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<ul><li><p>iso 28000: reaping the rewards</p><p>06 House to House December 07</p><p>features</p><p>Commercial and competitive advantage Companies who embrace ISO 28000 early on can increase their market share and customer retention. </p><p>Risk ManagementRisk management is essential for any business that trades internationally. ISO 28000 is a proactive way of protecting your organisation. </p><p>Resilience and Brand ProtectionISO 28000 gives you resilience, in the face of increasing risk.</p><p>Improved resource management Implementing ISO 28000 brings better management of security resources, cutting cost. </p><p>Benefits to corporate governanceBy adopting ISO 28000, you make an organisational commitment to not only security, but effective management and continual improvement. </p><p>Employee Safety and SecurityISO 28000 improves safety and security for your employees. </p><p>Management process compatibility ISO 2000 can be integrated into the existing internationally recognised quality management processes of ISO14001 and ISO9001.</p><p>Scalability ISO 28000 has been specifically designed to be flexible and adaptable to all tiers of a business - from head office to remote warehouses.</p><p>Mutual Recognition ISO 28000 will be recognised by US and US trade security programs, and youll receive benefits as part of these programs. </p><p>Insurance premiumsISO 28000 businesses may enjoy a reduction in insurance premiums.</p><p>benefits</p><p>- Clear sign that you take not only your own security seriously, but also your customers goods. - Better brand value, based on your clear commitment to security.</p><p>- Pragmatic and business-centric approach to risk management key decision-making, based on effective risk assessment.</p><p>- Less risk that your company will be irreparably damaged by incidents that affect your operations, financial health or reputation.</p><p>- Easy to spot wasteful and inefficient resource management quickly.- Increased accountability at all levels, for better management of your security budget. - Demonstrates effective corporate governance.- Protecting you and your clients assets improves your company value and share holder protection.</p><p>- Higher employee satisfaction and retention, leading to better service for your customers. </p><p>- ISO 28000 considers existing management systems and processes, so it takes less time to implement. </p><p>- Easy to implement for any size of business - from smaller companies to major international organisations.</p><p>- Meets EU Authorised Economic Operators (AEO) Safety and Security requirements.- Recognised by US Customs Border Protection. - US Congress initiated study to confirm technical compatibility with C-TPAT.</p><p>- Compliance with ISO 28000 should result in improved risk profile and claims experience, reflected in your premium. - Potential positive impact on credit ratings at group level, particularly if your organisation has exposure to higher risk locations.</p><p>hart securitys euan air discusses the coMMercial benefits of supply chain security</p><p>More than ever before supply chain secu-rity is an integral part of risk management. Theres been a rise in regulatory compliance, like the voluntary C-TPAT and Authorised Economic Operator initiatives, and a growing awareness of potential threats. Your supply chain can be seriously disrupted by a totally unconnected event in a completely different part of the world. </p><p>At the moment, the security spotlight is shin-ing on terrorism. In reality, there are other far more pervasive, and more likely, threats to businesses of all sizes. Theft, smuggling people or weapons, counterfeit goods, funding terrorism these activities cost the maritime and logistics industry up to USD 50 billion every year. </p><p>what can you do?</p><p>When it comes to supply chain security initia-tives and ISO 28000, you have three basic options. </p><p>1. Head in the sand approachYou could just ignore the problem, and hope it will fade away. But thats not very likely. Sup-ply chain security has become a strategic is-sue for many governments. More importantly, the benefits of investing in security should outweigh the cost.</p><p>2. Minimalist approachMany companies will opt to do the bare minimum, and no more. They see security as an add-on cost, to be minimised as much as possible. But this kind of half-hearted ap-proach will do nothing to add real value to your business and any supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. </p><p>3. Opportunist approachEmbracing and investing in ISO 28000 can bring your business real returns. In a 2004 Conference Board Study, 61% of execu-tives said that security investments added real value, and brought real returns on their investment. </p></li></ul>