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  • February 21, 2013

    Jamestown-Yorktown FoundationC R E AT I V E S E RV I C ES LO G O D ES I G N S




    RFP# 13-425-021


  • Executive Summary ......................................................2

    Our Understanding ........................................................2

    Who We Are ..................................................................3

    History ...........................................................................3

    Your Team .....................................................................4

    Our Approach ...............................................................5

    Samples ........................................................................7

    Schedule .......................................................................9

    Appendix (Pricing and Attachments I & II) ..................... 10

    Table of Contents

    The contents of this proposal are confidential and solely for review by authorized personnel of Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation in this proposal process. We request that this document and the information contained herein be safeguarded from any reproduction, distribution, or other form of release without the express permission of HUE Communications except as needed to facilitate the proposal process.

    Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundations

    request for creative design services for the American Revolution Museum at

    Yorktown (ARMY) and Jamestown Settlement (JS). HUE Communications is well

    suited to partner with you on this initiative, having a great deal of creative, branding

    and marketing experience with a wide range of organizations, many of which are

    similar in size and scope to the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation. You will find we

    are committed to partnering to achieve the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundations

    mission and branding goals.

    HUE Communications hopes that this logo design project and associated branding

    discussions can be the start of a successful and long-term relationship.

    Thank You


  • Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation CREATIVE SERVICES LOGO DESIGNS 2

    Executive SummaryThe Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation is set to create and execute new graphic names and logos for ARMY and JS that uniquely set them apart, yet work cohesively together across mediums, to effectively and efficiently reflect the identities of each establishment. These logos should be encompassing and flexible enough to use as an anchor across a variety of external and internal audiences and stakeholders.

    This proposal will further introduce you to HUE Communications and show you why we can successfully help you reach your goals in a timely and cost effective manner.

    We describe the process that we would undertake, a multi-tiered approach that encompasses brief initial research, planning and implementation. This process helps define and organize key messages, determining the appropriate branding strategy and tactics necessary to successfully execute a cohesive, impactful set of branded graphic names and logos for ARMY and JS.

    We have also include samples of our work, references, a high

    level timeline and pricing, per the RFPs requirements.

    Our UnderstandingWe understand that Jamestown-Yorktown Foundations current mission is to foster through its living-history museums Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center an awareness and understanding of the early history, settlement, and development of the United States through the convergence of Native American, European, and African cultures and the enduring legacies bequeathed to the nation.

    Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center (YVC to be replaced by the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown) brings to life these foundational eras in American history for individuals and families of all ages, providing an enriching, fun and inspiring learning experience that leaves lasting impressions and a deep understanding of our nations history that can only be fulfilled through a visit to these living history museums. With various types of presentations and hands on interactivity, these two museums effectively speak to all kinds of learners whether visual learners, experiential learners, auditory learners etc, all while having fun. These environments bring to life and integrate what a textbook, documentary, etc. could never provide standing alone. To summarize each establishments eras of focus:

    Jamestown Settlement interprets the cultures of 17th-century colonial Jamestown, Americas first permanent English settlement, and the Powhatan Indians. Yorktown Victory Center (to be replaced by the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown in late 2016)

    Yorktown Victory Center interprets the impact of the American Revolution on the people of America and the development of the new nation.

    These two sights are significant not simply because they are the first permanent English settlement in the New World and the birthplace of America as an independent country. Their significance holds a much deeper meaning for Americans. They represent the embodiment of the Decleration of Independence. A promise that within our shores all men are created equal.

    In bringing all of this to life with support from a branding and design perspective, HUE fully understands and accepts the task outlined in the RFP. We understand the true importance of the initiative to design the graphical identity and logos of ARMY and JS, as they will be included in the first and ongoing touch points, rooted in and representative of the mission and all that these museums strive to achieve, as discussed above.

    More specifically, HUE understands the following project requirements in full:

    Design RequirementsFour designs for logos and name fonts per site for ARMY and JS (designs shall be used cross a variety of applications, such as print, web, merchandise, uniforms, signage, stationery etc.)







    Uniquecolorschemesforeachsite,yetabletopresentbothin one or two complementary colors

    Graphicsanddesignsaretobetrademarkable(avoidingnational flags)

    Additional Requirements Onlinebasedresearchelementtotestmultipledesignswith

    target consumers


    schedule on page 7)

  • Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation CREATIVE SERVICES LOGO DESIGNS 3

    Who We AreHUE Communications is a minority, woman-owned marketing, communications and design agency with clients ranging from Fortune 500 firms, to governments and small to medium local businesses looking to expand their market share or encourage their audiences to take actionHUE Communications stands ready to create effective campaigns to communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time.

    Whether youre facing an internal change management challenge, looking to motivate stakeholders, or preparing for your next marketing initiative, HUE provides all the expert, individual, start-to- finish service and creative focus you need to produce meaningful and functional designs.

    From initial concept to completed project, we infuse every job with experience, innovation and professionalism. We work closely with our clients to analyze their needs, identify their position in the marketplace, define their objectives and create powerful visual communications within their budget. Our philosophy is responsiveness and consistency, so our clients know they can rely on us. We do this by developing our partnership deliberately, over time and with the clients best interests in mind.

    The principal designer assigned to an assignment also handles project management. This gives our clients direct access to the designer, without the need for interpretation by a middle man.

