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  • 1. A Store of Vintage Style Clothing www.jackoflondon.co.uk

2. About Us Jack of London is a family run business with a warm social atmosphere that filters through to our customers. We have over 25 years experience in the clothing retail trade, so we know what is required to provide a great service. Jack of London takes pride in sourcing garments and accessories that contributes to making our customs feel special and unique. More importantly the Jack of London staff aim to build a rapport where possible with all our customers. Our goal is to provide a first class service and try to build a long- term relationship with our customers.. 3. Our Brands Hell Bunny H & R London Voodoo Vixen Spin Doctor 4. Hell Bunny Dresses - Wanda Dress - www.jackoflondon.co.uk 5. Hell Bunny Dresses - Rock Dress - London Red Tartan - www.jackoflondon.co.uk 6. Hell Bunny Dresses - Rock Dress - Dublin - www.jackoflondon.co.uk 7. Hell Bunny Dresses - Alexander Dress - www.jackoflondon.co.uk 8. Hell Bunny Dresses - Marlene Dress - www.jackoflondon.co.uk 9. Hell Bunny Dresses - Presley Dress - www.jackoflondon.co.uk 10. Hell Bunny Dresses - Bebop Dress - www.jackoflondon.co.uk 11. Hell Bunny Dresses - Georgia Dress - www.jackoflondon.co.uk 12. Hell Bunny Dresses - Cancun Dress - www.jackoflondon.co.uk 13. Hell Bunny Dresses - Motley Mini Dress - www.jackoflondon.co.uk 14. Hell Bunny Dresses - Mindkilla Dress - www.jackoflondon.co.uk 15. Hell Bunny Dresses - Mariam Dress - www.jackoflondon.co.uk 16. Hell Bunny Dresses - Tigerlilli Dress - www.jackoflondon.co.uk 17. Hell Bunny Dresses - Ezmerelda Dress - www.jackoflondon.co.uk 18. Hell bunny Dresses - Little Boo Dress - www.jackoflondon.co.uk 19. Contact Us If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our contact details are as below-: Contact Us : Jack of London 24 Queens street Gravesend, Kent London, United Kingdom Email : info@jackoflondon.com Phone : +44 (0) 7949-247781