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This is the slide stack for my YouTube video of the same Name. This video can be found at


  • 1.JavaScript Tools and Implementation Charles Russell Bennu Bird Media

2. What do to buy Good News! You need nothing that you don't already have. If own or have access to a computer. Requirement 1 a text editor Requirement 2 a browser 3. Text Editors For Windows NotePad Comes with windows but has very severe limitations Notepad ++ is a much better option Crimson Editor Komodo Edit UltraEdit( Commercial ) 4. Text Editors for Mac Textwrangler Sublime Text (commercial ) TextMate ( now open source) Coda ( Commercial ) BBEdit (Commercial ) 5. Text Editors for Linux Nano Vi/Vim Emacs Gedit Kate Tea 6. Graphical Editors Dreamweaver Bluefish Kompozer Coffecup 7. Integrated Development Environments NetBeans Eclipse Aptana Visual Studio Komodo IDE 8. Devel Tools in your browser Microsoft F12 Developer Tools Chrome Developer Tools Firefox Web Console Firebug (Add on) Opera Dragonfly 9. Cool But How Do I Get This On My Web Page? First our action hero the script tag Embedded Script (questionable) May be place in either the head or body of your HTML Document Commonly seen in the head but page load performance can be improved by placement just before closing the body. 11. What not to do Inline script Please Don't use me Think about using this through out your site, if you decide to make a change you will have to find every instance on every page Please be kind to the next guy and avoid this. 12. Next Variables