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IT Trends 2013 & beyond

Neha MehtaIn discussion

Agenda for the hour:What does the future look likeSay HiGartners forecastWeb forecastsMobile & HTML5 TrendsCloudBig DataUI/UX TrendsJargons & what staysCertification Trends

What we wanted the future to look like

Yes we all wanted the awesome hover-boards, time travel, technology that gets you ready out of bed & serves you food at a button sadly thats not what we have yet or see3

What it really looks like:

Green Initiatives, Security Concerns & the Human touch seem to be underlying themes for everything you cant miss those whatever you do4

Say HiTell me:Youre NameCurrent role / years of IT experienceWhat do you look forward to in IT for yourself


2013 according to Gartner:Mobile Devices battleMobile application & HTML5Personal CloudEnterprise App StoresThe Internet of thingsHybrid IT & Cloud ComputingStrategic Big DataActionable AnalyticsIn-memory ComputingIntegrated Ecosystems

Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is the world's leading information technology research and advisory company.6

Web TrendsGlobal online population: 2.5 bnConnected Devices: 10 bn

Cloud, cloud, cloudDisruption of current payment modes Commerce by mobileSocial localInternet of thingsE-government

Social local : Social graph merging with location based servicesE-commerce : shipping costs must reduce, needs to cater to multi platform, 24x7 global environment


Mobile Device StatsBy 2016, 80% of the US population will use mobile phones.By 2016, 50% of the US will use iPads / tablets.By November 2012, over 20% of all blog visits came from a mobile device or tablet.Most common activities by smartphone users:SMS / text messaging 90%Maps 72%Surfing while traveling 70%Surfing while in a restaurant 64%While in a store 63%

Cheap SmartphonesApp to become specific .. Money minting days over only those that can sustain will surviveSmartphone users are less likely to click on a link in a newsletter than computer users.




Cloud - What it IS & what its NOT

There are too many misconceptions regarding this because of its humble name, but youre already using it in the daily web browsing so its obviously here to stay10

BIG Data

Big Data-time is not about big numbers, its about data thats large in volume, complex in type & requires real time analytics11

UI / UX TrendsDesign is not what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Steve JobsAugmented Reality

Designing for HumansWider space, larger fonts, more search inputResponsive Design Platform IndependentFlat Designs

Augmented reality - Augmented reality is going to be the bomb and work is currently progressing smoothly. As expected the first generation apps are not that great, and thereare some problems in virtual reality facing software engineers that cannot be solved currently as the algorithms to tackle those problems do not exist (to my knowledge), but people will find a way. Augmented reality is when you take reality andmodify it somehow, depending on what you want to see. You can add information to the visual world:

Designing for Humans more of a philosophy


Jargons pretend you know!Data AnalyticsPersonalizationInternet of Things3-D PrintingSmart TVGreen Technology

3-D : Starting with healthcare industry, planning to transform manufacturing forever

Smart TV TV anytime anywhere on the line of Internet anytime anywhere

Personalization wearable gadgets,


Things that will continue to trendE-learningInternet SecuritySocial MediaAgile

Agile: Resources are spreading geographically apart & theres too much happening at once Agile is the need to meet such scenarios14

Students /Career WatchBig Data Certified Developer for Apache HadoopCloud VMware VCP-Cloud CertificationAccess Governance - Novell Identity Manager Administration CertificationCybersecurity Certified Information Security ManagerMobile CompTIASecure Mobile App DeveloperData Analytics EMCDSA, EMC Data Science Associate

Identity and Access Governance (IAG) solutions allow IT to centralize and manage access to resources.

Certificates in analytics, data mining and data science are offered by EMC, Datameer, Cisco, and many others helping you to acquire the skills needed to extract reliable information from large data sets15

Who helped me:


In the end:



Slide 3:Yes we all wanted the awesome hover-boards, time travel, technology that gets you ready out of bed & serves you food at a button sadly thats not what we have yet or seeSlide 4:Green Initiatives, Security Concerns & the Human touch seem to be underlying themes for everything you cant miss those whatever you doSlide 6:Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is the world's leading information technology research and advisory company. Analysts presented their findings during Gartner Symposium/ITxpo - important gathering of CIOs and senior IT executivesMobile Device BattlesGartner predicts that by 2013 mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide and that by 2015 over 80 percent of the handsets sold in mature markets will be smartphones. However, only 20 percent of those handsets are likely to be Windows phones.


HTML 5 & BrowserThrough 2014, JavaScript performance will push HTML5 and the browser as a mainstream application developer environment. Six mobile architectures native, special, hybrid, HTML 5, Message and No Client will remain popular. However, there will be a long term shift away from native apps to Web apps as HTML5 becomes more capable. But native apps wont disappear, and will always offer best experiences.Developers will also need to develop new design skills to deliver touch-optimized mobile applications that operate across a range of devices in a coordinated fashion.Personal CloudThe personal cloud will gradually replace the PC as the location where individuals keep their personal content, access their services and personal preferences and center their digital lives. It will be the glue that connects the web of devices they choose to use during different aspects of their daily livesworld no one platform, form factor, technology or vendor will dominate and managed diversity and mobile device management will be an imperative. The personal cloud shifts the focus from the client device to cloud-based services delivered across devices.Enterprise App Store:With enterprise app stores the role of IT shifts from that of a centralized planner to a market manager providing governance and brokerage services to users and potentially an ecosystem to support apptrepreneurs.


The Internet of ThingsThe Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that describes how the Internet will expand as physical items such as consumer devices and physical assets are connected to the Internet. Key elements of the IoT which are being embedded in a variety of mobile devices include embedded sensors, image recognition technologies and NFC payment. As a result, mobile no longer refers only to use of cellular handsets or tablets. Smartphones and other intelligent devices don't just use the cellular network, they communicate via NFC, Bluetooth, LE and Wi-Fi to a wide range of devices and peripherals, such as wristwatch displays, healthcare sensors, smart posters, and home entertainment systems. The IoT will enable a wide range of new applications and services while raising many new challenges.Hybrid IT and Cloud ComputingIT organizations realize that they have a responsibility to help improve the provisioning and consumption of inherently distributed, heterogeneous and often complex cloud services for their internal users and external business partners.Strategic Big DataBig Data is moving from a focus on individual projects to an influence on enterprises strategic information architecture. Dealing with data volume, variety, velocity and complexity is forcing changes to many traditional approaches. This realization is leading organizations to abandon the concept of a single enterprise data warehouse containing all information needed for decisions. Instead they are moving towards multiple systems, including content management, data warehouses, data marts and specialized file systems tied together with data services and metadata, which will become the "logical" enterprise data warehouse.Actionable AnalyticsAnalytics is increasingly delivered to users at the point of action and in context.


In Memory ComputingIn memory computing (IMC) can also provide transformational opportunities. The execution of certain-types of hours-long batch processes can be squeezed into minutes or even seconds allowing these processes to be provided in the form of real-time or near real-time services that can be delivered to internal or external users in the form of cloud services.Integrated EcosystemsThe market is undergoing a shift to more integrated systems and ecosystems and away from loosely coupled heterogeneous approaches. Driving this trend is the user desire for lower cost, simplicity, and more assured security. The trend is manifested in three levels. Appliances combine hardware and software a