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    VIBHU FROM TRUTH (Vibhu is one unit of length equal to one ashankh part of atom)


    GENUINE ELEMENT AND ITS FIVE TENDENCY: Patience: Avoiding falsehood, accepting truth, living doubtlessly, Extirpation of haughtiness & steadiness, Pity: Non-malice, feelings of similarity, friendship, resemblance and fearlessness

    MODEST: Hunger Control, Sweet word, Mild Mind, Direct test and current happiness, NOTION: Decision of theistic and atheistic, accepting neutrality behaviour improvement, holy feelings & getting knowledge and science, Truth: Decision, Boundlessness, Light, Stability, Apology.



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    Three Characteristics of Genuine Element Discrimination: The quality of true thoughts. Asceticism: The quality of patience. Guru Bhakti & Holy nature: The quality of modesty and pity.

    Raw element made from Genuine element: Space by Patience Air by Pity Fire by Modesty Water by Notion Earth by Truth The body was made from chura of Mal-Vich-chhep awaran. Tejas haughtiness was made from supper conscious glaw of Vibhu. Haughtiness was divided in three parts. These are called SAT, RAJ, TAM, Maha-tatva was made from haughtiness of five sensucus; ten mantras were made from Maha-tatva. These are called word, Charm, fluid, smell and touch. When the process of MAL-VICH-CHHEP awaran was started by nature, Firstly RAS, mixed with BINDU and started the process of creating the creation & produced MAL-VICH-CHHEP awaran and then a from was made equal to plum in a week. In one month it become equal to Pea-Hens egg and in two month MAL VICH-CHHEP awaran was started to seprate.Flesh blood & marrow were produced by MAL & BONE, Vein, Flash, marrow and blood were produced by VICH-CHHEP. Now the skin was made upon the body of AWARAN, Outer covering of Vein and Crust made upon bones to senses were made from divine lustre-hands-feet-mouth-gender, anus, ear, eyes, nose, toungue and skin.

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    (Owners) Deities of Senses

    Indra Hands Vaman Dev Feet Agni Dev Mouth Brahma Gender Yamraz Anus Digpal Ears Surya Dev Eyes Varun Dev Tongue Ashwani Kumar Nose Pawan Dev Skin

    (Owners) Deities of Subjective Mind Mann Chandrama Chitt Vishnu Wit Brahma Haughtiness Shiva

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    Chitt- Point of View 1 Ashankh 10000000000000000000 CHURA Powdery substance AWARAN- Cover MAL-VICH-CHHEP Mixture of menstrual excretion & semen in womb Marta Vowel mark RAZ Menstrual Blood Bindu Semen Mann A part of subjective Mind. Guru Bhakti Feeling of devotion for GURU. Guru Spiritual Teacher

    SAT,RAJ AND TAM Quality of Nature:

    Envelope of body

    Physical body-This is made from 25 substances.

    Earth- bone, vein, flesh, hair, skin, Air- walking, talking, force, puckering spreading Space- word, worry, cipher,(void)

    Fire- Affection, doubt, idleness, sleepless, hunger, thirst, yawn, Water- blood, sweat, urine, saliva, semen. 2 Smaller body-There are to vital airs,10 senses ,subjective mind & sprit-soul in this body equal to this thumb of hand this its form.

    Ten vital airs-pran,apan,udan,vayan,saman,naag,kurm,krakal,devaatt,dhannjai.

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    Act of vital airs-

    1. Pran operates breath. 2. Apan expels the waste air from body. It is situated at anus. 3. Udan gulps down a sip of water and morsel. 4. Vayan operates all the veins of body. 5. Saman digests the food .It is situated in intestine. 6. Eructatition is taker by Naag. 7. Eyelids are blinked by Kurm. 8. Sneeze is taker by Krakal. 9. Yawn is taker by Devdatt. 10. Dhannjai distends the body. 11. Sense organs-hand feet gender, Anus, Eyes, Ears, mouth, nose, Tongue & skin. Smaller body- There are 3 substances in this body .equal to half thumb of hand .is it form Chitt- haughtiness- spirit-soul (sushopti position)

    Subtle body- equal to lentils one seed

    Haughtiness. Spirit-soul (toriya position)

    Micro body- equal to molecule. It can increase or decrease its body

    According to its need.

    Chitt spirit-soul (Turiya-ateet position) Chitt- point of view Sushupti - Sleeping position Turiya position beyond the all three positions (vigiling, sleeping &dreamy) Or the position, that is made by connecting surati with pinds word . Pind- the part of body that below from eyebrows to navel. Turiya ateet- beyond the position of vigiling sleeping, dreamy & turiya or The position that is made by connecting surati with universes word.

