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  • CUSTOMERExtended savings!

    Best valuesave $95! e Modular Mates Super Set

    Includes the Super Oval Set and Rectangular Set, plus a set of two Rocker Scoops.

    $194 value. Save $95! 81941 Pink Punchexclusive!81939 Black 81940 Passion



    d Modular Mates Rectangular Set Includes one each of theRectangular 1, 3 and 4 containers and two Rectangular 2 containers, plus a set of two Rocker Scoops.

    $116 value. Save $47! 81944 Pink Punchexclusive!81942 Black 81943 Passion$69.00

    b Modular Mates Super Oval Set Includes one each of the Super Oval 1, 2, 3,

    4 and 5 containers. $81 value. Save $32! 81938 Pink Punchexclusive! 81936 Black 81937 Passion$49.00

    a Modular Mates Oval Set Includes one Oval 1, two Oval 2s,

    one Oval 3 and one Oval 4 container. $56 value. Save $21! 81935 Pink Punchexclusive!81933 Black 81934 Passion$35.00

    c Modular Mates Square Set Includes two Square 2 containers andone Square 4 container, plus a set of two Rocker Scoops.

    $61 value. Save $26! 81947 Pink Punchexclusive!81945 Black 81946 Passion$35.00

    CustOMeR BONus!Rocker ScoopsEasily scoop flour, rice or sugar from your Modular Mates Sets. Set of two.

    $5 value.

    Included with: Modular Mates Square Set Modular Mates Rectangular Set Modular Mates Super Set.





    Black PassionPink PUncH

    Your choice of seal colors:New, exclusive color!

    Maximize shelf depth with Rectangulars & super ovals.

    OR MORe ON MODulaR Mates


    Save 35%

    Seal the deal with these incredible offers. Mid-December brochure savings of 35% or more on Modular Mates Sets are now available through January 30, 2015. Orders must be submitted by your Consultant by January 30, 2015.

    2015 Tupperware ENG 2015-009-164

    Note: Colors may vary and substitutions may occur.