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What happened to Nobody?

Jack Frost was taken with the sleer. The sleer took Jack Frost into the wall and that is where his will be. The sleer plan to maintain Jack Frost in the wall because that is how they know how to protect their new master. The want to protect their new master so they feel that him dying is no way to protect him. They hold him within their coils so that they can constantly make sure that he is safe. When Jack Frost tries to escape the sleer repeat that he is there master and the sleer guard their master. The sleer never kill Jack Frost but as time passes and he has no food and water Jack Frost dies and the sleer hold onto his body still repeating that the sleer guard there master.BWhat happened to Nobody Owens?He could no longer see the boy or the tomb. He was in an empty black space with no one to keep him company, no one except the voices in his head. He remained in darkness until he could take it no longer. Jack then knew who his final kill would be. On the darkest nights in the graveyard, a solemn shadow creeps over the tomb. He has no voice, only voices in his head.

AWhat happened to Nobody Owens?When the Jack came to the woman for a child he thought he should raise the child so he can become a Jack of all trades. The woman showed him boys that were strong and handsome but the Jack knew that they did not fit the description of a Jack of all trades. When he saw young Ketch he knew instantly that the boy Ketch would become a Jack of all trades. When he told the woman that Ketch would be the one that he would take the woman was surprised but didnt care because she was getting money and that was all that mattered to her. When the Jack though of where to put the boy Ketch, Jack decided he would put him in the same school where Mr. Dandy son went but he had to make sure that there was no instance where the two boys would cross. Out of convince the boy Ketch went to a private school and was never told that he had a family or that he would become part of an order that only a few select knew existed. During the holidays all the other children would go home to there families but not the boy Ketch who had no family. During the holiday while at school the boy Ketch was out when he noticed a secret meeting going on inside the school.

BHe was born Stanley Ketch before he came a member of the order. He had been a member of the Jack of all trades longer than he cared to admit. His prior life before his induction was a distant memory. His parents came to mind occasionally as distance shadows of his past. While in college he had been recruited by the brotherhood with the promise to help rid the world of evil. He didnt realize that the deeds he would do were unforgiveable the night he signed up. Never again would he go by the name Stanley. Never again would he be the man he once was. AWhat happened when he got to the graveyard?Mr. and Mrs. Ketch had a lot of children and they were extremely poor. They knew that they would not be able to survive. Mrs. Ketch knew of a lady that bought children from exchange of money. Mrs. Ketch without consulting her husband took their youngest son to this lady because of there horrible situation. When the woman who bought children saw the small boy she knew that there was something different about him. He didnt cry like all the other children she had and he didnt like to play with the other children. One day a Jack of all trades came to the woman because his job was find new recruits. When the Jack came to the woman for a child he thought he should raise the child so he can become a Jack of all trades. BThe Jack of all trades were unaware that the boy Ketch was spying on them and that he had heard all about the crimes that were being committed and then concealed. While spying on them one of the Jacks noticed the boy Ketch and took him into the meeting and told the others what he was doing. Some of the Jacks said that it would be best to kill the boy because he knew to much information. But the Jack that had gotten the boy etch form the woman said that he had been guiding him so one day he would be n the order. The other Jacks said but he knows too much information, Mr. Dandy than said to the Jacks that they boy would stay alive and he said to the man Jack who had gotten the boy Ketch that it was his responsibility to teach him of the order and to train him accordingly and that way and only hat way would the boy be able to stay alive. That day the boy Ketch was part of the order that would determine that rest of his life.

BWhat happened when he got to the graveyard?Jack Ketch came into this world to loving parents. He grew up in a stable home until the age of 7 when his world was turned upside down. His mother died in labor along with the new baby. Jack was devastated. From this point on his father was never the same. He was sent to a boarding school overseas. Jack was withdrawn from his peers for his first few years there. Eventually he met a friend who had been through similar hardships as Jack. Together they forged through the joys and difficulties that school had to offer them. One day they were approached by a man with dark greasy hair. He told them of a new club starting at the school and he wanted them as co-presidents. The boys were thrilled with the chance to be a part of something. They had always been outcast and jumped at the opportunity.

cNow this was no ordinary club, they were required to swear an oath to protect their fellow members. A year after Jack and his friend joined they learned some exciting news. The club would join in a quest to defeat a dangerous foe. All were ecstatic to prove their diligence and dedication by completing the task, but only one was chosen to do it it was not Jack Ketch. Devastated by the defeat Jack and his friend wanted to get out of the order. They soon found out this was impossible. Scared, and desperate Jack and his friend were plotting their escape. On the night they were planning to escape Jacks friend mysteriously disappeared without a trace.cWhat happened when he got to the graveyard?Dandy, Tar, Nimble

They had seen too muchThe Protg, the Orphan, the Last OneA Peculiar GroupBruce Tar and Henry Nimble had been living on the streets for the past 6 months. Before that they were foster children in a home together. Their foster mother had died and her husband had become abusive. The scars on their backside were an indication of this. As Mr. Dandy approached the two, Henrys natural instinct was to run, but Bruce held him in place because he was frozen in fear. The two young orphans were wowed by the charming Dandy. His promises of wealth, power and shelter were enough to convince the boys to join in his ranks. Mr. Dandy looked at them as apprentices. How fun it would be for him to mold these young minds into his little soldiers. Surely he would train them properly for the war that lay ahead. Bruce and Henry were gone for good. All that remained was Jack.Over the years, the boys grew into men. Tar worked as a body guard for Dandy, while Nimble worked in his political campaigns. Dandy had been in office for over a decade, making sure the Jacks were able to get away with murder. The rumors of the Jacks disappearances made Dandy even more determined to create laws to harm those who would hurt him. After 15 years, it had all come to a head. Few Jacks remained. He took comfort in the two sons he had raised. Jacks just like him.

AWhat happened when they got to the graveyard?Mr. Nimble grew up with no father, no mother, no siblings, and no family. He grew up in an orphanage and hated his life. He hated life because he saw other people that were happy and they all had families. While growing up Nimble was a troublesome young man, he would constantly be stealing, lying, and running away from the orphanage. While growing up he learn some tricks that allowed him not to be caught. When he reached the age where he could no longer live in the orphanage he lived on the streets living off of what he had stolen. He sometimes would get caught but when he was released he than would be stealing again. He didnt believe in have friends because he though that having friends would make him weak. One day a Jack from the order noticed him. Jack NimbleBThe Jack noticed that he was able to steal and get away with it, that he had no family, and no home. After some time that the Jack watched Nimble, the man Jack asked Nimble to do a couple of jobs for him and promised him a lot of money. Nimble was suspicious at first but then decided that he would give it a try. The Jack of the order kept using Nimble to complete so crimes that no other man could complete. After a long time of working together the Jack of the order invited Nimble to become part of the order.Jack Nimble Cont.Mr. Tar was the last one of the Jacks to be in the order. All of his generations had been in the trades and since he was young he knew that he would be in the order. He father was disappointed in him because he expected so much out of him. He was not the sharpest in school, and every time that he would try to steal he would get caught. His father thought that his son would be different and that he could join the order but seeing how he was he did not think that his son would ever become part of the order. As Mr. Tar grew older his father was disappointed every time he was caught steeling or would not be able to commit a complete crime. One day while on assignment Mr. Tar was the one who was able to complete the assignment out if pure accident. One of the other Jacks in the trade saw that he was finally capable and told the jack in charge and that is how Mr. Tar was able to join the order. Jack TarBWhat happened when they got to the graveyard?Jack Frost

The chosen one Untouchable Frosty

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