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JDR is a leading provider of custom-designed and manufactured subsea power cables, umbilical systems and reeler packages for a broad range of applications. JDR's significant portfolio of product design, manufacture and delivery extends throughout the oil and gas sector and the offshore renewables market. JDR's subsea wellhead, production and workover umbilicals are installed and used around the world, with turnkey systems and reeler packages engineered and manufactured to exacting standards for operation in the most challenging of environments. An accomplished track record of meeting client expectations and a commitment to lifecycle customer service makes JDR the offshore energy industry's global Partner of Choice.


  • 1. An Introduction to JDRwww.jdrglobal.com

2. JDR is a leading provider of technologyconnecting the global offshore energy industry 3. Overview Our products and services enable vital control and powerdelivery to offshore oil, gas and renewable energy systems JDR invests in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities,technology and people to deliver world-class subsea products Our products are used by the worlds major energy companiesand subsea service providers, in the worlds harshest offshoreenvironments, and include: Subsea Production Umbilicals (SPU) Subsea Power Cables (SPC) Intervention Workover Control Systems (IWOCS) Renewable Energy Cables (REC) We work in partnership with our customers to design productand service solutions that meet your specific projectrequirements We have a proven track record of delivering against clientexpectations 4. Overview (continued) We provide lifecycle customer service through our Aftermarket,Installation and Maintenance Services division (AIMS): Specialist engineering teams Experienced project management Integrated safety systems A global service network that ensures 24/7 Aftermarketsupport Our engineering design team is at the forefront of technologydevelopments, with excellent industry know-how and grantedpatents Supported by JDRs innovation culture and approach tocontinuous improvement Our manufacturing bases include Hartlepool and Littleport (UK),Houston (US) and Sattahip (Thailand) We have over 500 employees in six countries 5. JDRs Mission and ValuesAt JDR we are focused on being: A world leading supplier of Subsea Production Umbilicals, Subsea Power Cables and IWOCS(Intervention Workover Control Systems) for global oil, gas and renewable energy markets A global supplier with regional, sales, engineering, operations, project management and servicecapabilities Customer focused, driven by strategic customer relationships, product management, technologyleadership, performance measurement and delivery of solutions An industry leader in quality, on-time performance, environmental, health and safety complianceand cost effectiveness Recognised as one of the best places to work in the oil and gas and renewables industriesOur values drive us to: Develop and work in world class facilities where we innovate, adapt and embrace change toproduce products that we are proud of Work together within a safe, communicative and transparent organisation Invest in our team to encourage personal responsibility, development, leadership 6. CapabilitiesTechnologyDesign engineeringCustomer focus Our technology focus ensures: We are experienced in the We work in partnership with our Our products work effectively indevelopment of products that meet customers to:harsh, deep-water environmentsindividual customers requirements Create innovative products that We are at the forefront of We integrate standarddeliver against individual projectsubsea technology developingproven/qualified sub-componentsneedstechnology ahead of futureinto your designs to reduce overall Provide lifecycle customerindustry requirements project risk service We work closely with our customers This enables us to create cost- Anticipate longer-term industryto solve complex technologicaleffective, reliable products thatdevelopmentschallengesexceed international standardsManufacturing Project managementOffshore support Strategically located manufacturing JDRs project management team: We support our customers fromfacilities Manage our day-to-day workingproject initiation to final site 30m investment in state of therelationship with you and ensure commissioningart quayside facility in on time project delivery We provide people, test equipment,Hartlepool (large scale Are your link to JDRs fulltraining and supervision forSPU/SPC/REC) lifecycle offering (productinstallation and cable handling Littleport (IWOCS, reelers, SPUs)design, manufacturing, processes Thailand (SPUs for Asian market) procurement, installation, service) Houston (servicing and topsideproducts) 7. Global operating footprint Main UK ManufacturingFacilityQuayside facilityCommissioned 2010 146 employeesAccess to AsianREC, SPUs & SPCs Markets VLM, 2X2,200te & 2X4,000te Quayside facility carousels Commissioned 2006 53 employees Sales Office/ SPUs & SPCsSales Office Service CenterBangkok Design OfficeKey relationship contactcentre, service to North Sea & Europe Sales Office/Major Service Center 24 employeesHead OfficeKey relationship Manufacturing/service facilitycontact centre, service to Commissioned 2000 Gulf of Mexico 220 