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Getting Started on Human Resources (JDT2) A foundational look at HR

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Getting Started on Human Resources (JDT2)A foundational look at HR

Overview Assessment Introduction Learning Resources Task Overview and Tips Questions

Assessment IntroductionJDT2 Human Resources 2 CU Assessment Tasks are very open ended, multiple right answers Explicit instructions are not provided (i.e. page length, spacing, formatting, etc.) Requires critical thinking & problem solving Tasks, levels, artifacts:RJDT Task 1 RJDT Task 2 JDT2 3-level 3-level 5-level Memo Memo and Report PowerPoint Presentation and Presenter Notes

Learning ResourcesCourse of Study: Download the JDT2 Course of Study from your AAP

Textbook: Gomez-Mejia, L., Balkin, D., & Cardy, R. (2009). Managing Human Resources (6th ed.). New Jersey: Pearson Education. ISBN: 978-0-13-609352-7 Provided as an e-text by WGU (no cost to student) Enroll in e-text from Learning Resources tab on AAP MindEdge Modules: Three Required MindEdge Modules Enroll in all three MindEdge Modules from the Learning Resources tab on AAP

Learning ResourcesJournal Articles Available in e-reserves in the WGU Library Skillport Courses: wgu.skillport.com Access to Skillport modules and Skillport Books 24/7 Skillport Books 24/7 has multiple topics and is searchable

TaskStream: tasks are tests Gaining Access to the Tasks Refer for the JDT2 from your AAP Mentor will approve referral Access to the tasks within TaskStream will occur in 2-3 business days

Access to Tasks in TaskSTream www.taskstream.com Access JDT2 tasks and evaluation rubric Final tasks submitted into TaskStream for evaluation

Evaluation Tips Average time for evaluation is 3-5 days Tasks may require revisions Contact the course mentor as soon as tasks are returned, if revisions are necessary

JDT2: Assessment OverviewThis assessment focuses on HR functions : Performance evaluations Succession planning Legal discharge issues Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Equal Employment Opportunity Laws Code of Ethics Ethical Leadership Team Assessment

APA Tips All references must be accompanied by an in-text citation Required reference must have a matching in-text citation and reference on the reference page

No more than 30% of the task can be quoted 70% should be original writing

APA Tips Refer to the APA blog in the MBA Human Resources Learning Community Utilize Insert Citation in MS Word to have citations and references created automatically Instructions in the APA blog in the MBA Human Resources Learning Community

Task One

Write a Memo Must be in Business Memo format Business memo templates are available through a web search or in MS Word

Task addresses constructive discharge and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act Carefully read the given scenario and ensure all recommendations and justification relate to the scenario

Task One Tips C1: Include three separate legal references Must support your recommendation & relate to the given scenario May include a case, amendment or actual law from a book or website

APA Legal References The following websites provide APA legal reference guidance: http://www.lib.wsc.ma.edu/legalapa.htm http://www.unk.edu/academics/library.aspx?id=8936 http://www.law.csuohio.edu/lawlibrary/resources/lawpu bs/HowtoReadaLegalCitation.html

Sample In-text Citation: (Taylor v. Smith, 1923) Reference format will vary for each type of case, so refer to cites above for examples

Task TwoRJDT Task 2: Write a Memo & Report Must be in Business Memo format No required document format for the business report

Task addresses ethical decision making and codes of ethics Tasks must be submitted at the same time as two separate attachments.

Task Two Tips A1a. Decision process refers to your process for coming up with the alternatives Refer to the article in the course of study for additional guidance Process can be the same for all three alternatives

Clarity and Writing for the Reader A1c. In addition to the advantages and disadvantages required in A1b., specifically address a legal, financial and ethical consideration for each alternative. Alternative 1: _______________________ Advantages Disadvantages Legal Ethical Financial

Task Two Tips B3. Must explain the main points of an actual code of ethics from the company of your choice and analyze whether or not these components should be included and why

the third task Prepare a PPT with detailed presenter notes (no RTF format) Addresses performance appraisal systems, team assessment and succession planning Each task prompt should have a corresponding slide; label A1, A2 of you choose Every task should have presenter notes with the exception of the title slide and the reference page Requires APA format 5 level task: submit once, three revisions only.

Task 3, Section A Individual Performance Management Timeline Before the appraisal (pre) During the appraisal Discussion Communication as a loop

Then what happens? (post)

Task 3, Section B: Evaluating Team Performance B1-Must summarize research on how companies can analyze team performance Refer to the course of study for possible search terms and ideas Discuss at least two models for assessing team performance Each model discussed must have a citation and an accompanying reference on the reference page

Individuals vs. Teams? B3-Must include the differences between evaluating individual performance and evaluating team performance For who? Employee? Department? Company? Customer?

Task 3, C and D

C. Succession Planning: preparation for sustainability of the company D1: Must have a conclusion slide reiterating main points from the presentation with presenter notes Should utilize key points and detail from previous slides

Task 3, tips D2-Must include next steps for the organization to take to implement your plan Must be action items with accompanying detail (actions are dos or begin with verbs) What does the CEO need to do to implement your suggestions for all three areas of HRindividuals assessment, teams and for succession planning?

Contact InformationJDT2 Course Mentor: -Becky Melton, MBA, SPHR at [email protected] (even during weekday vacation) OR [email protected] Your student mentor can schedule you right onto my calendar for a future appointment (tomorrow, for example) . Please dont hesitate to contact me with questions.