is there a difference? inventions vs. discoveries

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Inventions vs. discoveries

Is there a difference?Inventionsvs.Discoveries

What items are inventions,and which items are discoveries?Telephone FireToothpasteAspirinElectricityWheelGold

What items are inventions,and which items are discoveries?Telephone FireToothpasteAspirinElectricityWheelGold

Why are the words highlighted in red considered inventions and not discoveries?DiscoveriesFire, Electricity, & Gold

They already existed in nature when someone discovered, or found them.

What is an invention?Brainstorm some possible definitions.

Invention is defined asThe Discovery School site below gives the following definition: "Invention is the creation of a new device, process, or product."

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines invention as: An original device or process.

How close was our definition?Obsolete Inventions

Obsolete Inventions

What does it mean to become obsolete?Brainstorm some possible definitions.

ObsoleteThe Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines obsolete as:

no longer used because something newer exists : replaced by something newer

How close was our definition?

Kids React!Kids React to Technology: Old Computers

Learning from the PastObsolete Inventions ResourceName 3 other inventions that have not stood the test of time. What electronics can you think of that were popular and now are not?

Make a prediction. What popular item will become obsolete in the next ten years? Why?

Independent Research

Looking BackResearch an invention.Create a one page Word document about your invention & its inventor(s). Things you may wish to include:Name of the invention and who invented it. How was the name selected?What was the inspiration to create this invention? What problem did they hope to solve?Were they successful? Has it become obsolete?Interesting facts about the invention and/or inventor(s)

You must use Microsoft Word to create your document. Technology requirements:At least 2 text boxesAt least 3 different fonts, sizes and colorsAt least 1 use of WordArtAt least 2 graphics

Invention Research SamplesBand-aidDuct TapeRyleigh Whitekettle (4th Grade, 2013)


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