it came from your inbox: how social media has reinvented email

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Email's been around for a long time, but that doesn't make it obsolete. Even though Social Media has become the darling of online marketing, good old Email has had it's own "Version 2.0", influenced by the same forces that make Social Media work.


  • 1. INSPIRE U: It Came From Your Inbox SEPT. 9, 2009
  • 3. Social Media, Smarter Media Basedonanthropological functionslike: Reputation ConversationsandDialogue Immediacy Accessanywhere,unlimitedby whereIam(accessonmy mobilephone)
  • 4. Ye Olde Email Toalotofmarketers,itsa numbersgame ThemoreemailaddressesI cancollect, themoreIcansend,meaning themoreIcangettoopenand respond
  • 5. Brand New Ferret Bag Emailhasfundamentally changedasamedium Reputationmatters. Dialoguematters. Andemailisbecoming increasinglymobile and immediate. No,Idontknowwhyhehasaferret.
  • 6. Email Still Matters. Morethan90% ofinternetusers1872sendandreceive email NearlyonequarterofInternetuserssurveyedsaidthey weremostlikelytochecktheiremailuponwaking. AOL/BetaResearchCorporation(June2008) 2/3'sofUSInternetuserssurveyedsaidemailwastheir preferredchannelforwrittencommunicationsbetween friends. ExactTarget,"2008ChannelPreferenceSurvey"(2008) 67%ofrespondentspreferemailasacommunications channeloverotheronlinevehiclesand65percentbelieve thiswillcontinuetobethecaseinfiveyears. Habeas(2008)
  • 7. Email Has Evolved.
  • 8. It All Started So Well
  • 9. Why Email Had To Change
  • 10. We Had to Build Referees
  • 11. Fighting Spam Like Credit Card Fraud Behavioral Signatures
  • 12. CAN-SPAM
  • 13. The Biggest Revolution in Email Users defining how servers trust.
  • 14. The Three Email Airlocks EVERYemailhastopass throughthreecheckpoints: 1. AttheISP DoItrust thisIPaddress? 2. AttheMailServer Do Itrust thissender domain? 3. AttheUserClient DoI trust thissender address?
  • 15. Were Back to Mayberry RFD Marketing based on a relationship of trust.
  • 16. Isincerelyapologizetoallvegetariansintheaudience.
  • 17. #8 in TIME Magazines top 10 buzzwords of 2007 SimilartoInternetspam,thistermcoversnews alertsandotheremailthatindividualssignedupto receivebutmaynevergetaroundtoactually reading.Muchliketheporkproductitisnamed after,bacn issomethingwedesireeventhoughit clogsour(electronic)arteries.
  • 18. What this means is Your email can get OLD.
  • 19. If you dont We end up here. Again.
  • 20. Emails must be hyper-relevant.
  • 21. And personalized.
  • 22. And timely.
  • 23. And stand out from the crowd. CraigDaitchnowowesme$5forusingthisphotoinadeck.
  • 24. And carry on a dialogue with the subscriber.
  • 25. Email marketing is basically a LOYALTY PROGRAM.
  • 26. Great email marketing makes connections: 1. Betweencustomers andmessages. 2. Betweentheemailweresending, andtheemailwesentlastweek. 3. Betweentheemailweresending, andtheonecomingupinthefuture.
  • 27. Designing Around This Button
  • 28. QUESTIONS?