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Jan Stoop Portfolio 2008


  • 1. JSArt direction & designJS JANSTOOP

2. JS Etihad Inight Magazine 3. JS Etihad Inight Magazine 4. Harpers Bazaar Magazine JS WHATS HOT NOW CoolXXXX clutch,DhsXXX,LadyLuckIF Boutique FASHION QUEEN Collaboration She was free! said Karl Lagerfeld ofCoco Chanel. She wasnt married, IT girls Paris and Nicoleshe was not the victim of family life, Hot love Linda Farrow Vintage husband, children; she could dosunglasses, available at Villa what she wanted. Now a film scripthas been written for French actressModa from Dhs1100. The Audrey Tautou, who bears an hot eyewear brand is also uncanny likeness to the designer. SetNeed a little extrarenowned for collaboratingT Silverrend: to start filming in 2008, it should be aluck? Take a tip fromfashion lovers dream, and with twowith designers like Christopher Kate Moss and Sarah other films about Madame Chanel inJessica Parker who have fallenKane and Heatherette. Thethe works, Coco is the muse du jour.for the quirky charm of Carolina latest? Stylish fashion retailerThis season, theBuccis jewellery. The new Reiss has just joined the packcatwalks have taken collection, inspired by luckyand launched a 60s stylemotifs such as hearts anda metallic turn withpeace symbols, has just landed range, instore now. Pricessilver leading theBracelets, fromat S*uce, from Dhs1,130. Pierre Hardy shoes,start at DhsXXX.pack. Use theseDhs1,130, Carolina DhsXXX, Villa Moda Bucci at S*uce F astaststylish silver access-Fories to update yourCLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: ITP IMAGES, COURTESY CAROLINA BUCCI, GALLO IMAGES/GETTY IMAGES (2), ITP IMAGES, GOFFPHOTOS.COM, GALLO IMAGES/GETTY IMAGES, COURTESY ROGER VIVIERspring look. The GabrielleCocoChanel Audrey Tautou Stars in the spotlight, plus new fashion Pink bag, 1DhsXXX,designers and destinations to covetVilla ModaClutch bags,from Dhs3,090,Roger VivierBeachBabe 2 Hot Instore Pistol Panties designer Deborah NowFleming packed 35 bikinis for her honeymoon. Youll love her latestcollection, filled with quirky printsT Pink Trend:rend:Bikini, Dhs900, FROM TOP: FIRST VIEW, XXXX. STILL LIFE: EFRAIM EVIDOR. WORDS: GEORGIE MCCOURTand strong, summery colours.Pistol PantiesIn New York,Her look-good-in-a-bikini secret?theres oneThis season, the catwalks have taken a Be confident and smile!name on everymetallic turn with pink leading the pack.fashionistas lips:Use these stylish pink accessories toEva Green ClutchControlDoo Ri Chung.update your spring look. and JohnAnd luckily,Galliano 3 TF op rocksGinger and Lace Iowner and buyerUma f youre heading over to London thisThurmanSahar Mekkawisummer, be sure to pop into Roger VivierscarryingFOR GREAT Allwill be stocking thisa RogerBASICS GET TO THEnew Sloane Street boutique. The shoe Vivier French actress Eva Green, also known as Of TheNEWLY OPENEDhot new label. Shes maestro now designs elegant evening bags clutch the thinking mans Bond girl, is about toGAP IN ABU DHABIS Evaa major Japanese XXXX Pinkto match, featuring sequins, stars and tassels. bewitch us as the face of Midnight Poison, MARINA MALL Aboutnecklace, DhsXXX, Diors fth version of their blockbusterdesigner famous, The bags, which start at Dhs3,090, havescent, launching in September. IF Boutique 1 Issa London, DhsXXX, Harvey Nicholssays Mekkawi. Shesalready sizzled on the red carpet, with fansAnnouncing the new campaign in Paris 2 DVF, from DhsXXX, Harvey Nicholsset to be the next Philliplast month, John Galliano said, I hopelike Uma Thurman snapping them up.you fall under the same spell I did. 3 Yeojin Bae, DhsXXX, Ginger & LaceLim. Watch this space. Contact the boutique on +44 (0)20 7245 8270. 19 5. JS Etihad Inight Magazine 6. Absolute Magazine JSMOTORING - SUPERCARSMOTORING - SUPERCARSALFA 159ITALIAN STALLIONMy love affair with the Alfa brand began as a young boy. Waiting for my mother to pick me up from school, I would beexcited to be going home. Not because I disliked school, it was just that I really loved being driven in her Alfa 1750 GT.This dark blue, leather upholstered, wooden steering wheeled beauty had all the attributes that make the Alfa brandBy Adrian McCaw famous, and desirable. The car is still regarded as a classic and holds appeal to this day. Not surprising considering that only 44,276of the vehicles were produced, with the last one rolling off the line in 1972. Looking at the power output of 88kw and a 0-100km/hOWNING AN ALFA SHOULD BE MADE A RIGHT OF PASSAGE FOR EVERY MAN. sprint of 9.3 seconds, it still holds its own against some of the modern day boy-racers.79 78 absolute l Cape Townabsolute l Cape Town 7. Absolute Magazine JS