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    Jan Winberg's 60th Birthday Jan Winberg celebrated his 60th birthday on April 11th, 1983. In the recent past we have had the great privilege of sharing some exciting years of research with him. It is a pleasure for us to write this in honour of a teacher and a friend.

    Jan Winberg received his paediatric training at the Paediatric Clinic of the Karolinska Hospital. In 1959 he presented his dissertation on renal function in urinary tract infection and in

    malformed kidneys. Since then, he has devoted much of his interest and time to children with diseases of the urinary tract, especially children with urinary tract infections. Epidemiological studies resulted in a great number of useful findings which raised questions essential to further basic research on the pathogenesis of UTI. In the early 70s at the Ume~ University Hospital he initiated research in several fields, such as neonatal behaviour in relation to breast feeding habits and neonatal colonization and malformation epidemiology, which resulted in several important studies in this field. Since 1975 he has been head of the Paediatric Clinic of the Karolinska Hospital and Karolinska Institute. A large group of young people of various capacities and inter- ests has gathered around Jan Winberg. This work has concen- trated on the pathogenesis of pyelonephritis and has resulted in a number of publications focusing on the importance of bacterial adhesion in urinary tract infections, with special reference to P- fimbriated Escherichia coti and their receptors. It was at an early stage that Jan Winberg realised the need for international contacts and communication in science. He was a founder of the European Society for Paediatric Nephrology and is also councellor of the International Paediatric Nephrology Association. By offering his help and advice he has also made a valuable contribution to the development of INFECTION from its founding. All of Jan Winberg's research is based on keen clinical observa- tions. His heart has always been with his patients, and he is one of the few remaining paediatricians who unite broad clinical knowledge with scientific merits of highest international stan- dards. We wish him every success in the continuation of his work for many years to come.

    Gunilta Kiiltenius, Stefan B. Svenson


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