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<p>Jedi Knight (Malachi, Alter/Sense/Control)</p> <p>Jedi Knight (Malachi, Control/Sense/Alter, aprox 5D in each)</p> <p>Home World: Race: Human</p> <p>Born: 3985 years Before Star Wars 4Current Date: 3963 years Before Star Wars 4</p> <p>Age: 22 Standard Years</p> <p>Your earliest memories are of the Jedi Academy on Dantooine, and the training exercises to teach that possessions are meaningless to a Jedi. On Dantooine, you studied under Master Vindon Reese, a native to the planet Onderon. Even at a young age your understanding of the ways of the Jedi exceeded that of even some of the elder Padawan. The training taught you to let go of your material possessions and your negative emotions without a second thought.</p> <p>Through the first few years of your training, you had some troubling experiences. While your Master was there to explain most things to you, often you would have quick flashes of visions which made no sense to you. Each set of visions had a different location and feeling involved with it.</p> <p>The primary set of visions seemed to be based around an explosion in space. You are not sure why, but you often felt a great deal of sadness surrounding this explosion. However, the visions also had two spheres which exited from either end of the explosion. One of them shot off into space. The second sphere crashed into a nearby planet and you crawled out of it.</p> <p>Others consisted of a jungle like environments that open into a city. In these visions, you saw many different animals in the wilds of the jungle. You also had another vision about a world of Wind and the ever moving dunes of sand the Wind created. As the winds shifted, you often found a black monolith slowly rising out of the sands. Whenever you awoke from this dream, you always felt cold.</p> <p>Once you were able to speak, you told your Master about these visions, but she could only tell you that, in time you would realize the meaning of these visions. When Master Vindon told you this, you felt as though she wasnt telling you everything that she knew about them. But as she was your Master, she most likely knew what was best.</p> <p>When you were about twelve years old, Master Vindon received a call for assistance from the ruler of Onderon and the two of you journeyed there to see to a small uprising amongst the Beast Riders. While dealing with the border dispute between two rival clans of Beast Riders, you continued to study under Master Vindon.</p> <p>Over the next ten years, you and Master Vindon spent a great deal of time in the city of Iziz, the only city on the entire planet. This was a perfect setting to continue your training. You were able to construct a lightsaber, practice the arts of the Jedi, and even, as you were doing so well in your training, earned some time to look into other aspects of the culture.</p> <p>You decided it would be best to learn the arts of politics and persuasion from the Royal Family of Onderon. Over time, you managed to make a friend or two among the citizens of Iziz as well as the Royal Family itself. One of the Queens nieces, Tereza, found your ideas about politics and the role of Jedi among the politicians to be quite interesting. You would often spend a great deal of time with her both in and out of the Great Library of Iziz. In fact, when you were not studying with either the teacher or your Master you would most likely be found in her company. The two of you spent many days relaxing in the gardens, traveling the streets of Iziz, or going outside of the city on picnics.</p> <p>Master Vindon never disapproved of the relationship which was developing between the two of you. In fact, he never even reprimanded you for being late to a lesson because you were out with Tereza. He did however make certain to mention that there is a time and place for love and there is a time and place for duty, and that the true test of the Jedi is to recognize which time it is at the moment.</p> <p>Some of the lessons you learned during these years were based around the ideas of Jedi and love. Master Vindon explained that to exist without love would be similar to traveling a dangerous path alone. Without someone else along with you, you might lose you way easily or fall asleep one night and never awake again. He also taught you by again using the same metaphor, that love can also act as an anchor in times of duty. Should you hear a cry of help off the path, you can trust your companion with the duty to hold your place on the path while you seek out the distressed.</p> <p>One day, Master Vindon approached you while you were in the gardens with Tereza and told you there were more important things to be done at this moment. He let you say your goodbyes to Tereza and lead you down to the plains below the city where to two of you found another Jedi. He was laying unconscious on the ground and next to him was a flying beast from Onderons moon, Dxun. The two of you carried him into the city and to the hospital where you awaited his return to consciousness.