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    1.Dictation words 2. Write capital cursive ( A to Z ) 3. Fill in the blanks with correct vowels. 4. Write A / An for the following. 5. Write is / are for the following. 6. Write the rhyming words. 7. Write plurals for the following. 8. Write capital letters with full stop. 9. Fill in the blanks using This / That. 10. Fill in the blanks using These / Those. ORAL:-

    1. Rhymes page no 1-12. 2. Reading page no 3-21,28, 3. Story The Greedy Dog. 4. Conversation questions of Term I. 5. Five sentences on My self.

    English Dictation words

    1.Fan 7.Tree 13.Hut 19.Apple 25.wash

    2.Bag 8.Star 14.Sun 20.Queen 26.Carrot

    3.Bin 9.Table 15.Bird 21.Spoon 27.Study

    4.Top 10.Mango 16.Kid 22.Door 28.Mother

    5.Fish 11.Horse 17.Ink 23.Rain 29.Sister

    6.Kite 12.Egg 18.Wall 24.Family 30.Rope


    The Greedy Dog

    Once a dog was crossing a stream. He had a bone in his mouth. He looked into

    the water and thought that there was another dog holding a bone in his mouth .

    He barked at the dog bow-wow . As he opened his mouth his own bone fall into

    the water. The greedy dog then learnt a lesson.

    Moral :- We should not be greedy.

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    English conversation (Myself) 1.My name is ______________. 2.I am _______ year old. 3.My birthday is on ________. 4.I like to read story books. 5.I live in Bhopal. 6.I like to play in the park.


    Q1. How should you ask for permission to go to wash room?

    Ans We should say May I go to wash room.

    Q2. What should you say when you sneeze ?

    Ans We should say Excuse me or I am sorry.

    Q3.What should you say when someone offers you something ?

    Ans We should say Thank You.

    Q4.How should you walk in the school corridor ?

    Ans We should walk smartly without running.

    Q5.How should you dress up for school ?

    Ans We should wear neat and clean uniform.

    Q6.Where is your school located ?

    Ans Our school is located in Govindpura BHEL Bhopal.

    Q7.On which festival do you burn crackers ?

    Ans We burn crackers on Diwali.

    Q8.Name some common pets?

    Ans Dog ,cat and parrot are some common pets.

    Q9.How should you behave with the animals ?

    Ans We should be kind and humble with the animals.

    Q10.Which animal is called the ship of desert ?

    Ans Camel is called the ship of desert.

    Q11.Which animal is called king of jungle ?

    Ans Lion is called the king of jungle.

    Q12.Which animal gives us wool ?

    Ans Ship gives us wool.

    Q13. When do you watch T.V. ?

    Ans I watch T.V. after finishing my work.

    Q14.How should you behave with your elders ?

    Ans We should obey and respect our elders.

    Q.15. How should you wish your teacher?

    Ans. We should say Good morning or Good afternoon.

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    MATHS (WRITTEN + ORAL) 1. Dodging (101-300) 2. Write the number names ( 1-50) 3. Write numbers (1-400) 4. Backward counting ( 50-1) 5. Write before/after/in between for the following 6. Concepts (Big-small, long short, tall short, heavy light) 7. Put sign (> , < , =) 8. Addition ( Vertical, horizontal, count and write) 9. Tables of ( 2, 5) 10. Name the days of week. E.V.S WRITTEN (Chapter 1 - 12) All the work done in copy and exercises in book. ORAL:- (Name any Five)

    1. Body parts 2. Plants 3. Trees 4. Insects 5. Birds 6. Water animals 7. Wild animals 8. Homes of animals 9. Things we use in school and home 10. Babies of animals DRAWING :-

    1. Cake with candles. 2. Cartoon character 3. Peacock. NOTE :- ASSESSMENT 1 Test will be taken based on the syllabus completed by 7th August 2015.

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    Written :- 1) Dictation Words

    2)Write Action words .

    3) Write Opposites for the following.

    4) Write the name of Colours and colour the picture.

    5) Write in/on/under for the following.

