is easter the same around the world?

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Is Easter The Same Around The World?. Yes or No. Why Do We Have Easter?. Origin of the name Easter is unknown Probably comes from the goddess Eastre Her month was April and her festival was celebrated on spring equinox Celebration to awaken the sleeping Gods (Greeks). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Is Easter The Same Around The World?

Is Easter The Same Around The World?Yes or No

1Why Do We Have Easter?Origin of the name Easter is unknownProbably comes from the goddess EastreHer month was April and her festival was celebrated on spring equinoxCelebration to awaken the sleeping Gods (Greeks)

2Related to the Jewish festival of PassoverTaken from the name Pasch, another name for Eastercelebration of the coming of the Messiah

3Why does the date change?Easter is celebrated the first Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox (March 21)Easter can occur as early as March 22 or as late as April 25There are as many as 5 weeks difference between the celebration of the Western Church and the Orthodox Church

4The Western Church and the Orthodox Church follow different calendarsThe Western Church set a strict date of March 21st being springThe Orthodox Church using the stars and moon to determine Easter

5Easter Traditions Around The WorldRussiaRoll eggs down a hill trying to crack others people eggs without cracking their ownGo to church at midnightAfter Church they return home to a big feast of Easter Bread, Cake, sausage, bacon, cheese and milkGo to their friends homes and give them painted eggs and Easter Bread

6GreeceStart preparing on ThursdayCandle lighting ceremonyA family feast of Lamb and dyed eggsAll eggs are dyed redEgg cracking tradition, hit your egg against someone else egg, the egg that did not break is the winner and thought to be lucky

7BulgariaThe people have egg fights, at the end of the fight however still has an unbroken egg is thought to have success during the yearThe oldest woman in the family rubs the cheeks of the children with the first red egg she has dyed to symbolize her wish that they have rosy cheeks and good healthMexicoChildren smash eggs over each others heads, luckily these eggs are filled with small pieces of paper instead of raw egg

8United StatesEggs are hardboiled and dyedChocolate candies are boughtIn many homes families gather for a big Easter DinnerChildren participate in Easter egg huntsThe Easter bunny visits children at night and leaves a basket GermanyThe yolk is removed from an egg and the eggs are then decorated a hung from trees during the Easter week

9Easter Eggs And BunniesThe Easter bunny started in GermanyChildren believed that Oschter Haws would lay a nest of colored eggsChildren would build a nest out of their caps (boys) and bonnets (girls)

10Eggs were dyed in ancient times by the EgyptiansPeople gave decorated eggs as presents to their friends and servants

11Rabbits are a symbol of new lifeThe hare was an important part of a pagan festival of EastreAt some point the hare was replaced by the rabbit

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