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  • JavaScript IVECT 270Robin Burke

  • OutlineDOMJS document model reviewW3C DOM

  • JS Document ModelCollection-baseddocument.formsdocument.imagesdocument.allName-baseddocument.forms[0].total

  • Modifying the documentChanging attributeslike img srclike color rolloverSome parts of the document not so easy to accessespecially textual document contentNot possible to build an HTML document within JS

  • ExampleModifying document contentcolor rolloveradd menu item

  • What we can't doCan't access textual contentCan't build an HTML document

  • W3C DOMDocument Object ModelBased on the DOM for XMLnot (very) HTML-specificMuch more flexiblecan build documentscan access any part of the documentLevels1 Basic standard2 CSS / events

  • HTML

    DOM Example

    DOM Example

    Some text and a link to the lecture. End of page.

  • Internal representation
















  • Access via JS Document

  • ProblemThis is a messnew collections added for every purposesome collections browser-specificW3C solutionmethods for traversal of the treeno special collectionsability to generate collectionsbased on tag namebased on id

  • W3C DOMBasic piecesNodegeneral typeNodeListwherever a collection is neededElementHTML elementsubtype of NodeTexta subtype of Nodecontains only unmarked-up character data

  • Accessing DOM contentsdocument methodsgetElementsByTagNamecollected by tag (img, a, div, etc.)getElementByIdmust be labeled by id, not namenode methodsparentNodechildNodesfirstChildlastChildelement methodsgetAttributesetAttribute

  • Modifying document content factory methods of documentcreateElement (tagName)createTextNodenode modifiersappendChild (node)removeChild (node)insertBefore (newNode, currentNode)replaceChild (newNode, oldNode)

  • Exampleadd menu itemadd textual content

  • StyleWhat if we want to mark missing fields in red?DOM solutionadd a new span node with red colorAnother solutionuse style

  • Manipulating styleWe can manipulate style dynamicallyjust like other element propertiesEach element has an associated style objectsetting the properties of this objectchange the element's displayed styleediting embedded style

  • NoteCSS"-" is style name separatorfont-family: Arial, sans-serifJavaScript"-" is subtraction operatorstyle names use lowerUpper syntaxfont-family becomes = "Arial, sans-serif"Netscapestyle property is missing from "schismatic" Netscape versions (4-5)instead elem.fontFamily = ...

  • Cross-browser solutionStyleAPI fileif (document.layers) isNS = true;if (document.all) isIE = true;function setFontFamily (elem, family){if (isIE) = family; else if (isNS)elem.fontFamily = family;}

  • Examplestext color rolloverchange style of labelif we just want the asterisk redmust insert a span anyway

  • SummaryPlusesAvailable in both NS and IEnot true of JS documentConceptually simplerMore capableMinusesCode is wordierImplementation differences in browsersBrowser features not standardized in NS 4 and 5

  • WednesdayMore Styleespecially positioningspecial effects