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    MAL-VICH-CHHEP Awaran Veins in vich-chhep- there are 72000 Veins in our body .usually these are Different in size, blood, fluid (extract of digest food), air water, food, chitt, Semen, urine etc are flow in different veins. There are some thick veins of then Veins Organs Ida Reft nostril Pingala Right nostril Sushmana Mingled of both Gandhari Left eye Hast zibhya Right eye Poosa Right ear Yeshaswani Left Alambusha Mouth Kuhu Gender Shankhani Anus According to days pingala should blow on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday sun rise and Ida should blow on Monday Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Blowing the swar like this is good for votary. According to fortnight, pingla swar should blow on first second and third day of lunar month sun rising. After that swar is to blow according to other days. just like that, ida should blow till three days first, second and third day of Bright half of a luniar month in sun rising it is good to the votary. after that swar is to blow according to other days generally the votary should See his swar in morning just before rising the Sun see that which nostrils swar is much or less blowing by closing the nostril one by one with the help of thumb. which nostrils swar is much blowing, the vatory should accept the flow of that swar and when the air is blowing equally in both nostrils.it means this is sushmana swar. Remember, this sushmana is restricted for each activity of world. this is good only for bhazan ,sumiran, meditation when the votary see the flow of swars and good position of day or fortnight ,the votary should put his that

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    foot down firstly ,that swar is blowing there will be no chance of any danger whole day for votary by doing so.For much information please attend the yoga camp

    Orifice in the body There are uncountable smallest orifice in human body ,as dental orifice of 32 teeth .where ,there is hair on the body there are also orifices .these are called pores . There are main 12 thick orifice in human body .there are 2 orifice in and urinary orifice and urinary orifice and anus orifice .7 in pind (on the face) -2 ear,2 orifice nostril ,2eye and one in mouth .three in universe -1 in palate dasham dwar ,second bhanwar gufa .it is also called randra dwar and third on the top of head. It is called sachkh and dwar . Bhanwar gufa halting place in our body . Randra dwar way by it surati soul get out from body. Suchkhand dwar - way by it surati soul get out from body. Fortnight fortnight have 15 Daye according to Indian system. Ida the air that blows from left nostril. Pingla the air that blow by right nostril . Sushmana- the air that blow equally by both nostril. Bhazan ,sumiran part of meditation Pind- the part of body that below from eyebrows to navel . And- the part of body that below the navel . Swar-sound (create by blowing the air by nose ) Demarcation of lotuses (on the time of creating body) 1.Muladhar kawal 2.Swadhistan kawal 3.Manipurak kawal 4.Anahat kawal 5.Vishudh kawal 6.Vyom kawal 7.Aagya chakra 8.Sahastra dal kawal 9.Trikuti 10.Dasham dwar 11.Bhanwar gufa 12.Sachkhand The deities of kawal and alphabet on the petals First of all kuram purush below the charan kawal . Muladhar kawal-

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    this is the dwelling place of ganesh and yamraj.this is the lotus of 4 petals. There are also 4 letters on these petals V, SH, SH, S. Swadhistan kawal this is the dwelling place of brahma and savitri.it has 6 petals and There are also 6 letters on these petals on these petals-B, BH, M,Y ,R,L Manipurak kawal- deity Vishnu dwell here .it also called go-lok dham.this lotus has 10 petals and there are also 10 letters on these petals D, DH, N,T,TH,D,DH,N,P,PH, Anahat kawal- deity shiv dwell here with his wife parvati. This lotus has 12 petals and 12 letters are also situated on these petals K,KH, G,GH,R,CH,CHH,J,JH,UNA,T,TH Vishudh kawal- this is the dwelling place of Aadi shakti lakshmi durga bhavani .it is also called ksheer sagar .this is the place of deity Vishnu,s in lowes. This lotus has 16 petals and 16 vowels are also situated on these petals A,AA,I,EE,U,OO,E,AI,RH,RHA,LR,LRA,O,AU,ANG,AHA Vyom kawal- this is the dwelling place of shedeity saraswati. This is shedeity of knowledge .this lotus has 64 petals .these petals have 52 letters and 12 vowel marks. vyam kawal is also called brahm randra dwar. Aagya chakra- this is the dwelling place of brahm and sadguru. this lotus has 2 petals and 2 letters -HANG ,and KSHANG are situated here .agya chakara is also called bhrakuti ka


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