Italdesign: The Most Captivating Automotive Company You Probably Never Heard Of

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When you first look at this automobile, the film "RoboCop" may come to mind. This automobile was cal...


  • 1. Italdesign: The Most Captivating Automotive Company YouProbably Never Heard OfWhen you first look at this automobile, the film "RoboCop" may come to mind. This automobile wascalled the Italdesign Aztec and it was constructed in 1988. It's original cost was an astounding$225,000. The car separated the driver and passenger and allowed them to communicateelectronically.The vehicle used parts from Audi and Lancia and was powered by a 5 cylinder turbocharged Audiengine. The car used a state of the art four-wheel-drive-system, a rare feature for an exoticautomobile. If you are looking to purchase one, you will have a tough time because under 50 wereonly produced.So, who is the man behind this company Italdesign? It is actually two men, Giorgetto Giugiaro andAldo Mantovani. Italdesign was formed in Moncalieri, Italy in 1968. Italdesign is a European designstudio that styles, researches, designs and constructs prototype automobiles. It also designs themachinery that cars will be manufactured on.Over time, Giugiaro built strong relationships with many British, Italian, and German automotivemanufacturers. One of Giugiaro's greatest achievements was the Lotus Esprit. The car had a turbocharged engine in the rear. Shockingly, the engine was the size of a shoebox. The car was known forexcellent handling and its distinctive Lamborghini-like front and rear. It was known as one ofGiugiaro's first "folded paper" designs using polygons.As Italdesign became more popular, Giugiaro expanded his operations and worked with companiessuch as Alfa Romeo, BMW, Bugatti, Fiat, Maserati, Toyota, and Volkswagen. Italdesign even worked

2. with some American companies. Have you ever heard of DeLorean? Yep, Giugiaro is credited fordesigning this famous car from the film "Back To The Future" as well.Another interesting car designed by Giugiaro was the Alfa Romeo Schigera. Interestingly, thisvehicle was designed by Giorgetto's son, Fabrizio Giugiaro. The car was powered by a 3.0 liter AlphaRomeo engine, producing around 400 HP. Although it was only a six cylinder engine, the twinturbochargers gave it the sound of a true exotic super-car.To see the original post with other extra graphics or video, drop by the link aboveFabrizio alsodecided to put the engine in the rear and allowed the vehicle to use an advanced four-wheel-dri-e-system. 3. When searching for many of Italdesign's automobiles, one will find that sometimes the names can beunder a major auto manufacturer or Italdesign, itself. In one case, Italdesign designed aLamborghini which was later called the Lamborghini Cala. The car was supposed to become thesuccessor to the Lamborghini Jalpa. It was powered by a Lamborghini V-10 engine which producedaround 400 HP and claimed a top speed of over 180 m.p.h. Take a guess how many of these existtoday? Only one! There were many other vehicles that Giugaro designed, including even a Ferrari. 4. When one looks to find true masterpieces of automotive artwork, Italdesign clearly is the champion.These automobiles became a reality due to Giugiaro's intellect, passion, skill, and diligence. Many ofthese designs were light-years ahead of other auto manufactures at the time. Italdesign has createdover 80 famous car designs for dozens of automotive firms. All together, Italdesign has sold over 20million units worldwide. Some of these even include designs for Daewoo, Fiat, Hyundai, Isuzu,Renault, Saab, Subaru, and Suzuki. So, next time you are driving around and see an exotic car, youmay want to look at it again. It just may be one of Giugiaros's masterpieces.