</p> <p>When he awoke two days later, there was a short introduction before he started explaining that a siege was coming from Dxun by a group of warriors know as the Mandalorians. After his story was completed, Master Vindon said that he thought Master Platt would forgive you for straying from your Trial. Then, the Padawan passed back into a semiconscious state.</p> <p>After this, Master Vindon encouraged you to go and meditate for a while. Within your first few hours, you saw what you knew would be trouble for everyone, an invasion matching a force the size of the one the young Jedi had described. When you exited the trance, Master Vindon asked about your vision. You described it in great detail and told him that you thought the best chance for survival would be to hide away in the forests. Master Vindon agreed with you and told you to go ahead and try to locate Master Plattis in the forests. He instructed you to leave at sunrise two days from now.</p> <p>As you prepared to leave the city Tereza entered your room in the Palace and started asking why you were leaving. You explained that your duty to protect her and her people was calling to you. When she started to cry, you turned to her and said, We both knew this day would arrive, but I know that you did not expect it to be so soon. I can tell you that what I am about to do provides both of us with the best chance of survival. I want you to know that I love you and will return to rescue you.</p> <p>You then told her of your orders from Master Vindon and the vision you had foreseen. After this, she refused to leave your side until the moment you left the city. When you went to leave, she sent you off with a ribbon which you tied to the hilt of your lightsaber. After traveling for a day you managed to find a waterfall that you had seen in your vision a few days before. You entered the cave behind it and there, looking saddened because his Padawan had not returned, was Master Plattis.</p> <p>He looked up at you and realized that you were not the one he was awaiting. You quickly explained the situation which had occurred to him and he immediately started preparing to leave the cave. </p> <p>Wait, if you go to the city, you will not survive the invasion! you said.</p> <p>It does not matter if I survive, it matter if my Pada er, Young Jedi Knight, survives. He would do well to heed your advice, but I know that his place is no longer at my side. You will find him here again i</p> <p>Control Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Cognitive Trance, Concentration, Control Pain, Detoxify Poison, Divide Attention, Emptiness, Enhance Attribute, Hibernation Trance, Meditative Trance, Remain Conscious, Resist Stun, Short Term Memory Enhancement, Voice Amplification.</p> <p>Sense Powers: Danger Sense, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Sense Force Disturbance, Translation, Truth Sense.</p> <p>Alter Powers: Strengthen Object, Telekinesis.</p> <p>Control and Sense Powers: Farseeing, Life Bond, Lightsaber Combat, Mediation, Mental Translocation, Projective Telepathy.</p> <p>Control and Alter Powers: Force Lights, Return Another to Consciousness, Scribing, Transfer Force.</p> <p>Sense and Alter Powers: Affect Emotions, Storytelling.</p> <p>Control, Sense and Alter Powers: Affect Mind, Force Harmony, Force Link, Force Unity.</p> <p>Control Powers:</p> <p>Absorb/Dissipate Energy</p> <p>This power can only be kept up as long as the source of energy is constant. </p> <p>Control Difficulty: Sunburn-very easy, intense sun-easy, solar wind-moderate, radiation storm-difficult. Characters may use this power for energy attacks at a difficulty of moderate plus the damage roll of the attack. </p> <p>Effect: This power allows the Jedi to absorb or dissipate energy, including light, heat, radiation and blaster bolts. A successful Control roll means that the energy is dissipated. If the user fails the roll, he takes full damage from the energy. The character must activate the power in the same round to absorb the blaster bolt or Force Lightning - the character must be able to roll the power before the attack lands. He can't use this power after the attack has hit.</p> <p>Cognitive Trance</p> <p>This power may be kept up and takes one minute.</p> <p>Control Difficulty: Easy.</p> <p>Effect: Jedi uses control of his inner Force to enter the specific trance. His thinking process is hastened, and he may absorb information much faster, he just scrolls the text very, very quickly.</p> <p>Concentration</p> <p>This power can not be kept up and takes one round. </p> <p>Control Difficulty: Easy if the Jedi is relaxed and at peace, Difficult if the Jedi is filed with aggression, fear or other negative emotions, Very Difficult if the Jedi is acting on those negative emotions.