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My portofilio up to 2011


<ul><li><p>JackLOND</p><p>ONJACK </p><p>LONDON | </p><p> GRAPHIC D</p><p>ESIGNER </p><p>PDF PORTF</p><p>OLIO</p></li><li><p>About ME</p><p>Hello! Hope youre alright. So this is my cv/portfolio, i hope Hello! Hope youre alright. So this is my cv/portfolio, i hope you like it as much is I've like doing it. About me, i like to think I'm a really nice person; friendly, loyal, reliable. I love people, I'm a real peoples person! I'm one of those kinds of people that you can count on, if my mate calls me up stuck in the middle of Seven Sister road because his card has broke down, he will know I'll be straight over to help. My life will know I'll be straight over to help. My life revolves around design really, my friends find it quite annoying. If i see a poster on the tube i don't look at what it says, i look at the layout, the font, the colours. Today i even starred at the curvature of the ceiling of the dlr trains for about 20 minutes admiring the design. I love dogs? My baby girl Tigan was recently put down due to old age which Tigan was recently put down due to old age which killed me for a couple months! She was a greyhound/labrador and i swear she was half human too. You could tell what she was thinking just looking at her facial expressions! I miss her a lot. In my spare time i like taking photos, LOVE taking photos actually. And my bike, I'm one of those bike obsessed fixe people. I spend probably half the money i earn on it! Music, I'm a real music person, I'm into music with meaning. All this shawty in the club crap really pisses me off. It seems to make a number 1 single now you just have to sing about a girl, a club, and love.. stick a stupid high pitched girl, a club, and love.. stick a stupid high pitched jingle in the back and make a video featuring hot girls, bright lights and sunglasses. And i don't like it because the real musicians are going upaid. So, Bon Iver is my favorite musician, to answer that question in short. I would like to write more but if this paragraph doesn't end on the same line as the adjacent one it wont look good!</p><p>Jack LondonCV</p></li><li><p>MERCURY RECYCLINGWork: A4S A Square A4 leaflet for digital print</p></li><li><p>LESLY CAUSLEYWork: Design for printA high profile event invitation for print andthermography</p></li><li><p>SPLASHWork: Website DesignWebsite for Splash Gardening Services, a London based gardening company. This was just a simple 3page quick one.</p><p>www.splash-services..co.uk</p></li><li><p>FROM LEFT TO RIGHTSplash: London gardening serviceRS: An adventure holiday company</p></li><li><p>EDGWARE ACADEMYFROM LEFT TO RIGHT</p><p>Social Program: A3 Poster for print &amp; Online PDFCourwse Poster: A3 Poster for print Mini Groups: A5 flyer for print &amp; Online PDF</p></li><li><p>GRAHAMS CARPETSWork: Website DesignWebsite for Grahams Carpets, a Covent Garden based Carpet shop. They have supply all the carpets for the royalpalaces and government houses. They recently did the 100m red carpet for the Royal Wedding so really excited to work with them!with them!</p><p>www.grahamscarpetsltd.co.uk</p></li><li><p>PLAYSTATIONWork: LogoA logo for a playstation marketing eventheld in London</p><p>uk.playstation.com</p></li><li><p>SINNINWork: Logo &amp; Visual CommunicationVisual Communication and branding for SINNIN, a creative company</p></li><li><p>SPLASHWork: BrandingLogo and application use, visual communication, website,flyers &amp; printed material</p><p>www.splash-services.co.uk</p></li><li><p>GILBERTsWork: BrandingLogo and application use, visual communication, wallart, print design, website &amp; interior art. Still undergoing production.</p></li><li><p>EDGWARE ACADEMYWork: A4 Tri-fold Leaflets2 out of a serie of 5 Tri fold leaflets, each givinginformation on a type of course. Here i hadto design the leaflets for digital print</p><p>www.edgwareacademy.co.uk</p></li><li><p>EDGWARE ACADEMYWork: IllustrationAn A4 illustrated poster</p><p>www.edgwareacademy.co.uk</p></li><li><p>STOKED PRWork: Website DesignStoked PR is a promotions company who work with some massive names so i was felt really privilegedfor them to come to me.Here i re-designed their existing website, they wanted something more clean and smooth looking. I focused something more clean and smooth looking. I focused mainly on the usability of the site and stripped it downto the bone. They went crazy for the new design and its one ofmy favorite designs i have done</p><p>www.stokedpr.com</p></li><li><p>EDGWARE ACADEMYWork: HTML NewsletterA HTML Newsletter template layout, optimised foremail sending and easy editing</p><p>www.edgwareacademy.co.uk</p></li><li><p>EDGWARE ACADEMYWork: Booklet28 Page A4 Booklet for print &amp; in pdf format optimized for internet.</p><p>www.edgwareacademy.co.uk</p></li><li><p>EDGWARE ACADEMYMap Design: A0 Size map set up for large format print and to print on brochures</p></li></ul>