    Marketing,StakeholderandEmployeeCommunicationsstrategies and research


    Graphicsupportservicestofunctionasanextensionofyour in-house design department and/or marketing and communications teams



    email campaigns

    website development

    social media

    HistoryThe company was founded as HUE Communications, LLC in 2006 by Christy Parrish and James Wagoner, two vibrant and talented designers who are also bright entrepreneurs.

    The impetus for HUE Communications came from several of Christys high profile network relationships who were dissatisfied with the quality of design provided by their existing vendors. With the wonderful support and encouragement of a few loyal clients, Christy ventured out, on her own, to offer high caliber design services. Clients remained faithful and brought their design business to HUE.

    In fact, when Parrish started in August of 2006 she brought with her several major new clients, including PricewaterhouseCoopers. HUE Communications became a graphic design agency producing powerful visual communications in various media for an impressive clientele, including fortune 500 firms, major national trade associations and local corporations.

    During the past seven years we have been able to flourish, working with our existing clients as well as creating new and exciting relationships. We believe that due to our specialized approach and knowledge of so many facets of communications, we will be able to market and grow successfully into the future.

  • Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation CREATIVE SERVICES LOGO DESIGNS 4

    Your TeamHUE Communications is comprised of many talented graphic designers, communicators and writers. We have provided information on the owners and Marketing Director that will be your day-to-day contacts as well as the project managers for our project work with the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation. We understand that successful performance depends on our continued ability to reach a common understanding of the work to be performed, to develop mutually acceptable levels of performance, and to communicate openly throughout the life of this project.

    Christy ParrishPrincipal Designer/Partner Project Manager

    Christy is an exceptional graphic designer who gets exceptional results. She combines design communication with ambitious visual standards. Her design is smart, functional and savvy. Christy has applied her creative ingenuity to a diverse range of high-profile clients from the Ritz Carlton to the DC Heritage tourism coalition, and from Lorton Community Action Center to the brokerage firm of Cushman and Wakefield, LLC.

    Christys other design credits include AonHewitt, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Lockheed Martin, National EducationAssociation,GeorgeMasonUniversity,MarriottInternational, Mars, Inc., MedStar Health, Pinnacle Foods, Pepco, Sunrise Senior Living, National Air Traffic Controllers, Towers Watson, Sodexo, Johns Hopkins and UPS.

    Christy has extensive experience in creating brand identity as well as designing brochures, ads, posters, annual reports, direct mail, collateral, promotional and multi-media materials. At HUE Communications she supervises all creative materials from concept to production. Christy earned a BFA from the Corcoran School of Art and Design and currently pursuing hergraduatedegreeinArtsManagementatGeorgeMasonUniversity.

    James WagonerPrincipal Designer/Partner

    James is a graphic and conceptual designer, as well as a fine artist, illustrator and

    photographer. He has nine years of professional experience following his studies in design at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana. His work is conceptually minded yet minimalist in execution.

    James is focused on designing with the goal of achieving results for the client, rather than designing for the sake of design. He is also adept at designing within a given brands guidelines. James works on both MAC and PC platforms at a fast pace under tight deadlines, but without compromising detail and design quality.

    James has applied his talents to a diverse range of print media including books, flyers, annual reports, posters, direct mail, print ads and bind-in ads, with extensive expertise in pre-press, offset press and large format. He has designed print and collateral material for a number of high-profile clients, including AonHewitt, DCWater, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Primatics Financial, Sunrise Senior Living, Marriott International, Mars, Inc., Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, Towers Watson,GoldsGym,JubileeHousingAlliance,WashingtonLawyersCommittee,andtheCarlyleGroup.

    Cara SchreiberMarketing Director

    Cara has a B.S. in Marketing, Pennsylvania State University and an M.S. in Integrated

    Marketing Communications, West Virginia University. Cara has a marketing background with an emphasis on media strategy, creative strategy, branding and project management. She has vast experience strategically planning and executing multi-channel, integrated marketing campaigns for fortune 200 as well as mid- size companies on the client side, including Capital One, Sunrise Senior Living and Yves Rocher. Additionally, Cara has been an adjunct marketing instructor at Marymount University since 2008.

    Caras experience also spans the agency side, as an account manager and direct marketing media buyer for clients such as Campbells Soup, American Express, Bayer Aspirin and Colgate Palmolive. Her professional strengths and interests include branding, creative testing, market research and web marketing, including social media. Caras marketing philosophy is results focused, creative and customer-centric.

  • Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation CREATIVE SERVICES LOGO DESIGNS 5

    PlanningAfter our in-depth research meeting, we will move into the planning phase. At this point we will develop a written plan including the following information:

    DEVELOP KEY MESSAGES We will work with you to refine and finalize key messages to convey through the ARMY and JS logos. The key messages should resonate with all target audiences.

    CONFIRM DETAILED SCHEDULE We will determine a detailed schedule for the project.

    DEVELOP A FIRM BUDGETWe will finalize the budget for the plan that is presented here and conduct scheduled budget check-ins.

    DEVELOP MILESTONESWe will develop set goals with the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation. These milestones will be evaluated on specific initiatives as well as in periodic reviews.

    ASSIGN RESPONSIBILITIES Based on budget and capabilities, we will work with the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation team to determine responsibilities and begin implementation.

    ImplementationDuring the implementation phase the actual logo designs are brought to life the branded look and feel is determined and created, and appropriate design concepts are developed and distributed, per the specifications outlined in the RFP.

    Our ApproachWe have mapped our approach for you on the pages that follow. It is our hope it will give you a clear understanding of our willingness to go above and beyond to win and successfully complete the desi...


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