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Visions for a Food4Future KIC from a European Foodbest Perspecive Jan Maat, International Coördinator

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Jan Maat is explaining how the European Foodbest consortium works and reacted to the outcome of the European Trilogue Negotiations in June 2013, in which a Food4Future KIC call was decided to be launched in 2016.


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Visions for a Food4Future KIC from a European FoodbestPerspecive

Jan Maat, International Coördinator

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1. Trigger a KIC call within Food

2. To develop a winning proposalfor a Food4Future KIC

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Societal challenges vsindustrial opportunities

Food production


Global warming

Wasteful inefficient

Environmental degrading

Efficient, environmental neutral, waste free in production, distribution & consumption

Population that is ageing, overweight & undernourished

Healthy food that helps to defeat malnutrition and obesity

Fossil fuel dependence, climate change & security issues

Population growth 2010: 7 billion 2050: 9 billion

Renewable energy solutions to replace oil & gas supplies

Reduction green house gas




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Food4Future Call

To address:• Global challenges• Consumers demand for affordable, diversified, high

quality and convenient food products; • Issues re food safety, environmental protection & ethical

considerations (fair trade, animal welfare)

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Food4Future Call

Focus on• Efficient and effective food supply chain with improved

sustainablity and traceability• Mobilising investment and long-term commitment from

business sector; new & innovative technologies; potential new business models and market strategies

• Overcoming high level of fragmention and blend criticalmass in R&I, education and training

• Addressing shortage of skills and human resources• New educated entrepreneurial people

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Impact of a Food4Future KIC

• Economic impact• Game changing impact• Societal impact

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Game changing impact

• the development of open innovation systems

• new business models for the food industry

• clear knowledge-based innovation focus at all levels

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Foodbest bid for a KIC - state of art

• 6 regions• Governance structure in

place• Industry involved and

setting the agenda• Political backup in

participating countries

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Working groups

Content Entrepreneurship

Business models Strategic       Communication

Education Legal framework

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WG Education

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WG Entrepreneurship

1. To map regional innovation infrastructures supporting entrepreneurial activity in the food domain.

2. To evaluate best practice and create a roadmap for the evolvement of a 1-stop-entry in each CLC for entrepreneurs in food.

3. To create a roadmap for activation of funds for new business development (e.g. venture capital, commercial banks, etc.) into the food domain

+4. To foster entrepreneurial education (with emphasis

on the food domain)

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keep momentum scenario with the strategically important areas - 1

• To get the industry relationship right, with deeper involvement Industry Forum

• Development of criteria for excellence

• Develop relations with third parties

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Innovation partnerships• “Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability”• “Active and healthy ageing”

Research•“Healthy food for a healthy living”•“Agriculture, Food security and Climate change”Innovation and

entrepreneurship• Competencies (people)• Capacities (infrastructures)

KICFood4Future PPP


Other KICs

Page 16: Jan Maat: Foodbest Copenhagen

keep momentum scenario with the strategically important areas -2

• Continued development of the regional CLCs and other relations including possible start of KIC relevant pilot projects

• Work on inclusion of CEEC and further develop the option of RICs

• Critical evaluation of current consortium

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