It's my/their party... Online Fashion marketing part 2

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Second session for students of Fashion Marketing at Winchester School of Art (#WSA) looking at the Live Web, crowd-sourcing and PASSION and VISION. Just as Bailey told Vogue that a new ear of fashion photography had arrived, so... a new era of marketing. The times they are a changin'...


<ul><li>1.Its my/their party and wellPaul Caplan @internationale</li></ul> <p>2. a brief recap... assumptions ecommerce information utility speed ! journey/storyWho? Where? When? Why? attention 3. the times they are achangin 4. social networks are... not about technology not about media not about messages... about conversations about relationships about adding value... a verb 5. PASSION &amp; VISION P is for People V is for Voice A is for Active I is for i with a small I S is for Supply S is for Simple S is for Smart I is for Improvise I is for Irreverent O is for Open Source O is for Ownership N is for Narrative N is for Niches 6. Tory Burch 7. Levis 8. Oscar de la Renta 9. Now your thoughts... 10. Slides and suchlike@internationale on Twitter </p>