    6) Write behind / near / infront for the following.

    7) Write Yes / No for the given questions.

    8) Answer the following (What).

    Oral :- 1) Rhymes page no. 13 to 24.

    2) Reading 22,23,24,26,27,30, 31 to 39 , 41 , 46 to 50.

    3) Story a) The farmer and the magic goose.

    b) Two wise goats.

    4) Conversation questions of Term II .

    5) Five sentences on My School.


    1. Drum 7. Father 13. Nest 19. Post 25. Brother

    2. Night 8. Sorry 14. Glass 20. Roof 26. Rainbow

    3. Early 9. Pray 15. Park 21. Ring 27. Clouds

    4. Rabbit 10. Pond 16. Brush 22. Lotus 28. Watch

    5. Cycle 11. House 17. Fruits 23.Salt 29. Dustbin

    6. Doctor 12. Chair 18. Butter 24. Bench 30. Plant



    1. The name of my school is Jawaharlal Nehru School.

    2. It is situated in Govindpura .

    3. I study and play in my school.

    4. It has a big playground.

    5. I love my school very much.

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    Once there was a poor farmer who had magic goose.

    Everyday she laid a golden egg. The farmer sold it daily and

    became rich soon. He was leading a luxurious life. One night , the

    farmer thought that he could be very rich by taking out all the

    golden eggs from the goose. He killed the goose but found no

    eggs inside . He went mad as he could not get golden eggs


    Moral :- Be happy with whatever you have.


    Two goats were crossing a narrow bridge. Only one could get

    across at a time. One came from the north and other came from

    the south. They met in the middle of the bridge. Each wanted to

    cross the bridge first. So they started quarrelling. After some

    time, one goat thought. It is useless quarrelling on this narrow

    bridge. She laid down and allowed the other goat to step over her

    and cross the bridge happily.

    Moral :- Be kind and helpful.

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    Q1. What does a policeman do?

    Ans. A policeman catches the thief.

    Q2.What does a driver do ?

    Ans.A driver drives a vehicle.

    Q3. What does a carpenter do?

    Ans. A carpenter makes furnitures.

    Q4. What does a grocer do?

    Ans. A grocer sells grocery items.

    Q5.What does a green grocer do?

    Ans. A green grocer sells vegetables.

    Q6.What is the ancient name of India?

    Ans. The ancient name of India is Bharat

    Q7. When did India became a republic?

    Ans. India became a republic on 26th january1950.

    Q8.Who is the Prime Minister of India?

    Ans. Mr Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India.

    Q9.Who is the President of India?

    Ans.Mr Pranabh Mukherjee is the President of India.

    Q10.What is the capital of India?

    Ans.New Delhi is the capital of India.

    Q11.What is the national Emblem of India?

    Ans.The Ashok Stambh is the National Emblem of India.

    Q12.Which is our National language?

    Ans.Hindi is our National language.

    Q13.Who was the first Prime Minister of India?

    Ans.Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru was the first PrimeMinister of India.

    Q14.Name the National song ofIndia?

    Ans.Vande Mataram is the National song of India.

    Q15.Name the National Anthem of india?

    Ans.Jana-Gana-Mana is the National Anthem of India.

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    MATHS :-

    ( Written + Oral )

    1. Dodging (301 to 400)

    2. Write Number Names. (51 to 100)

    3. Counting (401 to 500).

    4. Write backward counting(100 to 51)

    5. Subtraction ( Vertical , horizontal , count and write)

    6. Write the months of the year.

    7.Count and write and colour the shapes.

    8. Match the following (Concept- money).

    9. Write the table of 3 and 10.

    10. Name the shapes.


    Written:- Chapter 12 to 22 exercises given in copy and book.

    Oral:- Name five :- 1. Living things 2. Non Living things 3. Sources of water

    4. Uses of Water 5. Types of houses 6. Seasons 7. Tools

    Drawing :-

    1.Fish aquarium


    3. Fruit basket

    NOTE :- ASSESSMENT 2 Test will be taken based on the syllabus completed by 7th January 2016.


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