clans range in size from 40 to a maximum of about 150 members. Much larger than that, and they tend to collapse in upon themselves in civil war.Racial Bonus: Strength d6, Fighting d6, BerserkRacial Penalty: Obese, Illiterate (Major in this setting)Homeworld: Gamorr GranThe Gran are easily distinguished by their triple eyestalks, small horns, and jutting jawlines. Normally peaceful and diplomatic, they are long-standing members of the Republic, and maintain a largely excellent interstellar reputation (although the situation on Malastare does constitute a glaring exception). Excepting those on Malastare, Gran believe in a strictly controlled society in which individuals work for the betterment of the whole.Racial Bonus: Alertness, Spirit d6Racial Penalty: Code of Honor (may take Loyal and Heartless instead if they are from Malastare)Homeworld: Kinyen</p></li><li><p> HuttsThese proud creatures are among the galaxies oldest space-faring races, and they are certainly among the longest lived, maturing to adulthood at around 130, and often living for a millennium or more, when other factors do not cut them short. Although they are originally from Varl, they have long since abandoned that now lifeless planet. The Hutt moral code is infamous, idealizing greed and cunning manipulation while disdaining the virtues of the lesser races.Racial Bonus: Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Size +2 (Hutts are around 3 meters in length and weight hundreds of pounds)Racial Penalty: Greedy (Major), Obese, Alien Form (Hutt), Pace -1Homeworld: Nal Hutta IthoriansIthorians are among the galaxies most noted ecologists, with a historical interest in and respect for nature native to no other species. Most Ithorians have never set foot upon their own planet, preferring to live in floating herd cities above it, or traveling the stars in the spacebound equivalent. These majestic cities contain fully functional ecosystems based on that of Ithor, complete with jungles, wildlife, and weather patterns.Racial Bonus: Spirit d6, Survival d6, Tracking d6Racial Penalty: Pacifist (Minor), OutsiderHomeworld: Ithor Kel DorHaving developed in an atmosphere of helium and methane unique to their world, Kel Dor are functionally blind without their goggles in other atmospheres, and require breath masks to avoid suffocation. Their culture contains a unique and ancient Force Tradition, although many have adapted to Jedi teachings since Dorin joined the Republic 6000 years ago.Racial Bonus: Arcane Resistance (Force), Agility d6, Low-light VisionRacial Penalty: Methane Breather (Major): Kel Dor begin drowning if they do not have a breath mask and gas tank in foreign atmospheres; Bad Eyes (Minor): must wear Kel Dor goggles in foreign atmospheresHomeworld: Dorin Mon CalamariHailing from the watery world of the same name, which they share with another sentient species, the Quarren, the Mon Cals tend to be rather idealistic in nature, but have nonetheless developed a highly evolved technological society. Despite initial conflict, they worked to civilize the more primitive deep-dwelling Quarren, eventually reaching a symbiotic state with them, in which the Quarren provide most of the raw materials from deep ocean mines, and the Mon Cals produce finished goods. They have built hundreds of floating cities across the seas of their world, although the Quarren still tend to prefer the lower, darker sections. The Mon Cals are also known for their formidable exploration fleet.Racial Bonus: Aquatic (Pace in water equal to their Swimming skill. Must spend 8 out of every 48 hours submerged in water, or begin to die. If denied, they must roll Vigor every 8 hours and suffer Fatigue, exhaustion, and death.), Smarts d6Racial Penalty: None.</p></li><li><p>Homeworld: Mon Calamari NemoidiansThe Nemoidian lfe-cycle contributes much to their cutthroat business acumen. Born as grubs in communal hives and given access to limited food supplies for which they must compete, these beings learn early to fear death and hoard goods. Nemoidians place a high value on wealth, and are not shy about displaying their accomplishments in lavish form. Although they call Nemoidia home, it is speculated they are a genetic offshoot of the Duros from a millennium far past.Racial Bonus: Persuasion d6, Smarts d6Racial Penalty: Greedy (Minor)Homeworld: Nemoidia NoghriThese short gray-skinned bipeds have evolved into lean, mean, fighting machines in order to survive the harsh environment of their native planet. Some time in the far distant past (at least 15,000 years ago), a terrible battle was waged in the space over Honoghr and dozens of damaged ships and terrible weapons crashed down onto it, devastating entire ecosystems, poisoning the land, water, and air, and forever changing the face of the planet.Racial Bonus: Agility d6, Strength d6, QuickRacial Penalty: Small (Short), Vengeful (Major)Homeworld: Honoghr PauansThese tall, gaunt natives of Utapaun have ashen skin and dark eyes. Their intellectual bent leads them to prefer work in administrative, scholarly, or technological fields, which makes them a complimentary match for the Utai. Their natural diet consists largely of raw meat, easily incised by their double-rowed teeth.Racial Bonus: Smarts d6Racial Penalty: None.Homeworld: Utapaun QuarrenThe Quarren evolved alongside their shallow water cousins, the Mon Calamari, and after nearly driving themselves to extinction in hopeless attacks, an understanding was reached and eventually a symbiosis was established. The Quarren are native to the deep oceans of their home world, although they can breathe in normal atmospheres as well. While they still tend towards dark and damp environments, modern Quarren have adapted well to galactic life.Racial Bonus: Aquatic (Pace in water equal to their Swimming skill. Must spend 8 out of every 48 hours submerged in water, or begin to die. If denied, they must roll Vigor every 8 hours and suffer Fatigue, exhaustion, and death.), Low-light Vision, Vigor d6Racial Penalty: Lame, Fish Eyes: Bad Eyes (Minor) and must wear Quarren GogglesHomeworld: Mon Calamari RodiansThese predatory beings are natural hunters, and take such delight in it that they have virtually destroyed most of the wildlife on their world. Running low on worthwhile marks, they turned to </p></li><li><p>gladiatorial contests, battling each other for sport and glory. Since they joined the Republic, a disproportionately large percentage of their population has taken to interstellar bounty hunting.Racial Bonus: Agility d6, Notice d6Racial Penalty: HeartlessHomeworld: Rodan SullustansHaving evolved in the labyrinthine subterranean caverns beneath the volcanic surface of Sullust, these small beings developed an excellent natural sense of direction and possess a high level of technological sophistication. Their greatest limitation in trading with the rest of the galaxy is their inability to vocalize most alien languages.Racial Bonus: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Thermal Vision, Tracking d6Racial Penalty: Small (Short), Limited Language (Igneon)Homeworld: Sullust TrandoshansFiercely warlike, violent, and vengeful, Trandoshans rank among the galaxys most dangerous species. Carnivorous by nature, most enjoy hunting down and consuming live prey: the bigger, the better. Since emerging onto the galactic scene, they have acquired a particular hatred of (or taste for) Wookies.Racial Bonus: Vigor d6, Natural Armor +2, Thermal Vision, Str+1 Claws and BiteRacial Penalty: Bloodthirsty, Vengeful (Major)Homeworld: Dosha TwileksRyloth is the only known source for the powerfully addictive spice Ryll, which means that although the Twileks industrial culture never achieved space travel on its own, there is no shortage of beings through out the galaxy willing to bring them up to speed...</p></li></ul>