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IT Department in Ewaan Global Residential Company Muna Al-Ashmori Shahad Al-Sabban Raneem Tulaimat

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IT Department in Ewaan Global Residential CompanyMuna Al-AshmoriShahad Al-SabbanRaneem Tulaimat

The Role of The IT DepartmentIt is a supportive department

Helping enhancing the overall performance of the whole business and its departments.

Main functions of the IT department at Ewaan are:Supportive levelNetworking level Application level

Ewaans Organizational Chart

The Staffing of The IT DepartmentIT department employees are five including the head of IT department and other four employees

IT employees have communication skills, and how to translate the technical language into a business language

IT employees have the business and technical knowledge especially with software and online applications

NOTED: Employees are fully occupied and under pressure due to the several tasks that each has to perform (overload)

Recommendations for StaffingTo hire extra employees in the IT department in order to reduce and minimize the amount of work required from every employee within the department.

Standards Used

The main two standards are

The Incident Management Policies and Procedures, developed according to ISO 27035 standards that is concerned with the Information Security Incident Management.

The Operation and Monitoring Application, for managing the standards of monthly and annually reporting for stability and reliability of IT infrastructure.

Recommended StandardsControl Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT5)

Helps the company in building an effective governance and management framework It covers all the processes and the functions of the enterprise and not only the IT functions. Allows smooth flow of the functioning and proper IT management which will lead to company productivity.

The Budgeting Process Ewaan Company is facing an issue with their budgeting process within its entire department which is:The budgeting of funding projects Meeting schedules Budgets deadlines.

The cause of this issue is the lack of appropriate accounting and finance application.

Recommendations for BudgetingHires or chooses a group of employees or some of the budget committee of the company whose responsibilities are to clarify and specify the amount and what the limit is for each department from the companys budget to work with

The departments should estimate the amount that they might need to complete all their works and tasks for each year

Security Measures Security is now a main concern for many of the companies and despite having strong security measures, the threats are more as compared to before.

McAfee's antivirus: protects against Trojans, spyware, adware, worms, and all types of malicious software. In addition to on-demand and scheduled scanning it offers real-time protection.

Recommendations for Security Have a password protected IT systems and software.Have a tracking system to monitor the performance of IT software and hardware to ensure that there are no faults or errors.Each department should have a standard lock system on the IT system, so that it can be centralized in order to be checked by IT head.Utilize Network Access Control to ensure that all networks are connected to the needed departments.Ensure that layered security is used and all data is encrypted.

Disaster Recovery PlanPerform a daily backup for their servers in order to be safe when any disaster happens.

Use library tapes for backups, hardware device that contains multiple tape drives for reading and writing data, access ports for entering and removing tapes.

This device improves the reliability of the backups and allows performing parallel backups

Recommendations for DRPMove to cloud for their total backup, as disaster, human error, and hardware failure can happen anytime.Use the Double Take Recover Now software, provides consistent real-time data backup. It allows for:System scalability and satisfies Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives Providing high performance through replicating data. Provides reliable affordable data protectionPrevents data loss of backupEliminates costs of downtimeAllows for immediate restart on the recovery system

Conclusion This project was conducted to demonstrate the knowledge gain throughout the course.

The role f the IT department in any organization is of great importance as it facilitates the processes within the organization.

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