employees& Latin America IWOCs & components Braiders, vertical twister, highpressure test facility 8. MarketsJDR experience spans global energy marketsOil & GasJDR leads the field in custom engineered products for the offshore oil and gas industry. We have developedtechnologies that maximise the efficient delivery of power, control and communications through umbilicals andpower cables. Using our state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we develop and delivercustom built systems for subsea installations at ever increasing water depths.RenewablesWe have embraced the growing international market for alternative and sustainable energy delivery. Our UKeast coast locations makes us ideally located to provide, engineering, manufacturing and installation services forthe evolving renewables market, which is particularly strong in Europe.AftermarketGlobal aftermarket, installation and maintenance services are provided by our AIM Services division. AIM has anetwork of experienced and certified technicians and service support facilities, available 24/7 to managecustomer projects, for JDR and non-JDR products, on or offshore. The team has created periodic maintenanceand inspection routines that include product lifecycle preventative maintenance and assurance programmes. 9. Oil & GasSubsea Production Umbilicals (SPU)JDR designs SPUs that operate long-term in challenging subsea environments. Our SPU systems have been utilised bymajor operators in subsea fields around the world. From 300m to 30km in length, our designs incorporate conduits forhydraulic fluids, process chemicals or electrical cables that transmit power and enable communication. They can be used totieback subsea trees to fixed platforms, FPSOs and land based facilities.We offer full dynamic analysis, fatigue analysis and seabed stability analysis to prove our SPU design suitability. Actualqualification testing can also be conducted to verify the design analysis work. JDR has a large team of fully trained andcertified offshore engineers that can work offshore in assisting with the installation, testing and commissioning of our SPUumbilicals. The teams are fully equipped for rapid mobilisation to anywhere in the world.Recent contract awards include CNOOC Liu Hua Total Gabon & Congo HHI Shwe Swiber Brunei Shell Petroleum Subsea Production Umbilical 10. Oil & GasSubsea Power Cables (SPC)JDRs SPCs are used by offshore energy operators to distribute electrical power between installations. Our cable designstypically contain three power core phases, each comprising a large copper or aluminium conductor insulated with cross-linkedpolyethylene. Our SPCs cover great distances and are expected to operate in hostile subsea locations for many years.Our power cores are rated to 33kV, and chemical hose, fibre optic components, and splitter box assemblies are typically partof the scope of work. We use a full suite of analytical capabilities including thermal dissipation, chemical compatibility, andseabed stability to verify our design suitability. If qualification test results are not already available to substantiate new productdesigns, mechanical testing takes place either before or in parallel with product manufacture to verify design calculations.Recent contract awards include CNOOC SantosRight: Subsea Power Cable in useThree-coreSubsea Power Cable 11. Oil & GasIWOCS (Intervention Workover Control Systems)JDR has been at the forefront of IWOC design for the last 15 years. Our IWOCs and reelers are used by oil and gas operatorsaround the world to monitor and control subsea trees during installation and for intervention activities. Most recently our designteam has led the development of new open water umbilical technology that significantly reduces offshore operating costs.Along with JDRs Topside Wellhead umbilicals we can provide a complete turnkey solution.Our extensive industry experience alongside our capabilities in aftermarket services, enables us to work with customers on adiverse range of IWOC ventures. We work in partnership with our customers, from project initiation, to long-term support, anapproach that enables customers to place a single order for their complete system package.Our customers include FMC Cameron GE Oil & Gas Aker Solutions Right: Example of reeler / spooler package, part ofan IWOCS system IWOCs umbilical 12. RenewablesRenewable Energy Cables (REC)JDR is a leading provider of RECs that enable operators to utilise alternative and sustainable energy sources. Our productsconnect power generation devices in offshore wind, wave and tidal fields, transferring power to offshore or onshoresubstations. We have developed flexible and innovative design approaches for inter-turbine array cables and terminationinstallations. Our expertise in dynamic and static subsea power cables and ability to offer fully verified electrical and opticalpackages ensures we can develop products for a wide range of operational requirements.JDR is ideally positioned to offer engineering and scientific support to the evolving renewables market. For example, ourquayside facility at Hartlepool on the UKs east coast, is enabling us to support multiple offshore windfarm projects planned forthe region.Significant orders include London Array (175 turbines, 630 MW) Greater Gabbard (140 turbines, 500 MW) Meerwind (