italian unification the supremo pizza of nationalism

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  • Italian UnificationThe Supremo Pizza of Nationalism

  • 1800s - The Age of Nationalism Peoples inspired by example of George Washington and motivated against Napoleon

  • The Italian SituationItaly did not existMultiple Independent kingdomsSome foreign ownedFrance= Kingdom of the two SiciliesAustria= Lombardy and VenetiaTransportation and communication hard

  • Early NationalismRisorgimentoGiuseppe Mazzini led Young Italy

  • Revolution of 1848Republican Revolution in SicilySpread north to Austrian Italy (Lombardy/Venetia)King Charles Albert of Sardinia rallies Italian countries against Austrians and he was winning!!!

    A Young Charles Albert

  • The Revolution Fails to Make ItalyApril, 1848 Pope Pius IX removes Papal States from the warDidnt like Catholic peoples making war and killing other CatholicsCoalition falls apart

    Pope Pius IX

  • End of the First AttemptMazzini and Young Italy overthrow the Pope and take RomeAngered over his influence in war with AustriaFrance, Spain, and Naples invade Rome and put Pius IX back into power.

  • Young Italy dead, but Charles Albert smells like a rose for his nationalism

    Charles Albert, King of SardiniaA Phoenix in the Ashes?

  • Sardinia leads the WayVictor Emmanuel becomes King of Sardinia after death of father.Helped in unifying the North of Italy by his chief minister, Count Camillo di Cavour

  • Count Camillo di CavourSaw that Italian unification lay in defeating AustriaA Secret PlanSupported France and UK in the Crimean War to gain favors from them

  • A Franco-Austrian War, 1859Secret Treaty of Plombiers-Les-BainsFrance fights Austria and Italy gets Lombardy- Venetia if Italy gives France Nice and Savoy

  • A Partial VictoryViva VERDI (Victor Emmanuel, Re DItalia) united ItalyNapoleon III pulls out as war too costly.Tuscany, Parma, Modena & Romagna join Sardinia to fight for V.E. IIIs ItalyItaly gets LombardyNapoleon III of France

  • The SouthThe Rise of GaribaldiRevolutionary RootsRed Shirts -Led Revolution in 1860 after death of Sicilian King Ferdinand II Took Naples with 1000 men then marched NorthCavour is nervous!!!

  • The Final UnificationCavour encourages Garibaldi to join Victor EmmanuelOct., 1860 Southern Italy holds votes to unite with the NorthItaly is BORN!!!Cavour dies three months later

  • Add Venice and RomeItaly allied with Prussia against Austria in 1866 and was given VeniceDuring Franco-Prussian War (1871), French protected Rome couldnt spare troops to defend the city so Italy took it

  • ITALY!!!


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