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MEDIA STUDIES Studying the mass media with Mrs Mann in The Media Studio 201 7

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MEDIA STUDIES Studying the mass media with Mrs Mann in The Media Studio2017

OCR MEDIA STUDIES J200J01: Textual Analysis 35% (written exam)

J02: Exploring Media 35% (written exam)

J03: Media Production 40% (coursework)

Overall you will study 9 media forms: TV, film, radio, newspapers, magazines, advertising & marketing, online media, video games and music video

J01: TEXTUAL ANALYSISIn the exam you watch an extract from a TV drama, advertisement or film trailer

You answer questions on genre conventions, representation & audience appeal as well as the TV channel ethos & scheduling.

J01: TEXTUAL ANALYSISFor example, you will describe how camerawork & soundtrack are used in the extract, and describe one convention of (say) crime drama.You will analyse the representation of people and places.You will discuss the scheduling of the programme and the channel that carries itYou will discuss its audience

J02 EXPLORING MEDIAWe explore how media products use different methods and language to connect to their audiences. You will study aspects of six different media forms and the exam will ask you short questions on 4 out of these 6:

Video gamesMusic videosFilm trailer / advertisingMagazinesTelevisionRadio

Age rating for video games through World of Warcraft (PEGI 12 rating)

The music video for an award-winning song, such as by Pretty Hurts by Beyonce

A film trailer for a certificate 15 film, such as I, Daniel Blake representing British culture

A lifestyle magazine, aimed at a specific audience, such as Pride

A TV programme trailer, such as C4 We Are The Superhumans about the Paralympics

Radio 4: The Media Show discusses How to monetise Twitter? Crowdfund a sitcom? Should the BBC employ ex-Culture Ministers?

J02 EXPLORING MEDIAFor the second section, we study three media forms in more depth: newspapers, advertising / marketing and online media. We prepare to answer on 2 out of the 3.Compare two car advertisementsCompare two editions of a national newspaper

Contrast 1960sand 2016

Who is represented in these two online sites?


In this non-examined assessment (coursework), you will create your own production (60 marks). *The brief will be given to candidates on or after 1 June in the year before certification.* You will choose one brief. You will create an original production (not reproduce an existing product or brand).You will not work in production teams as the production will be assessed as your own individual work, but you may use other people as actors and to operate light, sound and recording equipment.

All pupils are prepared for movie making: here, making a thriller film in iMovie (right) and a production company ident in iStopMotion (left)MediaMag national filmmaking competition (below)

B324: Production PortfolioYour film work could be..TV CrimeComedyHorrorZombieGhost storyMusic videoPolitical thrillerAction adventure

In lessons this week, we covered

Kate Adie's 1989 broadcast in Tiananmen SquareContinuity editing in iMovieHow to bubble the tripod & create a shot listHow to use Fuzel collage to create magazine advertisementsThe technology behind Quicksilver in X MenStereotypes in The IT Crowd and The Big Bang TheoryWhy Sherlock Holmes is a global brandPupils own advertisements, brand names, slogans and target audiencesFilming schedules for next week

We have a teaching blog & individual blogs with Twitter

TRANSFERABLE SKILLSPresentational toolsBloggerYuDu, Prezi, Scoopit,Animoto, Slideshare, PinterestPhotoshopComic LifeAdobe InDesignVideo makingCanon D550Apple MacsiPadiMovieiStopMotionAdobe PremiereAdobe After EffectsBlender 3D


ScoopIt! and YuDu

iStopMotion 3 on iPads

B324: Production Portfolio in Media Studies

Production Portfolio: using Adobe InDesign to make a magazine

Scrapbook 2015: BFI

AimsTo enhance your appreciation of the media in everyday lifeTo develop a critical understanding of media products and conceptsTo explore production processes, technologies and contexts

SkillsDevelop practical application of technical skillsBecome independent in research skills and their applicationDevelop transferable skills in critical thinking and essay writingTeam workBecome media literate

Thanks for watching!Year 9 parents and pupils are welcome to phone, email or call in and speak to Mrs Mann for further discussion about GCSE Media Studies at Claremont.