</p> <p>Effect: When using this power, Jedi clear all negative thoughts from their minds, feeling the Force flowing through the universe and their own being. The individual Jedi concentrates on one specific task at hand. If the skill roll is successful, the Jedi may add +4D to any one action in that round. The Jedi may do nothing other than using the concentration power and using that one skill for one action. The Jedi receives no bonus if anything else is done in that round, including duplicate uses of the same skill or dodges or parries. This power may be used in conjunction with Force Points and Character Points. </p> <p>Control Body Temperature</p> <p>This power can be kept up until the temperature changes.</p> <p>Control Difficulty: Very easy for 1-10 degrees from body temperature, easy for 11-20, moderate for 21-30, difficult for 31-40, heroic for &gt;40, and +10 to difficulty for every 10 degrees after 50.</p> <p>Required Powers: Control Pain, Absorb/Dissipate Energy.</p> <p>Effect: A Jedi character keeps his body temperature stable when necessary to achieve a task in extreme temperatures. Using the Force a Jedi can heat or cool down his insides to maintain the average body temperature for his species. This is especially useful for those cold-blooded Jedi.</p> <p>Control Pain</p> <p>This power can be kept up until the Jedi is injured again.</p> <p>Control Difficulty: Wounded or stunned-very easy, incapacitated-easy, mortally wounded-difficult.</p> <p>Effect: A wounded Jedi who Controls Pain can act as if he has not been wounded starting with the round after the power roll has been made. The wound is not healed, but the character doesn't suffer the penalties of being wounded: a wounded Jedi doesn't lose 1D from all actions, an incapacitated character can still act normally, as can a mortally wounded character. This power can also be used to shrug off any stun results. However the character is still injured, and thus is prone to getting worse, even if the Jedi doesn't feel the pain. For example, a wounded character that is wounded again would still become incapacitated. Mortally wounded Jedi still have to make the same rolls as other mortally wounded characters.</p> <p>Detoxify Poison</p> <p>This power can not be kept up and takes about 5 minutes. </p> <p>Control Difficulty: Very easy for a very mild poison (alcohol), Easy for a mild poison, Moderate for an average poison, Difficult for a virulent poison, Very Difficult to Heroic for a neuro-toxin.</p> <p>Effect: This power allows a Jedi to detoxify or eject poisons that have entered his body. If the Jedi makes the Power roll, the poison doesn't affect him.</p> <p>Divide Attention</p> <p>This power can not be kept up and takes place during declaration of actions.</p> <p>Control Difficulty: Moderate for two actions, difficult for three actions, very difficult for four actions, and heroic for more than five, but no more than seven (Gamemaster sets difficulty past five).</p> <p>Required Powers: Concentration, Enhance Attribute, Cognitive Trance.</p> <p>Effect: This power allows a Jedi to initiate more than one action in a round with no penalty to the die code. If a Jedi wishes to perform four tasks, but only rolls a moderate, he gets the penalty for three actions, instead of four actions. However, he still rolls for all four actions, but at a -2d instead of -3d.</p> <p>Emptiness</p> <p>This power can not be kept up.</p> <p>Control Difficulty: Moderate to enter, difficult to exit.</p> <p>Required Powers: Hibernation Trance.</p> <p>Effect: The user empties his mind and allows the Force to flow through him. The character seems to be in deep meditation, and a character experiencing Emptiness is oblivious to his surroundings. A character in Emptiness may not move or take any action except to try to disengage from the Emptiness. While in Emptiness, a character is difficult to sense or affect with the Force. When another character attempts to use a Force power on the character in Emptiness, add the meditating character's Emptiness roll to the difficulty for the other character's Sense or Control rolls (this affects only the Sense roll, if the power doesn't use the Sense skill, then add the difficulty to the Control roll). This difficulty is added regardless of whether or not the empty character would willingly receive the power's effect. Once the character comes out of Emptiness, the character gets a +6 bonus modifier to all Force skill rolls for a period of time equal to the amount of time the character spent in Emptiness. This bonus is reduced by one for each Dark Side Point the character has. When in Emptiness, characters dehydrate and hunger normally - some initiates have died because they lacked enough Control to bring themselves out or Emptiness. When the character enters into Emptiness, the player must state for how long the character will be in meditation. A character must make a Difficult Control skill roll to bring himself out of Emptiness, the character may attempt to come out of meditation under the following circumstances: -When the stated time has passed. -Once each hour beyond the original time limit. -The character's body takes any damage more serious than stun damage. Characters who are consumed by the Dark Side of the Force may not use this power.</p> <p>Enhance Attribute</p> <p>This power can be kept up for as long as the skill roll allows.</p> <p>Control Difficulty: Modera...</p>