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<ul><li> 1. Dakota Valley ClassIssuesin a Modern World: Flooding<br />Response and Responsibility: Perspective on the Missouri River Flood<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Flooding in Ancient Times<br /></p> <ul><li>Global Flood Event3000 BC</li></ul> <p>A Major global paleoclimaticevent appears to have affected <br />sea-level changes, vegetation and much surface chemistry. <br />Similarities in Flood Legends<br />Flood<br />Warning<br />Arc<br />Animals and vegetation saved<br />Over 500 legends worldwide<br />Mostly Oral accounts <br />Gilgamesh and Hebrew Bible most commonly known<br /> 3. Floods in Modern History<br />China, 1887The worst flood in "modern history" happened in China in 1887. The Yellow River overflowed, causing the death of about 900,000 people<br />Vietnam, 1971Red River flood flood leaves about 100,000 dead.<br />Bangladesh, 1991Flooding again took its toll on this nation. About 139,000 lost their lives.<br />Ohio Super Flood, 1937<br />Catalyst for Flood Control Act of 1937<br />Mississippi River, 199328 deaths, $20 billion in damages<br /> 4. Missouri River Basin<br /> 5. High to Low<br /> 6. Changing Face of the Missouri River<br /> 7. Corp of Engineers<br />Early History<br />June 16, 1775 Continental Congress hired engineer as part of the first organized army under General George Washington<br />1779 Congress created Corps of Engineers<br />1802 President Thomas Jefferson established the modern form of the Corps of Engineers<br /> 8. Corps of Engineers Mission<br />Planning, designing, building and operation of locks and dams<br />Flood Control, dredging for water navigation<br />Design and construction of military facilities<br />Environmental regulation and ecosystem restoration<br /> 9. Pick Sloan Flood Control Act of 1944 <br />Authorized construction of thousands of dams and levees across the United States<br />Six Intents of Legislation<br />Flood Control<br />Hydropower<br />Recreation<br />Water Supply<br />Navigation<br />Fish and wildlife<br /> 10. Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program<br />Fort Peck Dam<br />Garrison Dam and Lake Sakakawea<br />Oahe Dam<br />Big Bend Dam<br />Fort Randall Dam<br />Gavins Point Dam and Lewis and Clark Lake<br /> 11. Missouri Basin Dam System<br /> 12. Master Manual<br /> 13. Government Flood Response<br />Municipal Government<br />Initial levee building<br />County Government<br />Emergency Management Protocol<br />State Government<br />Incident Management Team (Rocky Mountain IMT)<br />Coordinating efforts (National Guard, Dept. of Transportation, Dept. of Agriculture)<br />Federal Government<br />FEMA Assistance<br /> 14. Timeline<br />May 26: First release of information<br />May 28: Report on unprecedented flooding<br />June 3: Evacuation inevitable<br />June 6: Voluntary Evacuation Ordered<br />June 12: Completion of Primary Levee<br />June 18: Completion of Secondary Levee<br />Sept 1: Start of Secondary Levee Removal<br />Sept 15: Completed Removal 2nd Levee<br />October 1: Proposed Return Date<br /> 15. Levee Built around Dakota Dunes<br /> 16. Technology Used<br /> 17. Community Involvement<br /> 18. Government Involvement<br /> 19. Utilizing New Media<br />Email<br />Internet<br />Social Media<br />Twitter<br />Facebook<br />Flickr<br />Youtube<br /> 20. Facebook<br /> 21. Twitter<br /> 22. Flickr<br /> 23. YouTube<br /> 24. Changing Forms of Communication<br />Dissemination of Information<br />Use of new media to isolate problem<br />Easy information disbursement<br />Examination of Corps Procedures<br />Freedom of Information Act<br />Review Emails, Watershed data, rainfall models<br /> 25. Changes in Flood Control<br />Ancient times mainly reacted<br />Pre-Modern built levees and chose locations<br />Modern<br />Industrial Age brought dam projects<br />Uses dams to create<br />Electricity<br />Recreation<br />Navigation<br />Cities created problem of excess runoff<br /> 26. Modern World Issues<br />Environment<br />How does construction of dams affect the environment and ecology of a region<br />Globalization<br />How does the destruction caused by a flood in the Midwest United States affect the food prices in South America<br /> 27. Thank You<br />Keep in touch!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /></p>