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My presentation at JSFoo - JavaScript from business perspective: The success of any technology is in its usecase. Not in its technical merits. Programming languages are no exception to this rule. Thats why Javascript - an unassuming functional programming language has an unrelated name - Java & Script. In reality, the name "Java" & "Script" does not explain what Javascript is. Instead, it explains Javascripts usecases.


<ul><li> 1. JavaScript EverywhereMani DoraisamyCo-founder &amp; Chief Technology OfficerOrangeScape</li></ul> <p> 2. Problem searching solution!Problem: Relevant search Solution: Index the web 3. Solution searching problem! Problem: ? Solution: Real-time collaboration 4. What problem did Javascript solve?Run Anywhere! 5. What problem did Javascript solve?Manipulation! (Scripting) 6. Netscape Enterprise Server ? Not so fast! 7. Javascript trivia What is its original name? How did SUN allow phony name? Why did Microsoft call it JScript? How are variables globally scoped? Object oriented or Functional? 8. An impossible makeover!When all hope was lost! 9. The final verdict! And the death bell! 10. Skillset commoditizationThe next popular market! 11. Revenge of the server-sidenode.JS - Evented I/O 12. Return of the Redmond giant Windows 8 on Javascript 13. Javascript Everywhere - Summary Usecase determines the success of the technology Javascripts usecase was "Java" &amp; "Script" AJAX usecase made it more than a script Mobile made it an all pervasive client-side language node.JS improves on the V8 innovation Microsoft completes the client-side victory with Windows 8</p>