FASHION - -LOCAL FASHION INTERNATIONALLOCALINTERNATIONALNAUTICATO CELEBRATE THE SUMMER AND TO ELABORATE ON OUR WATER THEMED ISSUE, ABSOLUTE TEAMED UP WITH PRINCESS YACHTS AND KLUK CGDT TO SHOW YOU HOW TO BE TREATED LIKE ROYALTY. THE SLINKY, SILKY DESIGNS BY KLUK CGDT ARE PERFECT FOR SUMMER LOUNGING, AS IS THE PRINCESS 57 FROM WATERWORLD. BOTH BRANDS EXUDE CONFIDENCE AND STYLE, MAKING USE OF CLEAN FLOWINGLINES TO STATE THEIR POINT.ITS SUMMER ITS WATER ITS NAUTICA absolute l cape town 23 22 absolute l cape town 8. MCapeECT Magazine JS HOT PROPERTY HOT PROPERTYMETRO-SEXY!WORDS: LAUREN SHANTALL PHOTOGRAPHY: XM E T R O P O L I TA N M O V E R S A N D S H A K E R S H AV E S E T U PRESIDENCE IN THE DOCKLANDS SEXIEST NEW ADDRESS etropolis. The word brings to mind achingly tall buildings, Gothic cityscapes and the optimism that has fuelled urban skylines the world over. It recalls the heyday of the Modern Movement, the 1920s and 30s, when skyscrapers were still those wondrous creations that our culture had never witnessed before, and Man was newly possessed of an unmitigated faith in the cities to which these dazzling towers lent their height. Metropolis puts you in mind of Fritz Langs 1927 classic film of the same name, where the action takes place in a mythical city of elegant skyscrapers. Think steel, sheet glass, concrete and modern times...www.capeetc.comwww.capeetc.com 0302 9. Absolute Magazine JSFASHION - LOCAL ETALE FA IALSPEC TOITSELF. DS FATALEMM LENTHATME .HING E TOWN TE FEMCLOT ON TH E ULTIMA FE GANT HTTH R, ELE OD NIG LESTE, N FO D A GO S CEKNOW S AN DRESSE WELL EVENT AS HED ISLEAS RE STYHIS THOM ATE CELBR WE 20 absolute l Cape Town21 absolute l Cape Town 10. JS Etihad Inight Magazine 11. JS Innov8 Solutions: Corporate ID and Website innov8 solutions innov8 solutions LEASING | INT innov8 solutions LEASING | INTERIOR DESIGN | PROJECT MANAGEMENT 12. Stolichnaya Magazine Dps Ad Magazine JS 13. Best Life Magazine JS 14. Visi Magazine JS DESIGNOMITE A Touch of Design 100% NEWKitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms In search of what turns every day items into cutting edge masterpieces, we discovered that the smallest designs create the biggest of bangs!MIND BLOWINGMAGAZINESGold went to Daddy Buy Me a Pony for Afro II Maga-zine for Spier. Creative genius Peet pienaar outdonehimself this time, with the second issue of his awardwinning publication Afro magazine. Liberally interpreted, Afro is a magazine. Eschew-ing the strict linear chronology of a bound magazineformat, Afro consists of a series of loose inserts,ranging from A3-sized printed sheets to a beer mat-sized collection of African football club logos. Foldedand neatly held together by elastic, the magazinearrives sized not much larger than a standard Post-itnote stack . . Afro has emerged at a time when alternativepublications are slowly inltrating the South Africanmarketplace. Unlike the rather lacklustre designsof its competitors, Afro arrived fully dressed for theoccasion. While its ornate visual language is entirelypeculiar to Pienaar, his project nonetheless managesto evoke something of the graphic naivety of theUni quely Your scontinent that inspired his vision.EXPLOSIVEINTERIORSWORDS BY TIM JHON HILL In 1999 Neil Roaks creative head of ModernMuseum, opened a unique clothing, lifestyle andhomeware outlet, The Space, in Johannesburg.After banging heads together with Amanda Laird-Cherry and Colleen Eitzen, both from the nationallyrenowned and respected Durban Design Emporium,and Greg Roche of Egg Design, Neil was able tospread his wings and open outlets in Durban, and THE PROPERTYmost recently The Mother City. The store steers away from the norm and offers asomewhat unusual and interesting mix of clothingBIG BANGand accessories as well as goodies for the homesuch as hand pained cushions, funky ornaments anda very interesting concept of a magazine shaped likea box nothing one would usually nd in just anyhigh street department store! The bulk of items areComplimenting Mark Kenyon of the developersdesigned by budding South African designers whoS J Properties and his design team headed by Gappare now given the opportunity to barter their wares in Architects, the same group which was responsibleintimate and exclusive retail environments in three of for the Arabella Sheraton, Ms Collins said that notthe countrys most popular shopping malls. only was The Waterkant superbly situated, offering To See Some of Our Recent Commissions & Understand How We Work views and convenient access to the Citys trendiestTHE SPACE:Visit our Cape Town Showroom@ 39 buitengraght street, Cape Town precinct, it also incorporated a wonderful balanceDurban Gateway of up