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  • Plan your tour to Israel Jordan Egypt

    Are you interested to explore places and destinations that have great historical and religious

    significance? If so then you can think of planning a tour to Israel, Jordan and Egypt. These countries are

    great nexus of old and ancient land mentioned in the Bible. These are basically a gateway to the Holy

    Land of Jerusalem which we all know has a great religious and historical significance. If you are thinking

    for a tour then this article would provide useful information that you may need for this purpose.

    Great Historical and Religious Significance of Jerusalem

    Tourists and visitors from all around the world can access Jerusalem by planning and carrying out an

    Israel Jordan Egypt tour. Jerusalem as we all know that is one of most important holy site for the three

    most prominent Abrahamic religions. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is located in Jerusalem and this

    Church has a historical significance as it was built by the mother of Emperor Constantine. Important

    places that are associated directly/ indirectly with the Christianity such as Jesus Christ's crucifixion,

    burial and resurrection are located here.

    These holy sites were historically remained in six different denominations, and the visitors have great

    opportunity to visit and know historical information related to these sites.


    Israel is a small country and that is situated outskirts of three continents i.e. Europe, Africa and Asia.

    There are several countries that share border with Israel including: Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

    The Mediterranean and Dead Sea are also located in Israel.

    Egypt and Jordan

    Both of these countries are with classical Arab culture and carry a lot of places that got great historical

    significance. Tourists from all over the world like to visit and spend their holidays in these countries.

    Travelling/ Visa Specific Information

    The tourists that are interested in Israel Jordan Egypt tour need to contact respective consulates for

    detailed information. They can also visit any good reputation travel agency or tour operator for getting

    first-hand information about Israel Jordan Egypt tour.

    Usually, in order to carry out Israel Jordan Egypt tour, the traveller or visitor needs to have a valid

    passport that should remain valid throughout the travel. For US citizens, it is not required to get a visa

    and does not require much to do in terms of documentation. All non-US citizens interested in knowing

    more visa-related details for Israel need to contact their local embassies.

    General Information about Israel Jordan Egypt tour

  • The tourist needs to plan properly and schedule things appropriately well before the tour starts. A lot of

    information about three countries, their culture and life style can be searched through the internet.

    Another way to obtain this handy information is visiting a tour operator that is available near-by. This

    information will serve as first-hand information for the tourist and helps throughout the Israel Egypt

    Jordan tour. Usually the most important tours available and offered by the tour operators are 12 days

    Classic tour, 17 Days tour, 21 days tour, Custom tours (that can be customized and set as per desire

    and will of tourist).


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