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ITINERARIUL DIALOG Fund for Decent Work and Tripartite Dialogue Closing Conference Oslo, 25 November 2014 Slide 2 Slide 3 General context 2004 Prison workers changes from Military to Civil Servants. Prisons are still part of the National Defence Sector The National Trade Union of Prison Workers is formed 2008 First Collective Agreement regarding prison services is signed 2009 First Collective Labour Conflict. First strike in the National Defence Sector Major protests against lack of transparency Slide 4 General context 2009 L 329/2009 26 hours without pay for the staff working in prisons 2010 25% cuts of wages in public sector 31.05.2010 prisons are on STRIKE November 2010 Constitutional Court states that union reps should not be pay by the employer for union work 2011 Changes of the Labour Code and Social Dialogue Law: Strike becomes forbidden for prison staff The Parliament do not allow the Unions representatives to be present in the room when the laws are voted. Slide 5 Competencies Process/relationImpact/visibility Internal resources: people What is to be done? What should be the proper strategy? Slide 6 Partnership: SNLP- Romania KY - Norway NAP -Romania KDI- Norway EPSU- Belgium Invited organisations: SNCGP Portugal UFAP - France Slide 7 The project mission can be stated as follows: Deliver an immersive social dialogue model targeting the negotiation of a decent work agenda in public administration putting public administration bodies and Unions working together to set priorities and filled them acknowledging resources scarcity and cultural specificities. So it can be easily assumed as a project with high complexity level. Project Overview Research & Developme nt Policy proposals Best practice sharing Training Endo marketing IT/ Computing Trans national dimension Organisation development Slide 8 Workers Engagement Emphasize SNLPs Identity and action plan Multi-channel communication and information Introduce Technology resources and Scientific techniques Reinforce direct contact actions Complaints system Working conditions monitoring Branch SD awareness and training SNLP social dialogue plan and benefits awareness Adding to existent site, phone, email, chats, events and direct local contact the following tools and channels: Social Dialogue exhibition Facebook Quarterly newsletter Learning management system Research tool LinkedIn Increase the use of recently adopted ICT tools and research techniques: Feedback on agreements implementation Branch leaders panel Standard guidelines for annual focus groups Instant feedback survey Increase, embed and diversify direct contact actions, especially to local branches and regions: Local / regional meetings Social Dialogue training Focus groups Obtain : Regular feedback (implementation monitoring) Participative local/regional action plans Diversify local branch social/cultural events Slide 9 Involving people - Regional Slide 10 Norway study visit Focus groups Research State of the art Training manual Online platform Training provided Competencies Slide 11 Social dialogue road map The Itineraiul Dialog road map plan is based project experience, being empirical based, without any pretention to become a theoretic model funded in three main principles: 1. Graduation 2. Holistic approach 3. Simulation Slide 12 Social dialogue road map Slide 13 S1 December 2013 Initial meeting EPSU case S2 January 2014 Subjects identification and priorites / Norvegian case S3- February 2014 Budget & staff Dutch case S4 Februry 2014- Vaccant positions, extra staff S5-March 2014- Endowment of uits S6 May 2014 Decent work conditions S7 May 2014 Extra staff, clasification of units S8 May 2014 Statute, social dialogue Portuguese case S9 May 2014 staff benefits, training, Portuguese case S10 - June 2014 analise & review policy proposals PROCESS/RELATION Slide 14 Impact /visibility Slide 15 Measures decided on: Decent work condition Social Dialogue traffic rules Strategic plan of sistem recovery SOCIAL DIALOGUE - OUTPUT Slide 16 New meetings in plan: December workshop General Assembly of SNLP January 2015 General Assembly of KY September 2015 New bilateral plan of KY/YS and SNLP/BNS Added value: People will continue to be involved into Justice Area project of Norway Grants Slide 17 Parallel lines may never intersect in infinity but surely will meet on the horizon