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It is all about mentality. Li-Yi Wei . Course prerequisite. No explicit background is needed. Though, our guess is that only these who have experienced a "reject" of a submitted paper have the potential to fully enjoy the course . I got plenty prerequisites - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


How to write a SIGGRAPH paper

It is all about mentalityLi-Yi Wei

Course prerequisiteNo explicit background is needed. Though, our guess is that only these who have experienced a "reject" of a submitted paper have the potential to fully enjoy the course.

I got plenty prerequisites (rumored) MSR record holder for rejections in 1 year1st (reject), 2nd (reject), 3rd (score 2.7 & got in)Talent vs. MentalityYou dont need to be very talented for researchI dont think I am (so you will be fine)Too late anywayMentality is more importantTrainablebasicsDo what you loveAll other factors are ephemeralTrend, popularity, hotness, More likely to be productive and successfulYou will spend a lot of time on your stuffLess likely regret in the worst case (e.g. reject)At least you have funStart your own stuffIt is like investing; followers are already lateLife is too short

Do the bestGraphics SIGGRAPHVision CVPR, ICCVHard work anyway; so go for the jugular Happier if succeed, less sad if failLife is too shortalgorithmsRandomnessHumans prefer certaintyLife is random

startendstartendfictionrealityRandomness in accept/rejectdeterministic quality baracceptrejectstochastic quality zoneclear rejectclear acceptborderlinefictionrealityMonte Carlo SamplingLife long intrinsic acceptance rate r = x%r seems 0 if the first paper got rejectedr seems 1 if the first paper got acceptedNeed more samples!(be patient, and try more.)ObjectivityHumans are biasedOptimistic selfPessimistic othersGet feedbacksEarly & frequentSelf criticismPaper by youPaper by othersScore by youScore by othersDont get mad(a few) nasty reviewers might existUseless to get upsetGet even!Assume reviewers are going to kill your paperDisciplineHumans like to procrastinate

Start earlyManage projects byPaper draftSchedule

Start writing it when you have the faintest ideaKeep it up to date with ect progressShare with your collaborators

13PracticeHumans are lazyResearch is a craft; learn through practice

readwritecodetalkcreateexperi-mentReading, writing, coding, experimenting, presenting, managingCreating (?)

14Practice what?A chain is only as strong as its weakest linkPractice the weakest link

Cause of rejectionApplicationsSIGGRAPHWhat SIGGRAPH wants

Right problemNovel ideaSolid algorithmsGood apps & results Clear writingEngaging talkWhat we have

Do what you loveDo the bestRandomnessObjectivityDisciplinePractice

Be happyLong term productivity depends on happinessLive healthy and happySleep, exercise, eat, social life, Creativity depends on happinessI got all my ideas outside officeBe nice and positive to othersEspecially in conferences & reviewsRight problemDo what people careDo what people dont hateMany interesting/cute problems in graphicsPick what you loveDont be afraid of difficult problemsLess competitionBe brave

Novel ideasDont do incremental stuffYou are wasting your timeAim for the bestSolid algorithmsPracticeMost algorithms are modified from othersRead a lot of papersUncertaintyDont expect to get everything right on 1st tryExpect failuresGood applicationsBe broadDo what you love

Clear writingPracticeBlog, love letters, etcDisciplineGood writing takes time; dont wait until the endObjectivityHave others read your draftsIt is hard to see what you know while others dontMentalityMentality more important than talentDo what you loveAim for the bestTrain your mentalityPracticeHave funWhat SIGGRAPH wantsRight problemWhat people care right nowNovel ideasDo not do incremental stuffThink big, be creative (not easy)Solid algorithmsaka technical contributionKnowledge is power; study hard, be evil

Good applicationsGive people what they needGood results/effectsWork hard (in demos)Good writingYou cant sell what you cant tellIt is all about bullshit

Previous workHow to get your SIGGRAPH paper rejectedJim KajiyaHe is too good

I am notSo I may have more real experiencesYou will like me more, and feel better

ContributionRejections are part of lifeHow to live happy with rejectionsTypical problemsHow to reduce rejectionsLive with rejectionsDo what you love, so that you wont mind rejectTreat rejections as normal and routineLife is not as fun without failures (I mean it)

How to reduce rejectionsMy personal experienceReally quite simpleIf I can do it, anybody canJust rememberDo what you loveAim for the best