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  • Jawad Tahsin Khizer Zulfiqar Kazim Zaidi Zulfiqar Hadi Danish Mustafa Zaidi
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  • With its approximately 60 years of presence, IBA has developed its name as one of the finest business institutes in Pakistan Unfortunately, IBA has not been able to earn the same recognition for its FCS program. This can be due to the fact that the Faculty of Computer Science (FCS) has not been able to market itself properly The focus of this presentation to critically evaluate the current online marketing strategy of IBA
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  • Currently IBA has its presence in almost all social media websites popularly used in Pakistan. Facebook Twitter Youtube LinkedIn We propose that for the time being IBA should have its presence limited to these sites only. But IBA needs to work in the usage of these sites so as to get maximum results.
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  • Very limited members The contents are not regularly updated Very little discussions and polls to keep the members engaged Facebook Ads are not utilized Content is very limited for the current students of IBA only. The Alumni or people outside IBA have no interest in it
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  • Efforts must be done to increase members so that the scope of discussions widen Relevant and interesting content should be posted Discussions should be hosted on relevant topics so that the page becomes a source of knowledge Students should be allowed to discuss their problems relating to IBA Polls and Competitions should be hosted
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  • Tweet are not regular (only 10 tweets since 2009) Very few followers (only 214) No serious efforts done till date to promote IBA through this channel
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  • Efforts should be done to increase the number of followers Tweets should be more regular Information relating to admissions and competitions should be communicated to the public through this channel The student societies should be made to post regular information about their events through this medium Notification of holidays should be made through this
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  • Very few videos (only 13 in specific) Videos are relating to guest speaker sessions and there is an IBA documentary Very few subscribed users Not many interactive tabs No content targeting the college students A lot of interesting IBA videos are scattered throughout youtube but are not posted through the official IBA website
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  • Videos should be posted that are rich in knowledge and which can be a helpful resource to both students and non students. Lectures of basic courses should be filmed and their videos should be posted on youtube as is done by e.g Stanford University Videos of Extracurricular activities held in IBA should also be posted which would help promote the fun side of IBA Interviews of current and Ex IBA students should be posted as they are the best possible brand ambassadors of IBA
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  • Conducting career counseling sessions in school and colleges either by going to those institutions physically or through video conferencing The faculty should be more approachable to non IBA students to answer their question relating to their field of interest Competition relating to computer sciences should be conducted and school and college students should be encouraged to participate in it.
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  • A new society by the name of social media society should be established which would be responsible to represent and promote IBA through social media as students are generally more capable of handling these mediums.
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  • Thank You!