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  • Jake GarzianoPeriod 3

  • http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos005.htm#outlookhttp://www.constructionjobs.com/careercenter_content/projectmanagementinterview.cfmhttp://www.nycareerzone.org/cz/profile.jsp?onetsoc=47-2061.00&base=search.jsp&qs=query%3Dconstrution%20manager

  • I plan construction projectsI direct and coordinate building projectsI make a budget for building projectsI need to chose the right resources for the projects

  • bachelor's degree in construction scienceYears of experienceOptional masters degree Clemson university

  • Building equipment contractors $81,590$ a yearNonresidential building construction 79,9504$ a yearstructure, and building exterior contractors 76,880$ a yearResidential building construction 74,770$ a year

  • How do you manage supplies? Do you have any experience?Are you a leader? What tools do you for your projects?What projects have you done lately?

  • prepare construction sitesRead instructions for plansTo control traffic In areaClean up tools and areaSignal equipment operatorsidentify building materialsEquipment Selection Speaking Instructing

  • You work in a main office or out at the construction siteI work out and indoorsI work with people Sometimes I could work over seas.

  • I played basketball,lacrosse,football and I used to play baseballI won the physical excellence award I did intramurals in elementary school

  • I learned that my job is very hard but you could make a good livinghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ED043ZSq7k